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Enes Kanter of the New York Knicks

Is New York Knicks Center Enes Kanter headed to the Sacramento Kings? He answers that question, and addresses the trade rumors that have surrounded him as of late. Enes also speaks to why he won't be going to London with the Knicks even if he's still with the team. And he talks about his decision to speak out publicly and vocally against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the consequences that activism has had on Enes' family (his dad's facing 15-years in a Turkish prison), and his...


Zach Lowe on Tanking, Tom Thibodeau, and Trades

Zach Lowe returns for a game of "Tanking or Just Crappy" involving the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, and Chicago Bulls. He also weighs in on the Tom Thibodeau firing and how the Jimmy Butler trade likely figured into that, and debates the league's trade and extend policy, and what frequent player moves mean for the long term health and future of smaller market and non-destination teams. via Knit


Ric Bucher on GOAT LeBron James, and the Golden State Warriors Decline

B/R Senior Writer and host of the "Bucher and Friends" podcast, Ric Bucher, sets the record straight about his "nobody wants to play with LeBron James" article, and weighs in on LeBron's recent self-proclaimed GOAT comment. Ric also breaks down the Golden State Warriors deterioration from dominance, and the factors that he believes are contributing to their decline (including a possible Draymond Green injury, team chemistry issues, and the league catching up to the Warriors unique style of...


The Lakers Jeanie Buss, Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr, and NBA Photographer Andy Bernstein

It's The Full 48 "Best of 2018" featuring three of Howard's fav interviews of the past year: Jeanie Buss of the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, and longtime NBA photographer, Andy Bernstein. Jeanie talks Shaq and Kobe, Laker culture, and lessons learned from Dr. Buss. Steve speaks to the end of the Stick To Sports era, player autonomy on the court, and his own personal coaching style. And Andy Bernstein shares stories about his famous Michael Jordan "Come Fly...


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Atlanta Hawks Head Coach Lloyd Pierce

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver returns to discuss a myriad of NBA-related issues including age limits, the league's marijuana policy, lottery reform, and even Robert Sarver and the Phoenix Suns! Atlanta Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce offers insight to his coaching philosophy and strategy, the rebuild process in Atlanta, his talented young players including Trae Young, why veteran player Vince Carter is integral to the team's success and growth, and what Lloyd ultimately hopes for the Hawks'...


Danny Green of the Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors shooting guard and "Inside The Green Room" podcast host, Danny Green, speaks to his team's recent loss to the Brooklyn Nets and what they have to do in order to make a legit playoff run. He also talks about being traded to Toronto from the Spurs, his relationship with his former head coach Gregg Popovich and his new head coach Nick Nurse, and the expectations that Toronto has for Danny and teammate Kawhi Leonard. Danny also shares thoughts on Kawhi, Michael Jordan, LeBron...


Vincent Goodwill on Fred Hoiberg's Firing, the Detroit Pistons, and Patrick Beverley and the Fan Code of Conduct

Yahoo! Sports Senior NBA Writer, Vincent Goodwill, spent many years in Chicago covering the Bulls, and weighs in on the firing of Fred Hoiberg, Jim Boylen being named new head coach, and the current roster's chance of post-season success. Vince also shares stories about his time in Detroit covering the Pistons, his recent article about Blake Griffin, and whether Blake still harbors bitter feelings toward his former team, the LA Clippers. Plus, Vince and Howard talk fan code of conduct as it...


Quarter Season Breakdown and Analysis with Wes Wilcox, former Atlanta Hawks GM

Former Atlanta Hawks GM, Wes Wilcox, returns to breakdown the 20-Game marker and why it's so significant for NBA GMs. Wes weighs in on the best teams, the teams that GMs should be concerned about, flatter lottery odds, and why a little drama is actually a good thing for the Golden State Warriors. He also assesses the Jimmy Butler trade, Markelle Fultz, Kyrie Irving's status in Boston, and the Los Angeles Clippers' amazing first-place spot in the West. And he discusses tanking and rebuild...


Michael Rapaport on Kevin Durant, the New York Knicks, and Hating LeBron James

Host of the "I Am Rapaport Stereo Podcast," and long-suffering New York Knicks fan, actor Michael Rapaport dreamed of being an NBA player as a kid, and shares the second he knew that dream was dead! He also remembers the moment the acting bug bit, his first on-set experience, and what it was like working with his acting heroes, Robert DeNiro and Denzel Washington. And Michael sets the record straight on being banned from Madison Square Garden, hating LeBron James and Michael Jordan, his love...


Grant Hill on Trae Young, Superstar Movement, NBA Age Limits, and Nickelback

Hall of Famer and 7x NBA All-Star, Grant Hill, is part of the Atlanta Hawks ownership group, and has also just been added to the board of the National Basketball Retired Players Association. The former Duke Blue Devil speaks about becoming an NBA franchise owner, the Hawks start this season, and how he feels about the contributions from their young players (like Trae Young) to the team. Grant also shares his thoughts on NBA age limits, his bittersweet Hall of Fame induction, his 4-years at...


