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Episode #106: I'm not falling behind or running late

Tyler McKenzie had a one week vacation between Broadway's Hamilton and joining the Philip Tour and he spent his first night off hanging out with me and I am so grateful! Tyler talks about his Hamilton journey, his strong connection to spirituality, the glory of EduHam, finding stillness in a show that's nonnnnn STOP, and what George Eacker is thinking when Philip interrupts his big night out. This episode is so fun and Tyler brings such a positive energy and outlook to his life, his work,...


Episode #105: The word got around, they said, "This kid is insane man!"

Antuan "Magic" Raimone lives up to his nickname as a Universal Swing in Hamilton. Magic talks about his experience with In the Heights, why he didn't want to audition for Hamilton (and the crazy story about how that went), what happens when you get "Swing Brain," and how his photographic ability to instantly pick up choreography earned him the nickname "Magic." Trigger warning: Towards the end of the episode we spend time discussing Antuan's experience with childhood sexual abuse and his...


Episode #104: From your sister who is always by your side // Part Two

Emily Roney is back this week and she goes IN on what it's like to not only dress Mandy Gonzalez in Hamilton on Broadway but to also work as her Right Hand Man aka Personal Assistant. We talk #FearlessSquad, the strength of the women who play the Schuyler Sisters, and Emily gives amazing life advice about how to find your passion and achieve your goals. And! We talk more about backstage at Hamilton, including stories about Leslie Odom Jr. and Daveed Diggs, and Renee Elise Goldsberry...


Episode #103: From your sister who is always by your side // Part One

Emily Roney is the dresser for all three Schuyler Sisters (#AndMaria!) for Hamilton and Broadway and get ready for a mind explosion! Emily is fantastic and we talk about so many things including how The Public Theater changed her life and the role Renee Elise Goldsberry sealed her fate. But let's really get down to it: YES she explains the colors of those dresses and she gives us a verbal look book of the Schuyler Sisters. Get excited!


Episode #102: Inside, he was longing for something to be a part of // Part Two

Welcome to Eddy Lee's second episode, in which the tangents are plentiful and we're lucky if we finish a single story we start. Still! Eddy Lee is the best and this episode is nonnnnnnSTOP. Eddy performs both James Reynolds and Samuel Seabury, talks about the lack of Asian representation in the media and the arts, and tells the amazing story of meeting a Vietnamese-American #Hamilkid wherein Eddy realized he was a role model. Plus! We talk Pokémon and the role the Universe played in Eddy...


Episode #101: Inside, he was longing for something to be a part of // Part One

Remember when Eddy Lee called our recording a therapy session during last episode's Hamilton House Party? Yeah, this episode proves that almost immediately. In the first part of our hang, Eddy - a swing in Hamilton on Broadway - opens up about how he almost became a doctor and how at first his mother didn't approve of dancing as a career choice. Don't worry, all is well now, but his story is definitely one that may sound familiar to other aspiring artists out there. Hamilton House Party...


Episode #100: Grind to the rhythm as we wine and dine

In honor of my 100th episode (whaaaat?!), I threw a #HamiltonHouseParty with some of my friends from the cast and crew of Hamilton on Broadway: Lexi Lawson, Jevon McFerrin, Eddy Lee, Lauren Boyd, Anna-Lee Craig, and Emily Roney. My right hand man, Michael Paul Smith, joins me as we host this fun, scrappy, and rowdy recording. From the ghosts that haunt the Richard Rodgers Theatre, to reflecting on this past year, we have a great time and Hamilton is so layered that even my guests are...


Episode #99: Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now

Listener favorites Ashley Graffeo, Kelly Warne, and Carrie-Rachel Dean join me for my 99th episode and a walk down memory lane, talking Hamilton, the podcast, and Broadway in general. It's the Schuyler Sisters meets the Sons of Liberty and I am lovin' it!


Episode #98: I wanna talk about what I have learned, the hard-won wisdom I have earned // Part Two

Relax, have a drink with me... and Chris Jackson! The rain didn't let up and neither did my guest of honor. In his second episode, CJack wastes no time getting super real. This moving conversation focuses a lot on his son, CJ, who is on the autism spectrum and prepare to learn and feel a lot of things, you guys. We also talk about his amazing family and what it's like being on the CBS show "Bull."


Episode #97: I wanna talk about what I have learned, the hard-won wisdom I have earned // Part One

Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Jackson coulda been anywhere in the world tonight, but he's here with me in New York City. Are you ready for Part One of my chat with him?? In this episode, CJack gets real about some of his past bad behavior during the early days of In The Heights, his experience being in the original Broadway company of Hamilton, the moment he thought he chose the wrong career path, and the mutual love, respect, and admiration flowing between the members of the Lin's Cabinet....


