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As autumn sets in and the air gets a nip in it, I begin to stay inside more. My menus change from grilled foods to crock-pot dishes and I trade in my shorts for leggings and sweaters. The pumpkins and gourds line my fireplace mantle and homemade potato leek soup is on my stove. The days get shorter and the kids are at my kitchen island with a pile of school work. It’s the mundane routine of mom-hood and family life. And who wouldn’t want it? With the economy in such a disaster and so many of my housewives struggling I am reminded of the wives before me. The women who for generations worked on their farms, supported their husbands and held their families together. It’s our role to keep our homes safe and happy. So many moms juggle the money trying to find ways to pay for new sneakers when their is nothing left. Many moms go without. And in the end, if we are lucky to have a home, no matter how small, or big, we are lucky. If we get to cuddle up with a cup of tea and a great book, we are happy. And when our children feel secure and loved, we have done our job. So settle in and enjoy your nest this fall.



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