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The Mash-Up Americans is your guide to hyphen-America. Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer talk culture, identity, and what makes us who we are. Get to know yourself, America. Get more at and on Facebook and Twitter.

The Mash-Up Americans is your guide to hyphen-America. Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer talk culture, identity, and what makes us who we are. Get to know yourself, America. Get more at and on Facebook and Twitter.
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The Mash-Up Americans is your guide to hyphen-America. Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer talk culture, identity, and what makes us who we are. Get to know yourself, America. Get more at and on Facebook and Twitter.




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Dear Mash-Up America: Parenting Edition

This week on The Mash-Up Americans: Whether you are a parent, think you might want to be, or just want the best for the next generation, here are the questions that tear at us as we do our best to raise our many-hyphened kids. After our conversation last month on Raising Generation Mash-Up, you all sent us so many thoughtful, piercing questions on mash-up parenting. Today we're diving in. Joining Amy and Rebecca on the podcast to answer your questions is Matt Sayles, a celebrated...

Duration: 00:31:54

Reprise: What Is Your Bubbemeise?

We're re-sharing our episode with the fantastic author, chef, historian, and mensch Michael Twitty about bubbemeises. Call them old wives tales, call them folk wisdom, call them what you will, we're not ignoring them anytime soon. We'll hear from: a bevy of past guests on their bubbemeise; The Angry Asian Man, Phil Yu, and his lovely wife, Joanna Lee, about how honoring the traditions of their ancestors made their first year of parenthood easier to endure, and more meaningful, too; and...

Duration: 00:26:38

Time To Move On

It's that time of year. Time for New Year's resolutions (or not), forgiveness, and moving ahead. 2017 has been a reckoning for all of us — an examination of who and what we fight for, and why. We've looked deeply at ourselves and sat in the uncomfortable acknowledgement that maybe we could have done more. And as we push the world to change, to do better and be better, we're also pushing ourselves. But what's the best way to do that? Joining Amy and Rebecca on the podcast today is Kristen...

Duration: 00:30:57

Raising Generation Mash-Up

Welcome to the third and final installation of our Mash-Up journey: raising our kids. In some ways, we've been working on this episode for the entire lifespan of The Mash-Up Americans. Where do we come from? Where are we going? How do we do raise our children with love, and care, and with a deep love of their mashiness? Amy and Rebecca are joined today by Rumaan Alam, first-generation Bengali American, novelist and essayist on parenting in transracial adoptions; and Christine Gross-Loh,...

Duration: 00:42:23

Finding Our People

Part 2 of our Mash-Up journey: Finding Our People. Is it possible to say enough about how important it is to find your tribe? To be with people who you feel truly understand you? On this episode, Amy and Rebecca open up a little window into their lives and introduce you, dear listener, to their people. Rebecca talks with her sister-from-another-mister, Daniela Gesundheit, a Latin Jew, musician, one half of the group Snowblink; and Amy sits down with two of her three soulmates: Alix Steel,...

Duration: 00:31:50

Enemy Territory

What happens when the country you live in sees the country your family is from as the enemy? With actor/comedian Maz Jobrani and chef/author Bonnie Frumkin Morales.

Duration: 00:29:13

Dear Mash-up America: Holiday Etiquette Edition

Holidays are here, bringing soooo many questions. This week, Amy and Rebecca play advice columnists with a special guest to answer your holiday etiquette questions.

Duration: 00:29:51

What's for San Giving?

The Mash-up Americans explore San Giving—or if you must, Thanksgiving—through what's on and who is around the table. Amy and Rebecca talk with fellow Mash-up and chef Francis Lam of The Splendid Table, and eavesdrop on tea with writer Nishta Mehra and her mom, Veena. Dig in for one very yummy episode.

Duration: 00:26:34

Live in New York: Let's Talk About Sex

You know there's no Mash-Up without a little mashing up, right? We dive into some of our favorite topics: Sex! Dating! Relationships! And we did it live, onstage at WNYC's The Greene Space in New York. Scandalous. With Ti Chang, Maeve Higgins, Sopan Deb, Tobin Low, and Travon Free.

Duration: 01:13:24

Therapy Is Not a Dirty Word

A signature quality of Mash-Ups? Our perseverance and our resilience. But we want more than to just survive. We want to thrive. Enter: Prioritizing our mental health. Guests this week: Nora McInerney of Terrible, Thanks for Asking and Kulap Vilaysack of Bajillion Dollar Properties and the forthcoming documentary, Origin Story.

Duration: 00:32:05

The Secret Lives of Our Immigrant Parents

New season, new sound. With more questions, more laughs, and more tears! We are so excited to share with you the very first episode of our new season. And today, we're talking about immigration. Specifically, our immigrant parents. We visit with Mexican-American Mash-Up Brenda Gonzalez, a formerly undocumented student and now civil rights advocate with UnidosUS and host of The Tamarindo Podcast. She shares her coming to America story and the impossible choice her parents made to bring her...

Duration: 00:39:42

You’re Gonna Marry Who?

Mash-Up relationships and marriages are always tricky (Two cultures! Two religions! Two ethnicities! We’re already dizzy) so we’re calling in the experts on this one. We talk with Nigerian-American Anthonia Akitunde, founder of Mater Mea, about her challenges planning her mash-up wedding to her white, Jewish fiance. And we bring in wedding planner Rebecca Pfiffner for expert advice on how to handle a wedding, and marriage, when relationships and cultures and families can clash.

Duration: 00:32:47

Lena Waithe On Being An Artist In The Time Of Trump

Lena Waithe, aka the coolest girl in LA, sat down with Amy and Rebecca to chat about the role of the artist in turbulent times, what it was like explaining "redbones" to Aziz Ansari on "Master of None," and the importance of a lesbian manicure.

Duration: 00:30:31

What Year Is This Again?

Mash-Up HQ’s resolutions for 2017: Be with more people IRL! Don’t do shit we don’t want to do! And, with the guidance of our guest Dr. Mindy Fullilove, a research psychiatrist and expert in collective trauma and our collective consciousness, we’re gonna orient ourselves to our new political reality, clarify our values, and organize with our communities. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Bring it, 2017.

Duration: 00:30:59