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LYP 060: Why Your Pitch May Not Be Working

You happen to find yourself on an elevator with a person of significance. You have a short amount of time to pitch them what you’re doing in a compelling way. How? Selling an idea in a very clear and concise manner, in a short amount of time, and inspire the person you’re pitching to take action. That, friends, is an elevator pitch. Whether you know that analogy, or this is the first time hearing about it, you’re elevator pitch matters. Good ideas die with bad communication. This episode...

Duration: 00:35:01

LYP 059: Rituals Over Resolutions

SUMMARY: If you're learning to play an instrument, 1 hour of practice over the course of 10 days is much more effective than 10 hours of practice in 1 day. Interesting, right? That's because small steps, consistently taken, over a long amount of time is how humans are wired to learn, grow and change best. Our daily rituals and habits are a key component in helping us do all of those things. They don't need to be two hours long, but they need to be consistent and manageable. On today's...

Duration: 00:25:13

LYP 058: Rocket Fuel: 10 Ways to Launch Your New Year

Happy 2018, launchers! It's a new year, and we're spending today's episode getting practical on ways you can accomplish your goals. Jeff, Shane, David and Kevin are on the podcast sharing advice for starting the year right, questions to ask yourself, and what their personal goals are in 2018 (and how they plan on achieving them). Welcome to episode 58 of The Launch Youniversity Podcast. LINKS + TAKEAWAYS IN OUR FREE PLANNING GUIDE: Don't worry about taking notes today, because we have all...

Duration: 00:30:23

LYP 057: Get It Done in 2018: 13 Ways to Manage Your Time

Welcome back to another episode of the Launch Youniversity Podcast! You have big plans for 2018, but how can you accomplish it all? Today, Shane and David are talking about the techniques they use to manage their day, take care of their to-do lists and achieve their goals. Welcome to episode 57 of The Launch Youniversity Podcast

Duration: 00:27:31

LYP 056: Become a Better Listener: The Framework You Need to Bring Value to Others

Leadership skills can only take you so far if you're not a good listener. A few years ago, Shane began working with a Listening Coach. Through working on his listening skills, he learned that being a good listener is a lot more than just sitting quietly while another person talks. True listening is about helping people self-discover their own solutions. Welcome to Episode 56 of the Launch Youniversity Podcast.

Duration: 00:32:40

LYP 055: Atlanta United's Matt Moore on Launching a Sports Team and Building a Community

If you live in Greater Atlanta, then you've heard of the city's newest sports team: Atlanta United FC. In 2017, it's inaugural year, excitement for the new soccer team completely took over the city of Atlanta. Today on the podcast, Jeff and Shane sit down with Matt Moore, the person behind the successful launch. He's sharing his experiences with us over the last two years of building community buzz, testing content on social media and truly getting to know and connect with your customers....

Duration: 00:42:08

LYP 054: Shane's Ironman: What We can Learn From The Pursuit of a Bucket List Goal

SUMMARY: Do you have a big, bucket list goal? Maybe it's running a marathon or maybe it's starting your own company. Shane wanted to participate in an Ironman Competition: A 2.4 mile ocean swim followed by a 112 mile bike and lastly, running a full 26.2 mile marathon. Participating in a competition of this magnitude isn't something you can just decide to do one day. It takes months of dedicated training. Earlier this month, Shane reached his goal (congratulations, Shane!) and today David...

Duration: 00:22:02

LYP 053: The Best of Launch Youniversity 2017 Pt.1

SUMMARY: It's been a great year of interviews and conversations here at Launch Youniversity! As you begin to wrap up your year, here are a few of our favorites about community, branding, and scaling. Welcome to Episode 53 of the Launch Youniversity Podcast LINKS + RESOURCES: Clay Scroggins' Full Episode Eryn Eddy's Full Episode Shane and David's Full Episode Jan Smith's Full Episode Justin Miller's Full Episode TAKEAWAYS: Clay Scroggins on Thinking Critically Critical thinking...

Duration: 00:27:59

LYP 052: Get More Done: Time Management Tips You Need Today with David and Shane

Welcome back to another episode of the Launch Youniversity Podcast! Today, Shane and David are talking about the techniques they use to manage their day, take care of their to-do lists and achieve their goals. If you've ever thought about all the things you want to accomplish and thought "How will I ever get this done?" then this episode is for you.

Duration: 00:27:31

LYP 051: Telling a Greater Story with Sam Collier

SUMMARY: Sam is an expert launcher, communicator, and radio host. Today, he's sitting down with Jeff to have a conversation about taking leaps of faith, following your calling and telling a greater story. Welcome to episode 51 of The Launch Youniversity Podcast.

