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We’re Geneviève Gauvin and Nicolas Pineault, and we’re total anomalies. That's because we decided to make our own decisions in life instead of blindly following what’s “right” and “safe”. If you're one of those who know there’s more to life than the boring, uninspiring mold you’re expected to fit in – let us help you create the exciting, meaningful and fulfilling life you crave for you, your partner and (maybe) your future family. In this podcast, we'll talk life, travel, love, freedom, and everything in-between + feature experts that'll shake your beliefs. The question is... are you ready to ditch normality and become an anomaly?




A Cringing Yet Hilarious Listening Of Episode 1 & How TGA Has Grown SO Much - #98

It’s the final episode of season 2 of The Great Anomaly Podcast, and even though we aren’t ending on Episode 100 (Gen is happy that at least it’s an even number), we are still going out with a bang! With drinks in hand and lots of laughs and silliness, we listen to episode 1 for the first time since we recorded it. A perfect, painful (for Gen and Nick), and oh-so hilarious way to reminisce about the growth of the TGA podcast and finish off the year. Enjoy! Subscribe on iTunes / ...

Duration: 00:55:55

How To Plan Your Entire Next Year Before Christmas & Achieve Anything You Want In 2017 - #97

The new year is almost upon us, and we can’t WAIT! Why? Because we already have the first part of 2017 all mapped out - for all 3 of our businesses! And you know what? It feels freakin’ AMAZING! In today’s episode, we want to share with you how you can do it too, so you can feel how incredible it is to be ahead of the game... Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: Why we are addicted to planning ahead, and how it guarantees more meaningful workanda better...

Duration: 00:52:15

Why Gen Got A Tattoo After Postponing For Years - #96

We are all guilty of putting things we desire off because we are waiting for that “perfect” moment, or to achieve a goal first. The problem is, you can end up waiting a long time to do it, or (even worse) may never end up doing it at all… In this episode, Nick interviews Gen to find out what made her finally decide to “ink-it-up” after postponing for years. What she has to say may be the kick you need to finally take a leap yourself! Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on...

Duration: 00:28:40

The Saigonese Chaos & The Unexpected Lessons Learned - #95

When you’ve travelled as much as we have, the excitement that comes with visiting a new place begins to lose its luster …but not this latest experience in Ho Chi Minh/Saigon. This trip was transformative on so many levels, and taught us SO much, we couldn’t deny you this story and the lessons learned... Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: Some travel updates from our journeysThe benefits of a “workation” (like the one we just had) when you get to a new...

Duration: 00:48:42

Helping Other Entrepreneurs: Why Leaving Honest Reviews Matters - #93

Helping other entrepreneurs is so important, and believe it or not, we have a responsibility to do it. Why, you ask? Because it helps shape our society for the better. And as the title of this episode suggests, one way you can do that is by writing honest reviews. We all underestimate how much of an impact we can have, but in today’s episode, we hope to inspire all of our fellow entrepreneurs (and couplepreneurs!) to speak up and start reviewing! Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on...

Duration: 00:34:47

Couplepreneur Talk: Work Buddies… Co-working Minus The Awkwardness? - #92

If you are anything like us, you love finding new ways to get shit done and be more productive. And today, we want to share one amazing way to do that...getting work buddies. We’ve learned as couplepreneurs you need to have other people in your life, and working alongside like-minded individuals can bring some real benefits to your business, schedule and average work day. A must-try for any couplepreneur! Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: The benefits we...

Duration: 00:29:46

Couplepreneur Talk: How To Let Go Even When You’ve Invested So Much Already - #91

Staying in a situation, or working on a project where you literally have to force yourself to do it is never fun. It seems a necessary evil to most though when you’ve invested SO much time, energy and money into it already. We have ALL been there and done that. But in today’s episode, we want to help you banish that way of thinking from your mind, and show you that letting those types of projects or situations go is actually in your best interest. Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on...

Duration: 00:48:21

Couplepreneur Talk: Should You Be Brutally Honest With Your Partner, Even If It Hurts? - #90

Conflict is never fun. It’s something many of us try to avoid and have a hard time dealing with, especially when it involves your better half. So what do you do when there is something you need to tell your partner, where your intention is good and helpful, but you know it may hurt or offend them? In this episode we give our thoughts to help you navigate these tricky waters, so you can keep your relationship with your partner (in business and love) running smooth. Subscribe on iTunes / ...

Duration: 00:51:08

Ally & Alex: Living Organically And Evolving With Purpose - #89

One year after our last interview (#39), where they were living in a minimalistic trailer in Portland, Ally & Alex have grown a LOT, and both their service-based businesses are blooming. But what impressed us the most is how they have kept evolving with purpose, while being able to live a very organic lifestyle they both feel so happy about... Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: One year later, hear how Ally and Alex left their tiny, tiny trailer to live...

