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Helping Football Coaches learn, grow and succeed with regular podcasts from experience High School Football coaches.

Helping Football Coaches learn, grow and succeed with regular podcasts from experience High School Football coaches.
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Helping Football Coaches learn, grow and succeed with regular podcasts from experience High School Football coaches.




Episode 223 - TCU’s 4-2-5 Defense Playbook

Do you need your 4-2-5 Defense to dominate? Take a deeper look at one that has already done it. We’re going deep into the pages of the 1999 TCU 4-2-5 Defense Playbook. This playbook was used when Gary Patterson was still the Defensive Coordinator for the Horned Frogs. It’s a great playbook to look at for any football coach. But 4-2-5 Defense coaches should be intimately familiar with it. I’ll point out what you should take from it, and what you should probably leave alone. And a few...

Duration: 01:00:37

Episode 222 - How to Defend RPO’s in The 4-2-5 Defense

Your defense must be ready to stop any RPO the offense can run at you. Getting your defense ready to defend Run-Pass Options isn’t as hard as other coaches will make it sound. At least, the X’s and O’s side of things isn’t so hard. In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, I’ll give you a plan for shutting down RPO’s with your 4-2-5 Defense. Just by running your base scheme. Plus, I’m going to share the 5 Keys to Defending RPO’s that every defense must follow. If you can take...

Duration: 01:06:50

Episode 221 - Anatomy of a Football Run Play

Are you getting everything you can out of every football run play in your playbook? Take a look at the detailed anatomy of an offensive play to find out. Football seems pretty simple, right? Move the ball down the field. Score. Block. Tackle. End Zone Celebration or Sack Dance. Not much to it. Yeah, if you’re a football coach you know that’s not true. There’s a lot of work that goes into this. On this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, I’m breaking down the anatomy of a Football...

Duration: 00:49:47

Episode 220 - Off Season Planning

The Off Season is the perfect time for your football team to make improvement in leaps and bounds. But you’ve got to have a plan. On this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we’re looking at the 6 areas of Off Season Planning you need to be focused on, including… AcademicsRecruitingFundraisingCharacter & Team BuildingStrength TrainingSkill Development Football coaches have a lot more to work on during this time than most people thing. You can’t leave any stone unturned when it...

Duration: 01:22:01

Episode 219 - 2004 Utah Offensive Playbook

For the first time on The Football Coaching Podcast, we’re doing something a little different. I’m breaking down the 2004 Utah Offense playbook. Urban Meyer was in his second year at Utah, running this Spread Option attack. Even though it’s the standard of college football today, this was an innovative and unique offense in 2004. When I’m looking at this playbook with you, all I’ll talk about is what I would want to steal. For my own players. You will not hear any talk about the...

Duration: 01:26:59

Episode 218 - Play Calling Defensive Fronts

Defensive play calling might seem simple. Pick a front, maybe throw in a blitz, choose a coverage. But it’s not. Defensive football in general isn’t nearly as simple as some would make it out to be. Sure, at the heart of the matter you just find the football and get the guy to the ground. But if that was all it took, we’d all be geniuses. On this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we’re looking at how to call you defensive fronts to effectively stop the offense. More than play...

Duration: 01:16:36

Episode 217 - Coaching 2 Point Conversion Plays

It’s just 3 yards. How hard can it be? 2 Point Conversion Plays seem like easy points. But they won’t be unless your team is prepared. If you have a good field goal kicker, the 2 Point Conversion may be something you only use when you need it. For other coaches, it’s an absolute necessity. There’s a lot to think about when you put together your 2 Point Package. How many plays do you need? Do the come from your regular offense? Or will you use special plays? In this episode of The...

Duration: 00:59:14

Episode 216 - How to Coach the 3-4 Defense

Coaching the 3-4 Defense You can get Instant Access to my Complete 3-4 Defense System right now for just $1! Plus you'll get access to 4 other complete football coaching systems inside of JDFB Insider. Visit to start your 14 Day Trial for just $1 right now! Available only during the month of October!

Duration: 01:01:19

Episode 215 - How to Coach the Center

Playing Center is not the most glamorous position. It’s the opposite. In the NFL, the Left Tackle gets all the glory on the Offensive Line. Probably the only position to consistently get recognized up front. Sure, there’s a few Centers who become well known. They usually have a high command of the offense and play for many years. And they’re snapping the ball to some of the top Quarterbacks in football. In High School Football, the Center will rarely get that kind of recognition. His...

Duration: 01:25:06

Episode 214 - 5 Reasons You Should NOT Change Your Defense Now

Things might be going well. They may not be. For whatever reason, you feel like you need to make some changes. Big one’s. It’s time for the playoff push. Or you’re just trying to salvage the season from disaster. So you’re thinking about making drastic changes. You want to change you a whole new defensive scheme. Right now. In the middle of the season. In today’s episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, I’ll explain why you should not change your defensive scheme right now! At least…...

