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Chef, Restaurateur and TV Host Rick Bayless joins forces with James Beard Award-winning food journalist Steve Dolinsky, to bring the world of food and drink into your ears and have a little fun in the process.




Kugel Show

Coming up on this week’s show, to celebrate the Jewish New Year, a pair of kugels worth trying at home. Steve spends the afternoon in his mother-in-law Nina’s kitchen to see how she goes about making one of her family favorites. Then, Meme Hopmayer shares her great kugel recipe, so she let Steve stop by and watch her process. Shanah Tovah and Let's Eat!

Duration: 00:47:16

Ingredient Challenge: Salmon

Tony Mantuano grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the son of a Calabrian meatpacker, watching his grandmother stretch and roll pasta for many family meals. Mantuano and his wife Cathy, wanted to create a restaurant of their own that would carry on the extraordinary flavors he found at his grandmother’s table. On this week’s show, a salmon challenge with the Chef and partner of Spiaggia here in Chicago, as both he and Rick Bayless attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in 15 minutes or...

Duration: 00:36:09

L.A. Food Scene 2017

Let’s immediately dispel the stereotypes about Los Angeles. Sure, there are juice bars and vegan-friendly cafes aplenty, but the City of Angels has been on the culinary map for quite awhile, showcasing some of the best talent in the country. Seasons are fluid – it’s actually just one season pretty much all of the time – sunny and 70 – so great produce is a yearround thing. There are amazing ethnic enclaves, Mexican, Korean, Chinese and Japanese come to mind, but also more burger joints and...

Duration: 00:42:22

Spanish Vermouth

In France, you might start off a meal with some bubbly from Champagne or Riesling from Alsace. In America, it seems like everyone is happy to make you a hand-crafted cocktail before you peruse the menu. But in Spain, vermouth is the spirit of choice to lead off an afternoon of day drinking; in fact, there is a beloved tradition known as “Vermut Hour” in Barcelona, a tradition I’ve enjoyed recreating here at home on more than one occasion. Coming up on this week’s show, not just any...

Duration: 00:30:18

French Cooking

On this week’s show, trip to France leads to all kinds of questions back here in the U.S., about what French food is, and how you can appreciate it whether you’re in Montparnasse or Minneapolis. Rick spends a whirlwind day (and night) in the City of Light, then we come back to the U.S., to talk with some of the leading voices behind French food here. We talk with Daniel Boulud who is the epitome of French hospitality. He has made a career out of bringing some of his memories as a child in...

Duration: 01:02:48

Ingredient Challenge: Lettuce

As much as you think we’ve moved on from iceberg lettuce, you still see it on every steakhouse menu in the country, as a “wedge” salad. Coming up on this week’s show, a lettuce challenge with the Chef and owner of Restaurant Michael in Winnetka, Illinois, Michael Lachowicz, as both he and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal in less than 15 minutes using lettuces, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.

Duration: 00:30:09

Crisps, Cobblers and Crumbles

This time of year, the fruit is really getting good, especially stone fruits. So we are making the most of late summer’s bounty, with a trio of easy desserts that require little more than a knife, a bowl and a baking dish. First, Stephanie Hart, owner of Brown Sugar Bakery on Chicago’s South Side joins Rick and Steve to share some of her favorite cobblers. Then, Ben Shartar, Manager of Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits in Chicago, shares one of their favorite crumbles. And our intrepid intern,...

Duration: 00:32:01

Hong Kong and Singapore

From some of the best Cantonese-style barbecued pork and bubble waffles in the world, to the infamous hawker centers preparing fiery pork noodle soups, curried laksa and of course, chicken rice, a taste of the best of both Hong Kong and Singapore. Steve travels to Asia to eat as much dim sum and barbecued pork as he could in Hong Kong and to taste his way around Singapore, which includes both the gritty, as well as has some of the most exquisite dining rooms in Asia. Then Rick and...

Duration: 00:39:46

Ingredient Challenge: Eggs

Coming up on this week’s show: an ingredient challenge with chef Matthias Merges. He is the owner of Yusho and Billy Sunday here in Chicago and the founder and driving force behind the Folkart Restaurant Group. Merges joins Rick Bayless to come up with an easy weeknight meal using some eggs bought at a local grocery store, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere and what they each comes up with is so good.

Duration: 00:29:40

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Coming up on this week’s show, Rick and Steve talk with one of the stars of ABC’s “Modern Family”, Jesse Tyler Ferguson. We’ll talk about his Instagram recipes, eating in L.A. and hitting it out of the park as host of this year’s James Beard Awards.

