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Eating Healthy And Staying Fit With Nutritionist Nidhi Mohan Kamal: TIT31

Nidhi is a Nutritionist and Fitness expert based in South Delhi. She is director of Organization called Nidsun Wellness which helps people with non-invasive body shaping, diet plans and online fitness programs. She’s a certified Fitness trainer with a specialization in training for special needs, she’s a Puma Athlete and trainer. She has been personal training many special needs clients one and one. In terms of fitness and exercise, she has been working out last 17 years and has learned...


Power of Choices: Thursday Inspiration | TIT30

You are making choices every single moment in your life. Whether it is to watch a movie or read a book, go on a party on weekend or build business. You are making those choices every moment. Your life at moment is reflection of all the decisions or choices you have made in the past. One good choice can transform your life just the way it did for Abdul in the story I have shared in this episode. Stop complaining and take responsibility because you were born to soar higher like an eagle not...


Three Habits That Can Transform Your Life: Thursday Inspiration | TIT 29

I am keen in deconstructing successful people and get deep into their habits. In this episode, I present you three most common habits of successful and inspiring personalities I have interviewed for this podcast. Episodes and Resources Mentioned: Chitra Jha's EpisodeJogesh Jain's EpisodePraveen Wadalkar's EpisodeMeditation App- Stop, Breathe and ThinkThe Five Minute Journal AppAudible- One Free Audiobook and one month free trialMy reading list for 2018 Subscribe, Rate and Review the...


Start Your Business With Zero Money With Serial Entrepreneur Avelo Roy: TIT28

What? You think you need a lot of money to start a business? Wait my friend. You need ZERO money to start a business of your dreams and turn it into a multi-million dollars venture. Avelo Roy has done the exact same and he shares how he was able to do that in this episode. Avelo is a serial entrepreneur who has built seven businesses in US with Multi-Million dollars worth of products and services in wide range of segments from consumer electronics to food science to healthcare process...


Manoj Vasudevan World Champion of Public Speaking: Master The Art of Public Speaking: TIT27

Manoj Vasudevan was not always a world-class public speaker but with consistent practice and endless determination he was able to win the coveted World Championship of Public Speaking in 2017. At one point in time he was not promoted by his organization to the next level as he lacked what it took to be at next level. That was the moment when Manoj decided to excel in Leadership and Communication skills. He quit his job, started a company and started to work on building these skills. Manoj...


Take Life Changing Decisions | Thursday Inspiration: TIT26

The Inspiring Talk podcast turned SIX months and it all started with a decision to inspire people. I have learned a lot along this journey and got opportunity to interact with amazing people who has reached milestones. In this Thursday Inspiration I talk about decisions and how taking right one can transform our life for forever. Enjoy the show! Episodes Mentioned: Dr. Sukhi Muker's InterviewLena Kay's InterviewSean Douglas's Interview Subscribe, Rate and Review the show on: Apple...


Making Decisions That Shapes Life With Sean Douglas: TIT25

Sean Douglas was suicidal at one point of time due to heavy drinking habit and series of negative thoughts. He has grown in alcohol and abusive environment at his home. This had deep negative impact in his life and he himself became alcoholic. But this is not what he wanted for himself in his life. One fine day he said to himself, "I am so done with this. I need to change the way I am living my life." He turned to timeless wisdom of great books and people who has shown him the way. He shares...


Don't Let Criticism Shake You

When I came across this story that I grew up listening to from my teacher in school, I couldn't stop sharing it with you. You might have heard this but still is so relevant even today. Enjoy the show! Show Notes page: Attend Podcast Launch Workshop: Use Coupon code INSPIRING while checkout to get jaw dropping discount. Get free Audiobook on Audible. Subscribe, Rate and Review the show on: Apple...


Be Comfortable on Your Own Skin with Storyteller Praveen Wadalkar: TIT23

Praveen Wadalkar robbed his six years old son’s piggy bank to go for a business meeting. His first business was a complete flop show and he had no money left as he and his wife both had left their job to start that business. Praveen has been to the stage where quitting the entrepreneurial dream was much easier option than to continue. But he kept moving forward to start another venture which flourished and is now spread across many nations in Asia. Praveen is co-founder and CEO of Techizer...


