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Let's go for a Ride!

Let's go for a Ride!
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Let's go for a Ride!




S3E1: Bombshell

The Lift returns for Season 3 with a tale by returning author, Scarlett R. Algee. Caught stealing from his boss, Harry’s in big trouble, and one thing he doesn’t have is time on his hands. But someone’s willing to help save him from himself. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber Collins Main Narration / Harry: Mike DelGaudio Conrad: Nelson W. Pyles Tom: Daniel Foytik Art: Jeanette Andromeda Score: Nico Vettese Now more than ever, we need your support to keep the episodes coming – the...


S2E20 Victorias Gift 192

Victoria, full of the spirit of the season, has a special gift for her "uncle", The Librarian. While Christmas Eve is the anniversary of a very traumatic event for The Librarian, Victoria is confident that a special gift she's had made by her friend, Nicola Tesla, will delight her uncle. What happens when two very different forces are brought together in one place? Strap in for a dark ride in this year's season finale of The Lift, an epic crossover with The Wicked Library's agent of...


S2E19: Non-Binary

Set far, far in The Lift's future, Victoria meets a unique visitor who is able to see The Building the same way she does, but the same qualities that allow for that special perspective could also mean a tragic end. See what the future holds as we go for a special ride on what is no mere elevator. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber Collins Main Narration / Dr. Schöpher: Daniel Foytik Michael / Harry: David Ault Michael / Victoria: Erika Sanderson Art: Daniel Foytik Score: Nico...


S2E18: The Posies Velvet

Today’s episode of the Lift is written by returning author, the talented Brooke Warra. It’s Halloween, and Victoria is about to have a special visitor who she’s known for a long time and who is full of stories. A haunting tale, sad, sweet, and perhaps a bit spooky as well. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes / Justice: Amber Collins Storyteller: Cynthia Lowman Art: Daniel Foytik | Score: Nico Vettese The Lift is a proud member of the Dark Myths Collective and the Society 13 Podcast...


S2E17: The Future Behind

Today’s episode of the Lift is written by Tony Sarrecchia of the Harry Strange Radio Drama! When brothers Will and Jimmy pull a dangerous job, and are in need of assistance to treat Will's injury, they find their way to a certain building where Victoria waits. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber Collins Main Narration / male vocals: Daniel Foytik Female Guard: Cynthia Lowman Score: Nico Vettese Mentioned in today's episode: Sudio Sweden Headphones:...


S2E16: The Tin Heart

Today’s episode of the Lift is written by returning author, Brooke Warra. On a lonely night when she’s unable to sleep, Victoria’s Music box reveals a secret story of another music box similar to her own. Hear the story of a man whose name meant sadness. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Niespodzianski


S2E15: A Writer's Journal

Today's episode was written by Daniel Foytik. This week, we share entries from the journal of a mysterious writer trapped in the building. He tries to understand his purpose, why he remains in the very odd twisted reality of the building, and his coming choice. Previously only available on Patreon, Volume 1 is now ready for all to consider. Stay tuned for the next part of Season 2, only weeks away. Future entries from The Writer's Journal will be found on Patreon. A 9th Story...


S2E14: A Red Ring for a Winter's Eve

Today’s episode was written by the amazing Gwendolyn Kiste! After her popular best friend Maggie is killed in an accident, wallflower Annora must contend with her own grief as well as her guilt and invisibility at being the one left behind. But when, in a moment of weakness and anger, she pilfers something that belonged to Maggie, Annora soon learns that there are far worse places to be than at a funeral as she comes face to face with Victoria—and the embodiment of everything that haunts...


S2E13: Scars

Today's episode was written by the talented Jon Grilz of Creepy and Small Town Horror! Kurt is a fighter who's spent a long time in the ring and his career is nearing it's end - whether he wants to see that or not. He's made questionable choices in his pursuit to become a legend in the ring, but when he finds his way to a certain Building and and meets a certain little girl named Victoria, he's given a chance to change his path. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins,...


S2E12: Slipping Away

On a lonely night after a long day of seeing patients, a psychiatrist has his nightly rituals interrupted by a certain little girl who understands more about his inner workings than he would expect from a “strangely dressed child.” He is made to face himself, who he is, and the haunted past he’s ignored for three years. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Niespodzianski


S2E10: Brimstone

Trying to make up for her impoverished upbringing, Susan preys upon the people who trust her most. What she doesn’t realize is there are things even the dead don’t forget. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Niespodzianski


S2E9: Redemption

Tina awakens in a strange building, feeling lost and confused, with no memory of what happened prior. It’s not long before she encounters Victoria and goes for a very dark ride that will reveal her shameful secret and might just lead to redemption. Written by Diane Student of the History Goes Bump Podcast A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Niespodzianski


S2E8: All Songs End on a Sour Note

There is only the song, the room, and the woman who makes the prisoner call her “Mom.” It’s been years since the captive girl saw her real parents, but today’s her birthday, and “Mom” has promised to take her out. This is her chance. With the help of a strange child named Victoria, the girl fights to be reunited with her family. But not all reunions are sweet, and not all captives are as innocent as they seem. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Niespodzianski


S2E7: Take a Bow

A young woman with aspirations to be a great pianist is forced to confront her deepest fears – ones that, after a ride on the Lift, become more real than she had ever imagined. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Niespodzianski


S2E6: The Box

A man drowns himself in alcohol because he’s given up all of his own hopes and dreams for his wife and children. Victoria makes him choose to take care of his own needs or to continue to be used by his family through a harsh lesson where it’s him or them. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Niespodzianski


S2E5: The Ice that Giveth, The Ice that Taketh Away

A wealthy adrenaline junkie is carrying around a heavy burden about the friends he left for death on the side of the mountain – a guilt he’s decided he can no longer live with. Victoria grants him a chance to take another look at those events that might give him a different perspective. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins, Niespodzianski


S2E4:The Promise

Victoria finds a strange visitor in her building – one she wasn’t expecting, but one who arrives to fill a promise from very long ago. Spend Christmas with Victoria as she is presented with a puzzle, an opportunity (in the form of a very difficult choice), and gets a very special surprise. But is the offer too good to be true? A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins


S2E3: Raison D'etre

Victoria begins to question not only her existence but her purpose. Fortunately for her, there is someone else who can not only sympathize, but can help guide her through this particularly rough time in her unlife. In this first ever crossover, the worlds of The Lift and The Wicked Library collide in a surprisingly uplifting episode about choices. This episode is simulcast as episode 707 of The Wicked Library. The version found on The Wicked Library also includes an interview with the...


S2E2: Nine Ways to Die

Picking up after "Plummet" and "Broken", we follow Victoria as she adapts to her new role, and explores the contents of her mysterious library. When she is led by her music box to a special collection of journals, she finds a way to reconnect with her father who was lost when The Building fractured reality. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins


S2E1: The Lost Library

An Edwardian era writer must decide whether to marry a good man she doesn’t truly love or pursue her writing dream, helped by a visit to Victoria’s mysterious library of books from the past, present, and possible futures. A 9th Story Studios Production | Foytik, Lowman, Collins


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