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Like a cross between Mark Twain and Tom Bodett, with a sprinkle of Festus (Ken Curtis,) Joe Castic will deliver observations and happenings of the day from a social humorist's POV. Occasionally podcasting from an assortment of exotic locations, and over time with a small caravan of colorful characters, Joe will keep you on the edge of your car seat or commode. Politics, religion, UFO's, bizarre news reports, it's all just another day in the life of Joe Castic.






Joe Castic Podcast: Joe at the Fashion Show | Social and Political Humor |

Joe and Henry look for inspiration on TV. A new segment, the Guru in a Cave show gets two "big wig" sponsors. Uncle Neds tries to convince listeners that animals do not talk. Then Joe breaks in with news from one of the most unusual fashion shows, taking place in St Louise Missouri. The fabulous Elly LeSwish Fabroni co-hosts.

Duration: 09:05:03

Joe Castic Podcast: Meet Joe Castic | Social and Political Humor | Philosop

In this brief Joe Castic promo, here is the noble effort to answer the unanswerable, to scale the unscalable, to laugh at that which we dare not even chuckle at, unless it is totally out of context, then that's okay.

Duration: 00:58:41

Joe Castic Podcast: Surreal Society | Social and Political Humor | Philosop

Joe podcasts from Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, Coney Island. Ned makes the wrong wish at The Wife of Zoltar machine. Later, Joe rides the Wonder Wheel Vortex and ends up in a parallel dimension where John McCain and Sara Palin have just won their second term. Ned interviews Sam Elliott in his recently revived, Still a Star series. Brigadier General Totum Wicks suggests a new anthem for Senator Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Speaker John Boehner and other "generals of the...

Duration: 08:08:03

Joe Castic Podcast: The Scoop | Social and Political Humor | Philosophy | S

Uncle Ned goes underground as a field correspondent to report strange events, late night at the edge of town. Joe hints at some major ways the government could save money, then offers a commentary regarding Michelle Backmann's recent statements about the U.S. immigration crisis. The famous B.F.R.O. (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) team, Matt, Cliff, Bobo and Ranae is invited into the studio for a spectacular group interview, also includes a 5th surprise guest. Uncle Ned gives us...

Duration: 07:45:32

Joe Castic Podcast: Joe vs. The Apocalypse | Social and Political Humor | P

Listen as Joe takes it on the chin for all of humanity in Joe vs. The Apocalypse. Joe bravely interviews rebel leader General Geego, deep in the steaming jungle just as a battle for supremacy breaks out. An analysis is made of dozens of former apocalypse's whereon a grand suggestion is given as to how to avoid them in the future. Joe's uncle Ned poses an update to an age-old question ("for old dudes") and gives sure-fire advice on how to obtain unlimited income from simple use of a major...

Duration: 10:51:41

Joe Castic Podcast: Arrested | Social and Political Humor | Philosophy | St

Joe's Uncle Ned fills in because someone turned in an anonymous tip that ends up getting Joe arrested. Upon Joe's return he ponders the current U.S. President reputation and legacy, then comes up with a method to end all voter fraud. Uncle Ned tries to find a publicity photo (of himself), then gives everyone a second dose of his, Is Ned Dead? advice column and discusses his recent "near" death experience. The news topics of the day are analyzed. The segment ends with a surprise guest visit...

Duration: 08:49:23

Joe Castic Podcast: Time Square 2024 | Social and Political Humor | Philoso

Joe and Henry find themselves in Time Square, in a different decade. They visit an urgent care facility for older white folks that still can't dance. Joe gives you the dead-honest lowdown on the ACA and singlehandedly solves the problem of repealing Obamacare. Current news articles are examined and evaluated. Then Joe goes back to the beginning with the help of a modern-day genetic research breakthrough. Joe takes a look at the Book of Genesis to see if we can find aliens in there. Finally...

Duration: 10:27:42

Joe Castic Podcast: Deporting the Irish | Social and Political Humor | Phil

While podcasting from the crown of the Statue of Liberty Joe is notified, as a result of research by the U.S. Immigration service some of the decedents of Irish immigrants much report for immediate deportation. Then some kid next door bugs Joe right in the middle of his podcast segment about the current immigration fiasco on the U.S. - Mexican boarder. Joe uncoveres something shocking and incurable about the President of the United States. Then Joe takes a look at what Anaximander did and...

Duration: 05:55:26

Joe Castic Podcast: Podcasting from an Abandoned Silo | Social and Politica

Joe and Henry, while podcasting from an abandoned nuclear missile silo face a surprising turn of events. Joe analyses the rate of technological progress, and goes on to ask if humanity is ready for the singularity. Then Joe ponders what would occur if we were to fully accept contact with off-planet intelligence.

Duration: 06:26:31