Richard Jefferson on LeBron, Luke, The Lakers, and Kyrie Irving's Flat Earth

NBA Champion with four Finals appearances turned NBA Analyst for the Yes Network, Richard Jefferson, has plenty to say about his recent NBA retirement, his new gig in broadcasting, and why he opted not to go the coaching route. He's also talking about Kyrie Irving's controversial Flat Earth statements on Richard's own podcast, "Road Trippin'," his friendship with Lakers coach Luke Walton, the advice he gave Luke when LeBron signed with the Lakers, and why Luke is the perfect coach for the LA...


Golden State Warriors Shaun Livingston

14-year veteran and 3-time NBA Champ, Shaun Livingston, talks Warriors motivation and a possible 4th championship, Steve Kerr's coaching philosophy, KD's 25-point run in the 4th quarter of Friday night's game against the New York Knicks, and DeMarcus Cousin's ejection after a technical foul from the bench during that same game. Shaun also shares the DeMarcus Cousins that the public and media don't really get to see, his assessment of the Warriors' playoff series against Houston last year,...


The Athletic's Sam Amick

The Athletic's Sam Amick shares some behind-the-scenes anecdotes about his story on how Jeanie Buss brought LeBron to the Lakers, including the role that Kobe Bryant played in her decision to do so. Sam was also at the Lakers-Rockets game that turned into a brawl and resulted in suspensions for Brandon Ingram, Rajon Rondo, and Chris Paul. And Sam explains why he's high on the Denver Nuggets, feeling a little queasy about the Oklahoma City Thunder, and believes the Lakers should be a bit...


Tobias Harris on The Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks, and Clamp City

Los Angeles Clippers veteran forward Tobias Harris looks at all his trades as opportunities for growth, and explains what he learned from each team and coach for whom he played, including Stan Van Gundy and the Detroit Pistons and Doc Rivers and the Clippers. Tobias previews his current team's roster and rookies Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jerome Robinson, weighs in on the Clamp City nickname, speaks to their chemistry and unity, and shares the philosophy the team's adopted in hopes of...


Dan Klores and Basketball: A Love Story

Filmmaker Dan Klores provides a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his monumental new docu-series, "Basketball: A Love Story." The 10-hour, 5-part film premieres on ESPN on October 9th, and features short stories spanning the entire basketball universe - from Michael Jordan and the Bulls to Kobe and Shaq to Kyrie and LeBron to Yao Ming and the Beijing Olympics. Dan also reveals the reasons why certain stories didn't make the final cut like The Malice At The Palace, and what his biggest...


Chris Mannix on LeBron Media Day, Jimmy Butler, and The Erosion of The Houston Rockets

Chris Mannix of Yahoo! Sports and NBC Sports Boston explains his bold prediction that LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers will not make the playoffs! Chris also discusses the most likely lottery-bound teams, this year's possible surprise teams, why the Boston Celtics will be among this season's most interesting teams to watch, how Kyle Lowry may directly affect the Toronto Raptors and Kawhi Leonard's success, likely outcomes for the Jimmy Butler-Minnesota Timberwolves situation, and why he's...


Ben Golliver on the SI Top 100 Rankings

Ben Golliver, Senior NBA Writer for Sports Illustrated, breaks down the just-published SI Top 100 Rankings. He speaks to the two trickiest guys to rank (Kristaps Porzingis and DeMarcus Cousins), the biggest backlash (Devin Booker), the Top 10 (Joel Embiid, Chris Paul, James Harden, and Kevin Durant), and the most controversial (Kawhi Leonard). He also weighs in on his biggest "Camp Curiosities" (Los Angeles Lakers, Kawhi, and Boston Celtics), and makes some playoff predictions for the East...


Monty McCutchen on NBA Player Referee Relations & Rule Changes

The NBA's sharp-dressed Vice President and Head of Referee Development and Training, Monty McCutchen, discusses the expected rule changes for the coming season including shot clock resets, the clear path rule, and hostile acts. He also speaks to the importance of female officials in the league, enforcing the existing wraps and holds rules, the elimination of flopping, and improving player referee relations. He also shares a couple of truly hilarious heckling stories (7-Up anyone?). via Knit


Jamal Crawford

Three-time NBA Sixth Man Of The Year and current free agent (at least at the time of this recording), Jamal Crawford talks 18 coaches in 18 seasons, best and worst advice he's received over the years, injuries (or lack thereof in Jamal's case), the return of the NBA to Seattle, and Manu Ginobili's retirement. And Jamal shares a great story about sneaking into the Forum as a kid to see the Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls. via Knit


Hall of Fame NBA Photographer Andy Bernstein

NBA and Lakers team photographer Andy Bernstein has covered 36 NBA Finals, 36 All-Star games, and took Michael Jordan's iconic "Come Fly With Me" photo (among many others), and now he's being inducted into the Hall Of Fame, along with Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Grant Hill, and Ray Allen (whose careers he also photographed from rookie to retirement). Andy shares stories from on and off the court, talks about taking hits from Shaq and James Harden, explains how he teamed up with Kobe Bryant for...