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TLTP 018a - Lincoln Christmas Market

It's a brand new year, and we're sending you a post-festive-season gift. It's this month's TWOsday episode of The Last Tuesday Project! This time we're giving you a selection of outtakes and deleted scenes, full of off-topic nonsense and random claptrap. Alex, Hayley, and Shaun get together with Simon, Episode 18's Guest Tuesday. Do you like what we do and want to show your support? Well, you can now give us a helping hand via Patreon! Just go to...

Duration: 00:44:48

TLTP 018 - I See What You're Saying

Merry Tuesday, you filthy animals! Welcome to episode 18 of The Last Tuesday Project! It's Boxing Day in the UK, which is kind of like a second Christmas, so consider this episode our slightly belated Christmas gift to you. Aren't you lucky! This month Alex, Hayley and Shaun are joined by Guest Tuesday Simon. We all surprise each other by vetoing a question on the Placebo Effect and end up talking at great length about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Is there any evidence for it...

Duration: 01:15:16

TLTP 017a - The Front Fell Off

It's TWOsday! It's almost Christmas! HAVE AN EXTRA EPISODE! In this extra episode, we talk to the Old News boys about all sorts of random things. We also talk amongst ourselves about the main topic of Episode 17, plus a little about the current situation in Jerusalem. This month's icon uses an an image of Richard March Hoe's one cylinder printing press, taken from Wikimedia Commons. Do you like what we do and want to show your support? Well, you can now give us a helping hand via...

Duration: 00:58:52

TLTP 017 - Last Tuesday's News

Help! We've been infiltrated by another podcast! This month at The Last Tuesday Project we have the pleasure of being joined by our friends over at the Old News podcast. Russell and David not only act as our joint Dimblebies this month, but also our first Guest Tuesday Dimblebies. Alex, Hayley and Shaun decided to veto a question on the Genome Project and instead ended up with their trickiest research subject yet - a question related to the Orlando shooting in 2016. Our next TWOsday...

Duration: 01:15:17

TLTP 016a - Tribute To The Monster Mash

BOO! Scary, right? Well, prepared to be even more terrified... it's this month's TWOsday episode! This episode contains the irreverent chit-chat you usually find from us, with added Tammy. Enjoy! Count Duckula Mouse Door Little Green Man've Never Heard The Monster Mash....

Duration: 00:38:58

TLTP 016 - Spoopy Tuesday

Prepare yourself for a podcast filled with fright, for 'tis the Hallowe'en special of The Last Tuesday Project! As this episode is out on Hallowe'en, we felt it appropriate to do something a little different, and a little spooky. Hayley is our Dimbleboo!, while Shaun and Alex cower in a corner, and Guest Tuesday Tammy stands with her wooden stake, ready to do whatever she has to. Yes, folks, we're talking vampires! Our next TWOsday episode, Episode 16a, will be released on 14th...

Duration: 01:20:05

TLTP 015a - 240 Characters

Welcome to another TWOsday episode of The Last Tuesday Project! This time we go back to what we're good at - very off-topic descents into the jammiest of rabbit holes. We welcome back Kirioth as a Guest Tuesday, and have a sneak preview of an appearance by Russell and David from the Old News podcast! They'll be along in Episode 17. Do you like what we do and want to show your support? Well, you can now give us a helping hand via Patreon! Just go to...

Duration: 00:39:59

TLTP 015 - Twit

Welcome to a (slightly belated) episode of The Last Tuesday Project! Sorry about the delay, folks. Alex had a bit of a mare with his audio editing software telling him he'd saved stuff when it clearly hadn't. Not that he's bitter or anything... This month is a guest question episode, courtesy of Patreon donor Stephen Douglas. We decided not to talk about whether climate change had any good elements (although we all agreed that it was an interesting topic), which meant that we had the...

Duration: 01:16:27

TLTP 014a - Comet Me Bro

Welcome to another TWOsday episode of The Last Tuesday Project! This time, because we're all currently busy dealing with something called Life, we've put together a selection of outtakes from the last few months. All irreverent, and mostly completely irrelevant to the episodes during which they were recorded. Enjoy! With thanks, as always, to Strong4Life for the use of his music.

Duration: 00:47:28

TLTP 014 - Apocalypse Then

Let me take you on a journey through time, many Tuesdays ago... This month on The Last Tuesday Project we take a closer look at the so-called Dark Ages (more accurately known as the Early Middle Ages). Alex asks Hayley and Shaun to look into something which, on the surface, seems a little ludicrous - did a comet have anything to do with those "Dark" times? In true clickbait style, what we find out may surprise you... We also investigate the origin of the term "Dark Ages", and what...

