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Montreal, QC


Two hours a week to start a rock 'n' roll revolution and a radio magic revival. It is a clubhouse with no rules and where there are only two kinds of music, good and bad. A blend of garage, psychedelic, soul and blues, that'll cure what ails ya! Tune in, turn on and freak out.






7141 Sherbrooke Street West Suite CC-430 Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4B 1R6 514-848-7471


December 14, 2012

1. The Liminanas - Longanisse 2. The Range of Light Wilderness - Under Your Spell 3. White Fence - Take Away Lifes Endless Take 4. Peter Buck - Give Me Back My Wig 5. Red Mass - Black Eye 6. Mac Demarco - Freaking Out The Neighborhood 7. Mark Sultan - Hold On 8. Natural Child - Derek's Blues 9. Gray Fox Hawg Frog 10. Primitive Hands - Horses 11. Window Twins - The Sky Is Black 12. Hanni El Khatib - Dead Wrong 13. Nick Waterhouse - Is That Clear 14. Allah-Las - No Voodoo 15. Tame Impala -...

Duration: 01:46:45

The horniest Go-Go Radio Magic Show ever ...

Prince Palu, flying solo, decided to try and play only songs with great horns ... thus creating the horniest Go-Go Radio Magic Show ever! Heavy doses of funk and soul mixed in with the usual rock n roll. A slightly different flavour, but still the same radio magic.