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5 Things To Know For 2018 Enrollment Podcast

In this Podcast I give a quick breakdown of 5 Fast facts that will have anyone have a successful enrollment for the 2018 Medicare season. Keep it quick, keep it simple, and if all else fails call us at 800-708-5810. The post 5 Things To Know For 2018 Enrollment Podcast appeared first on National Senior Savings.

Linda Abbit: The Conscious Caregiver

Who Is Linda Abbit? Linda Abbit is a baby boomer and family caregiver with more than twenty years of hands-on experience. She is founder of Tender Loving Eldercare, an online community that provides coaching, support, and inspiration for family caregivers. Linda believes caregivers benefit greatly by practicing self-care daily. She holds a Master’s degree in Education, worked in the eldercare industry, and volunteered as a support group leader for her local branch of the Alzheimer’s...

Old and Sick in America: the Journey through the Health Care System. Dr. Muriel Gillick

Old and Sick in America: the Journey through the Health Care System I begin where most patients begin their health care journey, with a visit to the doctor. For the majority of older individuals, this means seeing a primary care physician, usually an internist or a family practitioner, in an office setting, so Part I is concerned with care in the office. Chapter 1 focuses on the specific experience of a particular patient—my father-in-law, Saul. What it was like for him, sometimes...

Do I Need Part B and How To Get The Premium Paid For You

Everyday Millions of Medicare Recipients are not using a benefit they are entitled to. Up to 85% of all individuals qualified to have the government pay their Part B premium are not taking advantage of this little known benefit. Apply today and get as much as $1600 back as an individual and $3200 as a married couple. That is right, real money back in your account. Think of the home repairs, vacations, or pay off some bills you could do with that cash if you qualify. We tell you how and...

Medicare 101: Back to School

Everyone has to start somewhere when enrolling in Medicare. By the time you sort through all of the mail you receive when you turn 65 and decide what is relevant to you, you will be on the verge of turning 70. Knowing what a challenging time you will have is why we decided to make this Podcast at The Medicare Minute. We sum up everything you need to know in a 45 minutes Podcast. You can also watch the video on YouTube. Medicare is not that hard and our job is to help you understand so you...

The Medicare Minute Inaugural Enroll In Medicare

Welcome to the inaugural Podcast from our channel The Medicare Minute. In this first Podcast I introduce myself followed by how to initially enroll in Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D. We discuss what options are available to you for co-insurance. We discuss the penalty for failing to enroll in Part B and Part D. We tell you the best place to find your drug plan and how different drug plans are tailored to each individual depending on the medications you take. The post The Medicare...