Build Winning Mindset

I have realized that there is a trait in every successful people that loser and quitters lack by interviewing successful and inspiring personalities every week. They have winning mindset. They believe on their vision and dreams more than anyone else and keep pursuing unless they turn that into reality. Another such quality is to stand up back tall more determined and more focused than ever after every fall. Enjoy my take on winning mindset! See the show notes page :...


Become The Invincible Giant With Entrepreneur Jigna Tanna: TIT21

Jigna Tanna is a construction entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, change catalyst, and most sought after performance excellence strategist. Jigna comes from a family of business background with open mind but she eventually got married to family where women's freedom was not as widely accepted. She along with her husband had to take a hard route of starting the business all over again. She recalls her partner cheating her in business and having to burn all savings and selling her...


Knowing Your Uniqueness With Amit Giri: TIT20

Amit Kumar Giri found his passion in helping students find their strengths and uniqueness while conducting free sessions for poor kids. He wanted to do something about it but had no idea at all about where to start. He quit his well-paying job at media house of repute to start his company Brain Gateway. First few months were not something you'd want to happen in your own life. Everything he has saved was burning out and there was no hope of getting the show going. He has stopped believing...


Conquer Your Fears: Thursday Inspiration

What if I fail? What if she says NO? What if he gets angry? What if they judge me? I might loose all my money. Are these some of the questions that comes to your mind before doing some task, taking risk or asking someone for their help? Is fear of failing or being rejected stopping you from executing on your idea or plan that you believe will transform your life and life of people around you? When you are in this situation next time ask yourself these three questions: Register for...


Make You Action Louder Than Your Excuses: Thursday Inspiration

Make your action louder than your excuses. There's no other way around for action except putting on work and taking action. You already have what you need and you already have enough information on what to do and how to do. The only ingredient that's lacking in your success journey is taking action. It's time to take some actions. Download your free powerful self-talk PDF Register for podcasting workshop in Delhi:...


Have Powerful and Positive Self-Talk: Thursday Inspiration

How often we hear we are not good enough, we are not capable of doing or we are not worthy of the experiences from people around us? Should that matter at all? Hell No! Stop listening to those noise and most importantly stop telling yourself those negative stuffs. Have powerful and positive self-talk every single day. Download your free powerful self-talk PDF Register for podcasting workshop in Delhi: Read Full...


Nine Powerful Lessons I Have Learned in 2017: TIT16

Nine Powerful Lessons Learned: Register for Podcasting workshop: Read full show notes on Subscribe, Rate and Review the show on: Apple Podcasts Stitcher CastBox on Android Play Music


Stop Making Excuses and Transform Your Life With Lena Kay: TIT15

In her mid 20’s Lena Kay found herself living in a homeless hostel, depressed, overweight with a brain tumour and living on benefits. Suicidal thoughts became prominent at one point of time in her life. She thought her life has no meaning to be alive. She never thought she could come out of that trap of her own thoughts. She discovered neuroscience, quantum physics, meditation and law of attraction, used the knowledge to transform her life and helped many people on her journey as she...


Stop Fooling Yourself And Create A Life Of Your Dreams With Dr. Divya Ghai: TIT14

Dr. Divya Negi Ghai left her decade long job as academician to pursue her passion in writing and empowering young people. She got stuck for a while when she was making this change. She was confused whether to get back to job that she didn't loved anymore or start on completely new journey. Dr. Divya's book Stop Fooling Yourself will wake you up to face the simple realities of life, which you have conveniently chosen to ignore. It delves deep into your psychology, in the context of four...


Step Up And Take Charge of Your Life with Gemini Dhar: TIT13

When she needed the most Gemini’s father left her for forever when she was 16. Responsibility of not only taking charge of her own life but also to earn bread for family came to her shoulder. It was not easy for her to fight the challenge life has thrown but she managed to come to the next side of it by overcoming it. Gemini Dhar is take-charge expert, fashion entrepreneur and Author of the book 9 ways to empower. For over 24 years she has been working with an extensive range of people...


Transcend Your Boundaries: Go Beyond Body Beyond Mind With Dr. Sukhi Muker: TIT12

When he was 18, Dr. Sukhi Muker after severe three-day drug binge almost pulled the trigger of loaded gun to kill himself. That was the lowest point he has ever been in his life. He never thought he’d ever come out of drug addiction, violence and crimes at that point. But with strong desire to heal his own brain and body Dr. Sukhi has come a long way. He today is an Award-Winning Doctor, Best-Selling Author and Global Speaker. He has not only recovered himself but today he helps...


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