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The Podcast for the Home Server enthusiast, beginner, and everyone in-between. You will hear talk on Home Servers, Add-Ins, Media Centers, Network Attached Storage, gadgets, phones, and anything else that we can get our hands on. Join Windows Home Server MVP's David McCabe, Jim Collison, and John Zajdler to chat about everything in your home related to media, file sharing, off-site backups, and more.




Home Server Show 306- Final Episode

That day has come! We all come up on “that day,” either with joy or dismay. I have a little bit of both that I’m publishing the last episode of the Home Server Show. It...

Duration: 00:31:22

Storage News, Synology Router, Meetup 2016 and more

Lots of news articles to share with you today. New Synology gear, new OS for Synology Router, and what to do when adding Windows 10 to your Essentials network. Lian Li, Otixo, Copy.com, Netgear...

Duration: 00:23:49

Bought 2, returning 1 Security Cameras on HSS 304

I’m going to tell you about a few Amazon purchases made on Prime Day. A couple of cameras for home security and I’m returning one of them! Patron shoutouts, Meetup 2016 and more! Short...

Duration: 00:23:55

The Luma vs Eero Testing Podcast HSS 303

I’ve got Luma and I don’t know what to do with it! If you follow the HSS Forums you no doubt have heard about the Luma debacle that is unfolding. We go over that...

Duration: 01:50:09

Interview with Dr. Paul Judge, cofounder of Luma

Today I’m talking with Dr. Paul Judge, cofounder of Luma. Luma is on the verge of being released and I’ve got a lot of questions about it for Paul. My thanks to Luma and...

Duration: 00:38:31

Hyper-V Fixes, 2016 Evals, Xbox, Community and more on HSS 301

I’ve got a big list of news items for you mostly centered around Microsoft but some networking and home automation as well. Some Community news, Patreon, Meetup, and I’ve bought something and returned something...

Duration: 00:27:53

Tivo Roamio, Storage, and Home Automation on HSS 299

Tivo Roamio to the rescue! OTA recorder for a set fee and ability to use extenders. Cloud storage vendors are dropping like flies, free up some SSD space, and a whole bunch of home...

Duration: 01:20:05

New routers, new Drobo on Home Server Show 298

Drobo is back according to Jim Collison! $$$ A YouTube milestone, D-Link Home Automation news, new TrendNet 4MP cameras, Echo Dot, and a new router. Tons of news and chat with Mike Faucher and...

Duration: 01:19:24

Surveillance Camera Shootout, Crashplan, and eero on HSS 297

This one has a little of everything. Backups, cameras, CrashPlan, Copy.com, OneDrive, and a follow up on eero. World Back Up Day too! Do you have a blog? Monetize it without running ugly ads....

Duration: 01:15:52

eero unboxed, installed, and discussed on HSS 296

I got some help from Jose Ortiz because he ordered a truckload of eero’s and has them powered up. Also, how does it stand up to Ubiqiti, Open Mesh, Luma, and others? Is it...

Duration: 01:25:02

Lighting, Cameras, and Media Center Fails on Home Server Show 295

A whole bunch of security camerasand LED lighting on this episode. We alsotalk some Celeron based Synology and how Media Center failed me during Super Bowl 50. If you like the Automation thing be...

Duration: 01:22:17

CES Q&A on Home Server Show 294

Welcome to 2016 Home Server Show listeners! Fun episode to start you off with. Jim Collison, Mike Faucher, and Kevin Schoonover join to listen to me go on and on about all kinds of...

Duration: 01:43:52

Get off my LAN – Home Server Show 293

A whole lot of follow up on this episode. Circle, WiFi, Server to NAS, and a better look at Open Mesh with Mike Faucher. Jim Collison discusses cloud storage while Dave digs into his...

Duration: 01:21:35

Circle, WiFi, and Networking on HSS 292

On this episode of Home Server Show I’ll unbox Circle while giving you a heads up about this new product. Listen in if you want to manage your wifi devices, internet, usage, etc. Jim,...

Duration: 01:51:57

My HTPC is better than yours – Home Server Show 291

It’s a battle between the Dell Inspiron micro 3050 and the HP Stream mini. We’ll talk about Media Center and if it’s better on Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 with these boxes. A little...

Duration: 01:07:22

News, Sophos Beta, and Meetup 2015 Wrap

Sophos has a beta out and it’s a hot topic in the forums. I’ve got that, a little news, and we’ll wrap up Meetup 2015 at the end. All hardware, news, and chat is...

Duration: 01:02:49

QNAP and SmartThings V2, Pre-Meetup 2015

SmartThings V2 hub is here! We talk a little bit on migrating and complain about it mostly. QNAP, transcoding, and a little preview to Meetup 2015. Out with the old SmartThings hub(like in the...

Duration: 01:23:39

QNAP vs. Synology vs. Host your own Server on HSS 288

It’s NAS vs. Server night on the Home Server Show. Mike Faucher joins the podcast to discuss his switch from using a Windows Server to a QNAP NAS. Listen in on the thought process...

Duration: 01:22:37

Storage News, Meetup 2015, and NAS Thoughts on HSS 287

I’m solo on Home Server Show 287. I’ve got some storage news, Meetup Updates, and a big one…I’m thinking of moving from Server to a NAS. Find out more on this episode of Home...

Duration: 00:25:38

Windows 10 and the Home Server

Are you installing Windows 10? Do you have a server at home or work? Windows Server 2012? Essentials Server? Let’s talk about the old, and the new! 2016! Susan Bradley, SBS MVP joins to...

Duration: 01:08:50

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