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Help Wanted - A Great Mentor

We all need a Yoda, Mr. Miyagi or Oprah Winfrey if we want to be successful, maintain our success or become the best version of ourselves. Mentors are the people who can get us there. They give “Been there. Done that” advice that truly counts, point out our weaknesses and guide us towards the right path. All so we can be better. Who doesn’t want that? On this episode, I sat down with Kyle Jacobsen, Director of Product for Teem. You'll hear: - Why mentors are important - Where you can...

Duration: 00:16:50

The Journey of Work

On this episode I sat down with Larry Cornett, Ph.D. and we talked about his work journey. Larry started his career at IBM and then moved over to Apple, while finishing his dissertation for a Ph.D. in psychology from Rice University. He tells an epic story about Steve Jobs, who had just returned to the helm of the iconic brand. It’s pretty classic. He continues his career at other great companies in Silicon Valley, including eBay and Yahoo where he was promoted 7 times in 7 years,...

Duration: 00:31:35

You'll Never Guess the Real Reason Most Businesses Fail

Robert "Bob" Bethel has rescued 77 businesses across a dozen industries, so has "been there, done that." Without fail, he has seen the same mistakes over and over again. Now, he's on a mission to help businesses get off to the right start and stay in business. Bob shares stories of businesses he has saved from the brink of total failure and tells his own story of failure and triumph. You'll learn: - Why businesses fail - How to learn from failure - What founders can do to set their...

Duration: 00:31:22

Why A Bad Employee Experience Will Make You Lose

On this episode you’ll meet Jacob Morgan, a futurist and best-selling author who is a world authority on the employee experience and future of work. He and I chat about the research he conducted for his latest book, The Employee Experience Advantage. In particular, we talk about the 3 major components of the employee experience: Physical SpaceTechnology ToolsCorporate Culture It was refreshing to hear insights directly from the person who studied some of the top organizations in the...

Duration: 00:29:57

5 Secrets That Will Make You A Better Leader

Jody Bailey is the Chief Technology Officer for tech unicorn PluralSight. Throughout his career he has built highly-engaged, award-winning dev organizations. In this episode, you'll learn why he coaches his team to manage 20 direct reports and how they do it successfully.

Duration: 00:32:49

Building Brilliant & Distributed Teams

Christina Sass is the co-founder and President of Andela. A tech start-up, backed by Mark Zuckerberg, that's out to prove brilliance is evenly distributed. On this episode, we talk about why she decided to launch a tech start-up in Africa and how the Andela team is disrupting tech talent.

Duration: 00:31:30

The Most Brilliant Career Advice You'll Ever Hear

What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas is one of the top slogans of all-time and today's guest was part of the team who helped promote the campaign. Miranda Barnard, Vice President of Content Development for Children's Miracle Network, talks about her journey from Vegas to becoming a young executive for one of the top non-profits and gives the best career advice you will hear.

Duration: 00:31:03

Empathy, Bias & the Google Anti-Diversity Memo

What You Can Learn About the Google Anti-Diversity Memo. This episode is about the Google anti-diversity manifesto, empathy, bias and how you can transform to at least be happier at work. I interviewed author and leadership consultant, Gayle Van Gils. She is a certified instructor of Google’s Search Inside Yourself mindfulness and emotional intelligence training. Her new book Happier at work is a practical guide for developing collaboration, compassion, and resilience.

Duration: 00:26:19

Think Like A Futurist

To stay ahead of the game, leaders must peak into the future and make changes today to deal with the challenges of tomorrow. Today we’re going to think like futurists with Dr. Bob Johansen. Distinguished Fellow at the institute for the future. He is a keynote speaker and widely published author, penning the Reciprocity Advantage and Get There Early: Sensing the Future to Compete in the Present., his new book The New Leadership Literacies Thriving in a Future of Extreme Disruption and...

Duration: 00:27:39

Why You're Failing at Employee Engagement

On this episode, Dudley Slater (Founder and Former CEO of Integra Telecom) stops by to talk about some of the leadership mistakes he made in his career and a particular behavior that nearly forced a high-performing senior executive to quit. We discuss employee engagement, who he thinks is responsible for the dismal stats and what leaders can do to create fusion with their team and to turn the tide on employee engagement. Don't forget to subscribe to the show!

Duration: 00:25:53

Why Marketing Leaders Are the First to Get Fired

In this episode, I spoke with Thomas Barta, marketing leadership expert and co-author of The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader. Interesting fact: the marketing leadership research they conducted for the book was the largest of it's kind. He and I had a chance to talk about why marketing executives are typically the first to be fired and what they can do to turn the tide.

Duration: 00:30:31

How A Hard Lesson in Accountability Can Make You A Stellar Leader

This episode is about being accountability. I sat down with Q. Wade Billings, VP of Technology Services at Instructure. We had a great conversation that lasted well over an hour. We discussed his love of the craft (computers), the movie War Games, cybersecurity, building a true DevOps organization and one of the moments that helped forge him into the leader he is today. His journey into engineering leadership is pretty epic and probably one that any new leader (regardless of...

Duration: 00:21:17


Coming 8/22: I’m KC Jorgensen, host of The Manila Folder. Each week I interview founders, CEOs, executives and other experts on what it takes to succeed in the corporate world. Learn what it takes to be a better boss by hearing the failures and triumphs of today's top leaders. Subscribe Today!

Duration: 00:01:55