The Josh Tolley Show

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Eagan, MN




The Josh Tolley Show is a dynamic shift in the talk radio paradigm. For decades the airwaves have been occupied by broadcasters who are little more than talking heads promoting a certain political agenda, pre-determined bias, and non-impactful hot air. Josh Tolley is setting the media world on its ear by providing a show filled with relevant topics, a blunt and logical approach to issues, with an entertaining and charismatic personality. Not happy with just being another “talking head” Josh Tolley uses this medium as a launching pad to bring truth, logic, reason, and passion back to a world that has lost its heart beat. With topics that span the spectrum from Politics to Business, Relationships to Religion, and Entertainment to Travel, it is easy to see why everyone has something to gain from this show. Combine that with the fact that Josh Tolley is young, charismatic, and truly independent, it is no surprise that there is no other show on the air today that applies to more people. It is easy to see why The Josh Tolley Show has listeners from coast to coast and around the world broadcasting from traditional stations with a combined market size of over 5 million people as well as streaming, podcasting, and smart phone apps from both GCN Radio Networks and Stitcher Broadcasting.







This program will be available tomorrow at 11AM.