Duration: 00:34:15

LYP 050: Carey Nieuwhof's Tips on Launching, Growing and Mastering Your Schedule For Good

SUMMARY: This episode originally aired on 01/26/2017 This week, Launch Youniversity is honored to be joined by Carey Nieuwhof. Carey is someone who people might look at and think "how does he do it all? ". Carey serves as a Senior Pastor at Connexus Church in Toronto. He has a blog with several million readers. He writes and publishes books. He has a top leadership podcast with millions of downloads. And. last year he launched an online course called The High Impact Leader. But the thing...

Duration: 00:28:33

LYP 049: When Mission and Good Business Collide: Brian Preston of Lamon Luther

Can you be mission-focused but also profit-focused? Yes, and Lamon Luther is a really good example of it. When Brian Preston found himself wanting to help people who needed jobs, he realized that the best way to do that was to grow a healthy, profitable business. Brian is passionate about his mission, but in order to stay on mission... he has to stay in business. On today's podcast, he shares his fascinating story and lessons he's learned for any launcher looking to make a difference....

Duration: 00:37:25

LYP 048: What Does It Take to Go All-In on Your Dream? Bryan and Shannon Miles of Belay Solutions

SUMMARY: You've heard the phrase before: high risk, high reward. Bryan and Shannon Miles of Belay Solutions are walking examples of that. As new parents in the middle of a recession, they decided to go all-in on a new-concept business. Now, seven years later, Belay Solutions leading the pack when it comes to virtual staffing. How did they start? How have they grown it? What tools have helped them along the way? Today on episode 48 of The Launch Youniversity Podcast. LINKS +...

Duration: 00:37:38

LYP 047: Make Your Idea Happen: Lessons and Best Practices From the Team

Having the right ideas is the fun (and easy!) part. Putting those into action is where the hard work starts. David, Jeff and Kevin are on the podcast today talking about the lessons and best practices that have helped them move their ideas and dreams into plans, and those plans into action. Welcome to episode 47 of the podcast.

Duration: 00:35:01

LYP 046: How to Get Unstuck When You're Stalled

SUMMARY: For launchers and go-getters, the hustle of getting projects going is fun and energizing. But we can't keep going at a launch pace for forever (even computers need to be shut down and restarted every now and then.) Jeff, David and Kevin are on the podcast today to talk about how to get unstuck and refueled when you need a boost. Sometimes it's rest, sometimes it's tapping into your resources, and sometimes it's simply giving yourself a new lens to look at like through. Welcome...

Duration: 00:40:10

LYP 045: Courage, Vision and Listening to Your Inner Voice with Garrett Gravesen and Kevin Scott of ADDO

If you’re waiting for permission to make a do something (like launching that passion project, pushing back on the status quo at work or even chasing that dream you can’t shake from your mind) then this episode is for you. And we don’t say that lightly. Kevin Scott and Garrett Gravesen of ADDO join Shane for a candid and inspiring conversation about listening to your inner voice, staying clear on vision and what ten seconds of insane courage could look like. It’s an episode you absolutely...

Duration: 00:32:43

LYP 044: Launching Customer Experiences and Dreaming Big with Billy Boughey of Elevate Live Events

To elevate means "to lift." And that's what Billy Boughley is an expert at. Sometimes it's lifting the brand of a client. Other times, it's lifting up his team by fostering a healthy culture. And often, it's looking at what's trending in the world right now (spoiler alert: it's robots) and finding innovative ways to incorporate it into an experience. Billy is the founder of Elevate Live Events, a creative event agency based in greater Atlanta. The vision of Elevate is to help people and...

Duration: 00:34:04

LYP 043: Timeless Leadership In a Changing World with Tim Elmore

SUMMARY: Do you have an idea inside of you that you think would really work, but you need the push to make it a reality? Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders, was the same. He had an idea for a nonprofit that would equip young adults with leadership skills. Today, over a decade after launching, Tim is joining Jeff on the podcast. They discuss the what it look to launch, what working with young leaders has taught him, and how Growing Leaders intentionally tries to march off the map...

Duration: 00:34:15

LYP 042: Lessons From Pixar Animation Studios

SUMMARY: From Buzz Lightyear's "To infinity and beyond!" to Dory's "Just keep swimming" and Ellie's heart-string-tugging "Adventure is out there!"—there's no debate on how impactful and influential Pixar has been over the last couple of decades. When Jeff was in California, he had the opportunity to tour the creative powerhouse and is sharing his lessons with us on today's podcast.

Duration: 00:22:43

LYP 041: How to Lead When You're Not In Charge with Clay Scroggins

SUMMARY: Can you lead if you're not the person in charge? Clay Scroggins thinks so and he's joining Jeff and Shane on today's episode to tell you why. Whether you own your own business or work within an organization, Clay is sharing his valuable wisdom on leveraging influence, thinking critically and launching yourself and your products into the market. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do. Clay Scroggins Clay is the author of the new book: How To Lead When Your Not In...

Duration: 00:33:33

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