Duration: 00:28:54

New Cookbooks to Inspire

Coming up on this week’s show a chat with the authors of two new cookbooks, each with a very different perspective and a different mission. Rick speaks with Jeremy Fox about On Vegetables. Then, Steve talks kugel and kreplach with Joan Nathan, about her 10th book, King Solomon’s Table: A Culinary Exploration of Jewish Cooking from Around the World.

Duration: 00:36:36

Ingredient Challenge: Strawberries

On this week’s show, a berry challenge with Chef Bruce Sherman of North Pond here in Chicago. His cooking draws upon influences he’s picked up living all over the world. He and Rick Bayless come up with easy weeknight meals using strawberries bought at a farmer’s market, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere.

Duration: 00:32:28

Drinks 4th of July

Coming up on this week’s show, drinking options for July 4th weekend, or any summertime cookout, as we welcome special guests to help us sort through the scenarios. From low alcohol cocktails to juicy red wines that pair well with beef. We’re talking about what to drink this weekend, as we head into the July 4th festivities in America, but really, anyone can try these creations anytime this summer. Chicago’s top tiki mixologists Paul McGee treats us to a porch pounding, beat the heat,...

Duration: 00:34:32

Food and Wine Classic in Aspen

For the last 35 years, through different owners and corporate partners, the Editors and Publishers at Food & Wine Magazine have attracted the nation’s top culinary talent every June, with the promise of mountain breezes, stunning scenery and a seriously deep bench of winemakers and producers from around the globe. It’s also very good marketing for a magazine brand. It is commonly referred to as “The Classic” in Aspen, and having attained elder statesman status, it is still a showcase for...

Duration: 00:42:40

Steaks on the Grill

Father’s Day is this Sunday, so what better way to celebrate dear old dad than cooking a big juicy steak on the bar-b-cue. We are in prime grilling season across the country right now. Coming up on this week’s show we talk steaks. Steve visits a beef distributor on Chicago’s West Side, to learn more about how cattle is processed and aged before it gets to your favorite steakhouse. Then off to one of those steakhouses that actually dry-ages their beef in-house. Then head back to the test...

Duration: 00:40:35

Ingredient Challenge: Trout

On this week’s show, a trout challenge with the Chef John Hogan from River Roast here in Chicago, as both he and Rick attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal using some trout we both got at a local grocery store, plus five extra ingredients you can find pretty much anywhere. Chef Hogan is a fixture in the Chicago culinary community. He started his career at the four-star Everest, moving on to cook casual French at Kikki’s Bistro and then the Park Avenue Cafe. When he opened his...

Duration: 00:29:52

The Food Scene Down Under

From the urban bustle of Sydney, to the narrow alleys and coffee shops of Melbourne or even the laid-back wine country vibe of the Barossa Valley and Adelaide, eating in Australia is a lot more delicious than you might think. The World’s 50 Best Restaurants held its annual awards ceremony in Melbourne in early April. And since Steve was able to attend, he spent a few days on either side of the event, first in Sydney, then in Adelaide. It’s all worth biting into, even if it takes a few...

Duration: 00:39:39

Hello, Ice Cream Season

Summer season is about to begin and Rick and Steve welcome the author of a fantastic new book all about ice cream. The book is called “Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream”. Dana Cree has traveled the world creating pastries and deserts and she stops by to chat, cook and taste with us, sharing her unique passion and expertise.

Duration: 00:38:20

The Global Flavors of Dubai

Coming up on this week’s show, Steve Dolinsky travels to the United Arab Emirates, exploring what Dubai has too offer. The city is flush with cash, new construction never stops and the hometown airline is bringing in Europeans, Russians and yes, even North Americans, all with an appetite for tasting the best of the region and beyond. From ultra high-end to food trucks and everything in between Steve tastes the offerings of this global city.

Duration: 00:37:12

Ingredient Challenge: Canned Tomatoes

Rick invites Chris Curren, Chef at Fulton Market Kitchen here in Chicago, as both he and I attempt to come up with an easy weeknight meal using canned tomatoes as the main ingredient. Chris Curren has more than a decade of experience, cooking in a number of Chicago and Cleveland restaurants. Beginning his culinary career under the direction of James Beard-nominated chef Bruce Kalman, Curren first worked at “3 Birds” where he helped the team land a spot on Bon Appetit's "Top 50" list. In...

Duration: 00:31:15

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