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The Idiot's Guide to Everything is a podcast about everything and nothing, all at the same time. Chris and Dan are a couple of mates who attempt to sound off on a new topic each week, which they generally know very little about. Listen in as they fight to stay on topic, spout off spurious facts and generally just bicker, and try to embarrass each other publicly.




The Idiot's Guide to... Holidays

You might have heard the news, but we're going on a holiday soon! What a great chance to talk about them. We chat about our favourite holidays kids, the upcoming trip to America, and where we wanna go in the future.

Duration: 00:29:47

The Idiot's Guide to... The Future

This week the Idiot's channel their inner-psychic and discuss the future. After poo-pooing others attempts at predicting the future, they have a go themselves. They also have a crack at creating a time-capsule and are joined by a special guest from the actual future, leading to a very macabre ending...

Duration: 00:29:54

The Idiot's Guide to... Dating

Dating in 2016 is a tricky business, and there's no one who knows it better than these two idiots. This week we carry on the goal of trying to find Chris a date, Dan shares his tips to go from date 1 to the 1 year anniversary, and we're joined in the studio by Lee Weir: Marriage Celebrant to chat about the merits of marriage, something Chris needs some convincing of...

Duration: 00:38:45

The Idiot's Guide to... Television

This week we get back into the groove as we discuss all things TV. Dan pitches a new TV show idea to Netflix, Chris has been rejected by a reality TV show (twice), and we open up the mailbag to address some feedback.

Duration: 00:34:10

The Idiot's Guide to... Magic

Hold on to your hats, cause this week things get bumpy. Tensions are high in the studio this week as we attempt to cover off on magic. Dan shares his contentious views on what magic is, and as always we wash off the regret of the podcast with shower chat. If you're sensitive to swearing, this week is not for you!

Duration: 00:22:37

The Idiot's Guide to... Election 2016

The final in our US Presidential election episodes, we're joined by Jim Cawthorn to discuss the election 2016. We discover there are more than 2 options, discuss the bizarre way the US elections work.

Duration: 00:43:36

The Idiot's Guide to... Halloween

Things take a spooky turn for the idiots as they cover off the topic of Halloween. They visit a haunted house in Auckland, share tales of costume mishaps, and hear some "spooky" ghost stories.

Duration: 00:43:23