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The Federalist Radio Hour features a conversation on culture, religion, and politics with the editors and writers of The Federalist web magazine. Hosted by Ben Domenech with regular guests Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi, the show takes on controversies in America from a contrarian point of view.

The Federalist Radio Hour features a conversation on culture, religion, and politics with the editors and writers of The Federalist web magazine. Hosted by Ben Domenech with regular guests Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi, the show takes on controversies in America from a contrarian point of view.
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Evanston, IL


The Federalist Radio Hour features a conversation on culture, religion, and politics with the editors and writers of The Federalist web magazine. Hosted by Ben Domenech with regular guests Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi, the show takes on controversies in America from a contrarian point of view.






Scott Flanders: Playboy CEO To Leader Of Health Insurance Marketplace

Scott Flanders is the CEO of eHealth, Inc, the leading online marketplace for health insurance. Previously he was CEO of Playboy Enterprises and Columbia House Records. Flanders and Domenech discuss health insurance e-commerce and the impact of Obamacare on the healthcare marketplace. Flanders reflects on his time at Playboy and why they made the changes they did to their products and brand.


'Black Panther' Movie, Comic Books, And Superhero Fatigue

David Betancourt is a comic book and culture reporter for The Washington Post. He joins Ben Domenech to nerd out about the new Black Panther movie, the rapidly expanding comic book universe, and the various adaptations for movies and television.


Jonah Goldberg On Shifting Parties, Trumpism, And Nationalism

Jonah Goldberg is a senior editor at National Review, host of The Remnant podcast, and holder of the Asness Chair in Applied Liberty at AEI. Goldberg talks with Ben Domenech about the ways political parties and ideologies have changed.


Winter Olympic Standouts, Best Olympics Movies, And Valentine's Day

Mary Katharine Ham and Kristen Soltis Anderson discuss the 2018 Winter Olympics, the athletes and the events they are watching, as well as some of their best Valentine's Day failures and successes.


Sexual Harassment At Cato, Rob Porter, And The Making Of Politico's Playbook

Daniel Lippman is a Politico reporter and co-author of the Politico Playbook newsletter. Lippman joins Federalist Radio to discuss his story on the sexual misconduct of ex-Cato president Ed Crane, as well as the behind-the-scenes of writing "Playbook" each morning. Later in the hour, Lippman and Domenech discuss the Obamas' official portraits and the art that comes out of a presidency.


In The News: Censorship, Compelled Speech, Jordan Peterson, And Rose McGowen

Bre Payton, staff writer at The Federalist, focuses on current court cases and reports of censorship. Payton interviews Montse Alvarado, Executive Director of Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, about compelled speech cases of city ordinances demanding pregnancy centers to display signs about abortion services. David Marcus, Federalist correspondent, discusses trans activists shouting down Rose McGowen last week and why everyone is talking about professor Jordan Peterson.


Sean Trende Explains Election Analysis, Demographics, And Midterms

Sean Trende, senior elections analyst at RealClear Politics, joins Federalist radio hour to discuss midterm elections, polling data, demographics, and debunking the biggest myths in political punditry.


Buck Sexton Weighs In On FBI Antics, James Comey, And House Memos

Buck Sexton is the host of The Buck Sexton Show, a former CIA analyst, and NYPD Intel Division. Sexton breaks down the politicization of the FBI, the Nunes Memo, and the antics of former FBI Director James Comey. "The notion that there was anything sensitive or damaging to sources in that memo is laughable, and we should remember that was a primary objection, for at least a few days leading up to its release, from Democrats and the FBI itself," Sexton said.


Brian Kilmeade On Andrew Jackson, American History, And Sports Media

Brian Kilmeade is a Fox & Friends host, radio host, and co-author of the book, "Andrew Jackson and The Miracle of New Orleans." Kilmeade revisits the War of 1812 and discusses the comparisons that have been made between Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump.


The Midterm Elections, Voters, And Candidates With Amy Walter

Amy Walter is the national editor at The Cook Report. She joins Federalist Radio Hour to talk polling, midterm elections, and how voters and parties have rapidly changed.


A Tale Of Two Russian Conspiracies, A Dossier, And A Memo On The FBI

Mollie Hemingway and Sean Davis break down the two tales of Russian collusion conspiracy theories and the details of the dossier, the memo, the FBI, and the media's existential crisis over it all.


Julia Ioffe On Russian Collusion, Putin, And Potential Indictments

Julia Ioffe, staff writer at the Atlantic, discusses her latest trip to Russia, attacks on free press, and the latest on what we know about Russian collusion in the 2016 elections. "The collusion element is in many ways more of a political question...there is a criminal justice element of it but there is also a political element," Ioffe said.


Trump's First SOTU Speech, Jimmy Kimmel, And Paid Family Leave

Publisher Ben Domenech and Senior Writer Mary Katharine Ham recap the President's State of the Union address last night and all the included virtue signaling. They also discuss Jimmy Kimmel's interview with Stormy Daniels following the address and Trump's relationship with the media. Later in the hour, Ben gives his proposal for a smarter way to provide Americans with paid family leave.


Niall Ferguson Maps The World's History Of Networks And Power

Niall Ferguson is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of the new book, "The Square and the Tower: Networks and Power, from the Freemasons to Facebook." Ferguson puts the last 20 years of Silicon Valley into perspective by explaining the importance of systems and networks throughout history. Domenech and Ferguson also discuss populism, institutions, and our American networks.


Jeb Bush On Running For President, Immigration, And Education

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush sits down with host Ben Domenech to reflect on his presidential run in 2016 and to discuss the challenges of belonging to a political family. Later in the hour they discuss his relationship with Senator Rubio, Trump, and immigration.


The Politicization Of Abortion And The Future Of The Pro-Life Movement

Charles Camosy associate professor of theological and social ethics at Fordham University, and board member of Democrats For Life. Camosy joins Federalist Radio to discuss how abortion has become a partisan issue, and the future of the pro-life movement. "The pro-life movement has been running people who are strong pro-life Republicans to defeat pro-life Democrats. But what about Republicans? Are we just going to roll over every time they ignore what we say we want them to do?" Camosy...


What's In Store For Health Insurance Markets, Entitlements, And Drug Trials?

Christopher Pope is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and an expert on health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and entitlement reform. Pope joins Ben Domenech to discuss what he expects to happen to U.S. insurance markets and regulations this year.


Yuval Levin On The Failures Of Congress And Trump's First Year

Yuval Levin and Ben Domenech discuss how Congress as an institution has crumbled internally and tries to legislate through the media. They also debate what Trump's administration has achieved policy-wise this year and how he will compare to other Republican presidents. Yuval Levin is Vice President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and EPPC's Hertog Fellow, and is the editor of National Affairs magazine. "Congress ought to make its work more legislative, not executive, and that...


Nuclear Strategy, North Korea, And Trump's Foreign Policy

Matthew Kroenig is an Associate Professor at Georgetown University and an international security Senior Fellow at The Atlantic Council. Kroenig joins Federalist Radio Hour to discuss nuclear weapons, North Korea, the Trump administration's foreign policy.


This Week In Congress, The White House, And The Political Media Bubble

Igor Bobic, politics reporter at HuffPost, discusses political coverage of Congress and the White House with Ben Domenech. They cover this week's stories from the potential government shut down to this wacky press conference with the White House doctor.


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