Duration: 00:54:52

How We’re Leveraging Old Content And Creating Passive Income To Have More “Us” Time - #88

We’ve heard the words “we want more passive income” come out of a couplepreneur’s mouth way too many times to count. But it’s true the subject is so intimidating that most people get stuck at the idea level. Here’s what you can do to take action -- no matter how “un-passive” your biz is at the moment. Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: How we got a genius idea to repurpose content from our nutrition business and create passive income, but just weren’t...

Duration: 00:42:09

Why You’re Never Too Small To Be Serious About Contracts - #87

A lot of small entrepreneurs, and a lot of couplepreneurs don’t have proper contracts “because they trust each other.” We used to be the same, until we got into really nasty, stressful situations because we didn’t have a clear contract to protect us. Learn how to create a contract with your boo, your contractors and your JV partners. Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: What’s happening to our websites, and the big lesson we’re learning as a resultWhat...

Duration: 00:50:05

Couplepreneur Talk: Realistic Business Expectations & Why It Took Us 3 Years To Become CEOs - #86

In arguably one of the most powerful and heartfelt podcast conversations we’ve ever had, we share the ups and downs we’ve experienced during our last 3 years in business, and what has changed in this current 4th year. All lessons learned the hard way... Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: Our first year in business, and what happens when you find yourself with a lot of money, but no financial skills or awareness to support itThe biggest mistake we made in...

Duration: 01:03:41

A Day In The Life Of Gen & Nick - #85

After sharing a lot more about our personal life through Instagram stories, we figured an episode where we walk you through our average work day is wayyyy overdue. So here it is: what we do in the morning, at lunch, where we work, how we take breaks, and what happens in the evening. Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: How “Essentialism” explains exactly why and how we prioritize our lifestyle BEFORE our business, or anything elseOur different morning...

Duration: 00:51:21

How We Take 2 Months Of Vacation Every Year & Why Waiting To Be “Less Busy” Is Ridiculous - #84

Seriously… does anyone still believe they’ll take a vacation when they’re “less busy”? And yet, we still hear that from couplepreneurs all the time. Everyone needs time off, and the only way we’ve found to do just that -- taking 2 weeks off every 10 weeks -- is… well… listen to the episode to find out! :P Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: The mindset shift you need to make in order to put lifestyle first and enjoy the amount of time off that feels right...

Duration: 00:40:57

You’re Not Hiring For All The Wrong Reasons & What We Learned Building A 8-Person Team - #83

You’ve got each other. You love being in control. And you’re not hiring more people for ALL the wrong reasons. Been there, done that! In this episode, learn from our mistakes -- we share everything we’ve learned about building a 8-person team over our last 3 years as couplepreneurs. Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: What mindsets are preventing you from delegating more, and how to get over yourselves...Why looking for people who are exactly as passionate...

Duration: 01:09:09

Krisstina & Garry Wise: How To Make Friends With Money & Create Real Cash Freedom - #82

Why do we feel so awkward around money? Why do most couplepreneurs HATE talking, thinking about, and managing money? And why do most people feel uncomfortable when Krisstina & Garry Wise tell everyone that they LOVE money? This interview will change the way you manage your $$$ forever! Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: How to get rid of your money awkwardness, get on the same page, and achieve total control and clarity around your financesHow a...

Duration: 01:05:43

What We Learned After One Year Without Drinking - #81

One year ago -- back in episode #16 -- Gen announced her big, bold plans… go an entire year without drinking. Nick followed along as a sign of solidarity, and because he’s such a health geek. One year later, learn the biggest lessons we learned from this experiment -- and how it changed our relationship with alcohol forever. Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: Why Gen decided to go an entire year without drinking, and how people reacted to the news at...

Duration: 01:09:30

Couplepreneur Talk: Should Your Business Sleep On The Couch Tonight? - #80

In your couple, you sure don’t accept a lot of BS before you speak your mind, hug, and call it a day. But why don’t you do the same with your business? Discover why you should treat the relationship you have with your biz the same way you do inside your couple -- and how to act fast when things aren’t right. Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: What happens when the “honeymoon phase” of your business ends, but most of all -- what NOT to doWhy it’s totally...

Duration: 00:41:01

3 Topics You Should Both Master (But Not Necessarily Manage) - #79

We always tell couplepreneurs to define clear roles. Nick takes care of finances and most copywriting. Gen takes care of branding and social media. But blindly trusting your other half when it comes to key important decisions around money, branding and business planning can backfire big time. Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: What happened when Gen asked Nick how much money had been budgeted and put aside in the last 7 months for business events and...

Duration: 00:59:19

Couplepreneur Talk: Always Together But Never Connected? - #78

You’re always together, but somehow feel disconnected. This problem has shown its ugly head several times during our journey as couplepreneurs. The fix is kind of simple though… do more of what makes you feel connected, and less of the mindless stuff that disconnects you further. Subscribe on iTunes / Subscribe on Stitcher What You’ll Hear: What exactly we mean by feeling “disconnected” -- and how sneaky this feeling is in our livesThe reason we sometimes feel disconnected on a...

Duration: 00:55:33

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