Duration: 00:36:40

Episode 213 - The Split Back Inside Veer

In a big runaway win from our Twitter Poll this week, the Veer Option received 35% of the vote! And I’m excited about that. This episode won’t cover the entire offense, of course. That’s impossible. We’ll be focusing on The Split Back Inside Veer play. Two whole episodes of old school (sort of) Option Football in a row! What a treat. All the Spread Offense guys have left us by now. But we’re still having fun. In today’s episode I’m going to go deep dive on the Inside Veer play....

Duration: 01:05:23

Episode 212 - Origins of The Flexbone Option Offense

I love college football. That doesn’t mean I’m glued to the TV all day every Saturday. However, I’ll usually stop to watch Georgia Tech’s Flexbone Option Offense on the field for at least a series or two. Not because I love Georgia Tech, let’s make that clear. I’m a lifelong UGA fan. But man, that offense is a thing of beauty. Most people I talk to don’t understand it. They think the Flexbone Option Offense is boring to watch. Makes no sense to me. How could anything be more exciting...

Duration: 01:08:41

Episode 211 - Football Run Defense Adjustments

The mark of a great coach is the ability to adjust during the game. It’s not easy, and it takes a lot of experience. Adjusting your football run defense is no difference. Unfortunately, a lot of the football run defense adjustments you make won’t work, just because the team you’re playing is flat-out better than you. Those game winning adjustments will be few and far between, no matter how good you are. But there’s a chance. You will win some games in your career because of great...

Duration: 01:13:23

Episode 210 - Paul “Bear” Bryant, Before Alabama

Paul “Bear” Bryant is a coaching legend. There’s not much question about that. He won 6 National Championships as the Head Football Coach at the University of Alabama. The image of his houndstooth hat is unmistakeable. But we’re football coaches, and we’re not just interested in the story of a coach who won a lot of football games (323 games, to be exact). We want to know how. And why. In this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast, we’ll take a look at the early year of Paul “Bear”...

Duration: 01:27:55

Episode 209 - Coaching Your Overhang Safeties

The Overhang Safeties in your 8-man front defense set the edge. Defend the flats. They are critical to shrinking the field for your defense. Overhang Safeties are a major piece in your 4-2-5 Defense or 3-3-5 Defense. If you call it a 4-4 Defense or 3-5-3 Defense, they’re your Outside Linebackers. The principles are still the same. Episode 209 of The Football Coaching Podcast will go in depth on coaching the Overhang Safety position. This won our Twitter Poll @footballinfo this week....

Duration: 01:14:17

Episode 208 - How to Coach Kickoff Return Schemes

Special Teams are one-third of the game. Every coach says it. Most of us don’t actually spend that much time on it, though. In fact, a big part of special teams comes down to execution. Limiting mistakes. If you can do that, you can make big things happen. I posted 4 Special Teams units on our Twitter Poll @footballinfo. The winner by a big margin was the Kick Return schemes. And why not? Kick Return is a huge key to scoring for your football team. It’s probably the single special teams...

Duration: 01:08:44

Episode 207 - The Playbook: What, Who, Why, How?

The Playbook. It’s like the Holy Grail of football coaches. We dream of putting together that amazing playbook. With just the right selection of calls. You’ve probably drawn up one or two in your time. If you’ve been dreaming of this job for long, you at least drawn up a few plays. Almost every football coach has downloaded a few playbooks from the Internet, too. Good and bad. The truth of the playbook isn’t nearly as sexy. Playbooks don’t win games. Players do. What else do players...

Duration: 00:58:24

Episode 206 - How to Coach Press Man Coverage

Press Man Coverage is our Twitter Poll winner at for this week. I’ll look at some of the myths and reality of coaching Press Coverage. We’ll also talk about technique for coaching press coverage to your athletes. I used to be one of those guys who shied away from press technique. Always thought you had to have some kind of freakish athlete to do it. Now I’m going to share with you why that’s just not true. Why you can use press coverage for your football...

Duration: 01:01:34

Episode 205 - Coaching The Single Wing Offense

The Single Wing Offense has one of the oldest and most storied histories in all of football. After seemingly disappearing from the game, it has come back in force in recent years. And that’s what we’re going to talk about on this episode of The Football Coaching Podcast. The modern day Single Wing that you can run with your own football team, right now. I’ll be looking specifically at the Unbalanced Single Wing as popularized by Coach Rick Darlington from Apopka High School (FL). Learn...

Duration: 01:13:44

Episode 204 - 4 Step Blueprint to Pre-Season Practice Planning

You’ve got the playbooks printed. The players will be there. Are you ready, coach? This week in The Football Coaching Podcast we’re looking at preparing for those critical pre-season practices. Getting your team ready for Week 1, when it really counts. Everyone wants a cookie cutter answer to installing your offense or defense. It’s not that easy. You can’t just run practice plans someone hands you. It’s the same as running a playbook you download from the internet with no understanding...

Duration: 01:16:01

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