Duration: 01:08:30

TLTP 013a - 8 4 2 7 6 4 1

Welcome to this month's TWOsday! This extra episode includes some bits cut from the main episode 13, plus a section recorded on Sunday night about our favourite real conspiracies! Do you like what we do and want to show your support? Well, you can now give us a helping hand via Patreon! Just go to If every listener gave us a dollar a month, we will be able to furnish Tuesday Tower with all sorts of hipster paraphernalia, as well as get...

Duration: 01:19:16

TLTP 013 - Numbers Stations

Welcome to our birthday party - this month, The Last Tuesday Project is a year old! And we've decided to give ourselves a birthday present by talking about a subject we're all a little obsessed with... the phenomenon that are numbers stations. Shaun acts as Dimbleby, while Alex and Hayley dig deep into this fascinating and somewhat conspiratorial subject. Alex goes off on one about the nerdy parts of this subject, and Hayley shows her ghoulish side. And, for once, here are the show...

Duration: 01:13:08

TLTP 012A - Eleven Minus

Sit up straight, pay attention, and no talking in the back of the class while Miss is speaking! It's time for this month's TWOsday Project! This time, Hayley plays the part of teacher, effortlessly segueing from strict disciplinarian to 1950s-drunk-on-gin-teacher trope, while Shaun and Alex embarrass ourselves by answering maths questions from an example 11+ exam. We also reprise Episode 12 by talking about Cyril Burt and his influence on the 11+. Do you like what we do and want to...

Duration: 01:12:03

TLTP 012 - Comprehensive Grammar

Done your homework yet? Don't worry, you don't have to. The Last Tuesday Project is here to provide you with its own unique form of education! This month the Dimbleby is you, the listener! Alex, Hayley and Shaun decide to veto a question on women's rights and the two World Wars, which leaves them having to take a closer look at the English grammar school, including the 11+ exam. Speaking of which, our next TWOsday episode will be us taking the 11+ exam! You'll be able to download that...

Duration: 01:12:56

TLTP 011a - Election Special 2017

Welcome to The Last Tuesday Project Election Special! Guest Tuesday Simon takes the reins in this recording, while Alex, Hayley, and Shaun, take a deep-dive into the manifestos of six biggest political parties in the UK: Labour, The Conservatives, The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), The Liberal Democrats, The Green Party, and The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). Note that this is a very long episode - over two hours - but it's packed full of the usual interesting information...

Duration: 02:13:12

TLTP 011 - Mum's Gone To Iceland

Góður dagur og velkominn! It's episode 11 of The Last Tuesday Project, thank Týr! this month we've abandoned the comparatively warm climes of the UK and have shifted our gaze northwards. Alex asked Hayley, Shaun, and Guest Tuesday Tammy, why Icelandic has hardly changed since the Sagas were written in the 11th, 12th and 13th Centuries. With many references to the little known website Whykyperdeea, we talk etymology, migration and invasion. We also discuss whether there are other languages...

Duration: 01:15:29

TLTP 010a - Mental Health Awareness Week

Welcome to TWOsday! Yes, it's the second Tuesday of the month, so here's this month's TLTP extra episode. Episode 10 was on the subject of whether mindfulness meditation works as a treatment for depression. Normally these extra episodes include outtakes from the main episode, plus a little extra discussion loosely based on the topic covered. However, the extra discussion turned out to be not so little. Because of this, we've decided to release that discussion by itself. It's quite a long...

Duration: 01:56:07

TLTP 010 - Mind Your Head

Relax, breathe, be present, and accept the thoughts which enter your mind... while listening to this month's episode of The Last Tuesday Project. Our Guest Tuesday this month is Simon, a rationalist, skeptic, curry fan, and all-round-nice-guy. Also, like Shaun, Hayley, and Alex, has some experience with the theme of this month's episode. As Mental Health Awareness Week is coming up in May, we decided that this month's theme would be mental health. Shaun takes the Dimbleby role whether...

Duration: 01:19:45

TLTP 009a - The Vinyl Solution

Welcome to The Last Tuesday Project's first companion episode! This episode is directly link to March 2017's Episode 9 - The Vinyl Countdown. It includes sections not in the original episode, some of which are related to the subject of vinyl. Other sections... not so much. Subjects covered include: Lost CosmonautsPaul McCartney Avril Lavigne Ponothalassophobia Plus, Tom Eastwood makes an appearance like some sort of hip hop Beetlejuice to give his unique opinion on all things...

Duration: 00:46:42

TLTP 009 - The Vinyl Countdown

Welcome to the new, gripping, thrilling, exciting episode of The Last Tuesday Project. And, vinylly, we can reveal our next topic. But first, we're happy to welcome our first Guest Tuesday! Kirioth runs a YouTube channel dedicated to the delights of video gaming. He was an absolute delight, and we're certain you'll enjoy the episode even more with his added presence. This episode Hayley asks Alex and Kiri whether vinyl really is better than CD. We attempt to put aside our own personal...

Duration: 01:09:18

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