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Gary Oldman Filmography: Sid Vicious to Winston Churchill

With the recent release of "Darkest Hour", a bipoic of Sir Winston Churchill starring the effervescent Gary Oldman, there was only one way Alex & I were going to go. We go through Gary Oldman's back catalogue of films, discuss some of his more prominent roles as well as his lesser known, and compare how he has matured as an actor. I thrown in a couple of very little known (or not so much maybe?) facts about Mr Oldman, as we go through our favourite characters, their impact on the film...

Duration: 01:03:50


Fresh from a Christmas and New Year break, Alex and I jump straight into the most overrated films and actors/actresses. We don't hold back! There are just some films and franchises that people rave about but are blinded by the truth. What do we really think about Twighlight? Was La La Land really Oscar worthy? Which Star Wars film does Alex think is supremely overrated? Who is the actor who has just flittered about and had 1 or 2 good roles? We reveal all, and more, in this weeks show,...

Duration: 01:03:35

Best Xmas Film Post 1991

Alex joins me as we go through the World Cup of Christmas Films Twitter poll that went out last week around Post 1991 Christmas films, with all of our favourites being whittled down to the final: Home Alone 2 vs Muppets Christmas Carol. We go through the other semi finalists and discuss each of the films that missed out and what makes them a worthy Christmas film before getting to the finalists and dissecting each one, giving our thoughts on why the film that won was worthy to win. We...

Duration: 01:09:19

The Best Pre-1991 Christmas Films

I am joined by Jess, a local actress with a penchant for Christmas movies, as we discuss the results of my Twitter & Facebook World Cup Of Christmas Films polls and take a closer look at a few of my favourites from the list. We talk the funny, the ridiculous, the outrageous and the downright absurd of films, and look at how people voted in the polls. We then reveal the winner of the poll, much to some dismay! I also throw in some awesome music from the films, as well as a few little treats...

Duration: 01:09:33

Interviews from Reading Comic Con

I was privileged to have been given the opportunity to interview some of the guests at the amazing Reading Comic Con on Saturday 25th November. I really hope you enjoy the massive variety of guests I was able to speak to.Luke Barnes & Dominic Carter; Nights Watch members from GOT, talk about a Scouse Dr Who and who they think will end up on the Iron Throne; Ross O'Hennessy; The Lord Of Bones, tells me about how easy his costume was to put on and take off whilst everyone else had hours in...

Duration: 01:15:03

Batman vs Superman - Fixed!

Alex and Andrew join me as we use the release of Justice League to look at, and fix, its predecessor, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. We discuss what went wrong with the film, how it impacted Justice League, and look at the areas we would change. Alex throws in a brand new storyline which would not feel out of place in a new DCEU franchise, and it makes a lot of sense. It would change the landscape for a bang average Justice League film. We look at replacements for certain parts, look...

Duration: 01:05:25

Dead Air Movie Interview

Recorded at Reading Comic Con on Saturday 25th November 2017, I am privileged to have been able to speak to the writer and the director of the brand new British horror/comedy movie, Dead Air; a film about an all-girl punk rock band stuck on a plan with a creature that is a mix between a Gremlin and a Critter. I was also very lucky to have been able to read the script and review it prior to this interview. Check out my wordpress for this review (details on sicoal media). We discuss all...

Duration: 00:49:48

Build Your Own "Suicide Squad"

Andrew and Alex join me as we battle it out with our own "Suicide Squads". Each of us has a team of 5 characters from any movie ever made; although there are certain rules that we explain in the show, and we must argue the case for each member of our team as to why they would win in a fight, or lose, and then as we each reveal our team, argue how each team would fair against the rest. Once we have fought over our teams, we fight over a "Combined FTVShow Suicide Squad" and pick 1 person per...

Duration: 01:07:13

Interview with Kate Davies-Speak - British Horror Actress

I had the amazing privilege and pleasure to interview British Horror Actress Kate Davies-Speak, who has also starred in the TV Sci-Fi Mini-Series, Horizon. Kate has been in an abundance of British Independent Horror movies and has really found her niche in the roles she plays; who happen to be strong, centered women (not your usual girl-girl characters often portrayed in films), but who also have exceptional story and character arcs, something that Kate says attracts her to the roles she...

Duration: 00:40:01

Grim Dark Films & TV Shows

I am joined by long time listener, and good friend of mine, Jan Hryckowian as we go through our favourite Grim Dark Films & TV Shows. Grim Dark is that bleak, dead dystopian future that we are always warned about, and many can forsee, but never believe will happen. Jan & I go through each one and talk about them, giving our thoughts on them and what is good about them. We go into detail about the differences in how each one varies but are all similar in the over-arching storylines. We...