Episode #96: Maaaaan, the man is non-stop! // Part Two

Carvens Lissaint (Washington, Burr, Lafayette/Jefferson in Hamilton on Broadway) is back! This week, Carvens goes in on the baclkash he received after having a poem go viral, the logistical differences between Washington and Burr, the beginnings of his Black Velvet persona, and the importance of being authentic. Journal to Journey: Urban Word:


Episode #95: Maaaaan, the man is non-stop! // Part One

Carvens Lissaint is an excellent human and an award-winning poet. He is also covering Washington, Burr, and Lafayette/Jefferson in Hamilton on Broadway. The Carvens Origin Story is INSANE. The Carvens Hamilton Origin Story is EVEN MORE INSANE. Carvens talks about how In The Heights changed his life (Lin came out during intermission during In The Heights to chat with him - which would NEVER happen now), his experience growing up in Harlem with Haitian parents, and how he literally had a...


Episode #94: We move under cover and we move as one // Part Two

Anna-Lee Craig is back again this week and if you don't think she's the coolest, just you wait until you listen to this episode: ALC talks about being a badass lady in a field that has traditionally been dominated by men. We also talk about the hardest Hamilton tracks to mix, and how the cast and crew are Hamilton super fans - just like us!


Episode #93: We move under cover and we move as one // Part One

Get ready to become OBSESSED with Anna-Lee Craig, one of Hamilton Broadway's team of groundbreaking sound experts. Anna-Lee's official title is A2/Assistant Sound, but I've also added Badass Lady because she is awesome. Having been with Hamilton since The Public, Anna-Lee knows how to make each and every performance sound its best. I mean, she came up with a special microphone design the crew calls the ALC Special. Does it get any cooler than that? Oh - one more thing - Anna-Lee invited me...


Episode #92: #Lintoberfest with Lin-Manuel Miranda // Part Five

Our last week of #Lintoberfest starts out with some exciting news courtesy of Alex Lacamoire and Tommy Kail from all the way across the sea... and it is BANANAS! In Part Two of the B-Sides, Mike and I share more cut audio with Lin-Manuel Miranda, take questions from the Patreon Peeps, and reflect on the insanity of the last few weeks. To help Puerto Rico: Donate to disaster...


Episode #91: #Lintoberfest with Lin-Manuel Miranda // Part Four

Welcome to The Lin B-Sides! Mike is joining me as I play cut audio from #Lintoberfest and give you behind the scenes commentary about what it was like recording with Lin-Manuel Miranda. And guess what? We have so many details to share with you that there will be TWO B-Sides, meaning you'll have FIVE Lin-Manuel Miranda episodes. Enjoy! To help Puerto Rico: Donate to disaster...


Episode #90: #Lintoberfest with Lin-Manuel Miranda // Part Three

Lin-Manuel Miranda is back for another round and #Lintoberfest Part Three is our most emotional episode yet; Lin goes IN on "It's Quiet Uptown" as well as his thoughts on legacies and what he says is truly beautiful. But don't worry, there's balance! We also talk King George III, Moana, if and when the audience is allowed to sing along during parts of Hamilton, and Lin gives advice to writers and creative people. Stay tuned for next week for Part Four aka The Lin B-Sides, where you'll hear...


Episode #89: #Lintoberfest with Lin-Manuel Miranda // Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of a four part series featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda! I am once again joined by my husband Mike and this episode focuses a LOT on music, so prepare to have your mind blown. Lin tries to teach me how to freestyle (it doesn't go well), we talk about Freestyle Love Supreme, Lin plays a "Meet Me Inside" demo, and answers questions from the Patreon Peeps. We also talk Hamilton memes, inside jokes from the days at The Public, and more. PS: Don't forget to send me your photos of...


Episode #88: #Lintoberfest with Lin-Manuel Miranda // Part One

Lin-Manuel Miranda came over to my apartment and we had so much fun that I have FOUR episodes for you! Welcome to #Lintoberfest, with my husband Michael Paul Smith joining me for these episodes. In Part One, I try to get over the fact that Lin is recording in my living room - spoiler! I don't! - But regardless, we tell the story of how Lin ended up on the podcast, details of the early days of Hamilton, why Lin is a Hamilton/Burr hybrid, and quote The West Wing a LOT. We also eat popcorn...


Episode #87: Silence! A message from THE QUEEN!

All hail Queen Lesli Margherita (Matilda, Dames at Sea)! Lesli is Broadway royalty and also human royalty because she rules her own kingdom, you guys. Get inspired as Lesli talks all about what it means to rule your kingdom and how can make it happen. And, duh, we talk all about Hamilton! Lesli gets super emotional reminiscing about seeing Hamilton for the first time and conversations with her friends and to Hamilton OGs Leslie Odom, Jr., Betsey Struxness, and Thayne Jasperson when they...


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