Duration: 00:57:10

Horror Films

Matt, the Station Manager of Hereward Radio, joins me as we discuss some of the best horror movies made, comparing them to newer, more recent movies, discussing our favourite killers and what makes a good horror film. I give the results of my Twitter poll (which was a surprise, I must say) and we also talk about where more recent horror films go wrong. We discuss the "golden age" of horror films and I give my Top 5 villains. We also dissect a few of the films, throw in some little known or...

Duration: 01:06:13

What Happened To Will Smith?

Joined by Alex, we both attempt to answer a burning question in my mind: What Happened To Will Smith? The once stellar action hero of Bad Boys, Independence Day & Men In Black has suffered badly at the Box Office over recent years and has seemingly fallen off the radar in big smash hits (this includes Suicide Squad by the way, but thats another podcast altogether!) so we try to get to the root of this, talking about his early work, more recent films. the issues they have faced and his...

Duration: 01:02:23

Tom Hanks: Acting Royalty

With Andrew and Alex joining me, we go through my Twitter, Facebook & Instagram Poll on everyone's favourite Tom Hanks films & whether we agree with the final results, giving our own top 5 as well. We also dissect some of Tom Hanks standout films, some unfamiliar films, and also play a few quotes, whilst adding in a couple of amazing songs, with an absolute nostalgia fest at the end of the show! With so many films to go through, it is a hard slog, and even harder to pick a top 5 because of...

Duration: 01:01:02

Interview With Hayley Burroughs

I am joined by the amazing talented Hayley Burroughs along with my fellow 7:53 Film Club founders Stewart, Chad & Lee as we talk about Hayley's life in films, her experiences, her funny stories and also her work with The Willow Foundation & Little People UK (LPUK) and the idea behind them.Hayley goes into detail about her life on stage and screen and talks about her famous Brother In-Law, Warwick Davies. Hayley is candid about the stigma around little people, what she has seen and...

Duration: 01:03:31

Game of Thrones

I am joined by Jess & Alex as we discuss all things Game of Thrones. We look at our favourite characters, storylines and theories for the forthcoming series. We also talk about our favourite quotes and the best parts of the show, and, well, just generally talk about the epic phenomenon that is GOT. Add into this the epic music and songs found in the show, as well as some quotes, and you have a must listen for all GOT fans! By the Old Gods and the New, I hope you enjoy it.

Duration: 01:00:09

Bonus Episode - Review of Northampton Comic Con 2017

This is a bonus podcast, reviewing Northampton Comic Con 2017; my thoughts and feedback of the event, going over the good and the bad of the event, in my own opinion, rightly or wrongly. There is a lot to be said about how great comic cons are for guests and attendees, I wanted to enlighten people on my experience of my first ever Northampton Comic Con as well as my first Con as Press. Have a listen. If you were there, what did you think?

Duration: 00:21:23

The 80's Part 2

I am joined by my fellow 7:53 Film Club members Stewart, Lee and Chad as we each sell our favourite 80's film, giving facts, trivia, why we love them and having a good ol' laugh as we do it, all thrown in with some amazing 80's film music to really set the scene. There are some real trivia gems in here as well as some very interesting takes on 4 absolutely classic 80's films. What one would you choose? What would be your favourite? Let us know on twitter.

Duration: 01:05:17

The Film & TV Show Presents: The 753 Club - Near Dark

The Film & TV Show Presents: The 753 Club, a shorter addon to the Radio Show, with several other film buffs, as we watch a film, drink and then dissect it straight after, all from Stewarts mini-cinema. This week, we delve into the early work of Kathryn Bigelow (no relation to Deuce Bigelow) in one of her very first films behind the camera, Near Dark, a film none of us had heard of, let alone seen!

Duration: 00:36:13

SPECIAL - Geekology Events Cambridge & Kettering Comic Cons

I am privileged to have Martyn from Geekology Events with my tonight to talk about his 2 Comic Cons in the East of England, Cambridge Geek Con 2018 & Kettering Geek Con 2018, along with a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY and 2 guest EXCLUSIVES! An absolute treat! Andrew also joins me as we grill Martyn and talk about the background of the Cons and what his experiences are as a Con organiser are. A real treat for any Con fans out there!

Duration: 01:00:15

The Rise & Fall of Adam Sandler

I go it alone this time round due to unforseen circumstances and discuss my favourite Adam Sandler films, where I think he went wrong, and when he started to decline. I am a big Sandler fan and this pained me but, we all no it to be true, so I give my thoughts on this, along with playing some excellent music from his films. At least most of them have a great soundtrack.

Duration: 01:02:31

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