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11 - 22 - 17. 2 Decide Between 2 Great Women

Finding 1 great woman seems like winning the lottery. Then, when you have 1, it seems like you’re a chick magnet, and this new woman comes along. It’s fine to date a few people when it’s casual, but what do you do when you’ve got 2 great women who could both potentially be long-term girlfriends or even wives? Time to choose...

Duration: 00:52:47

11 - 15 - 17. Dating. Appeal To Her Emotions.

11 - 15 - 17. Dating. Appeal To Her Emotions. by Linda Gross

Duration: 00:52:50

11 - 8-17. Stealthing. Pregnant Without Consent

11 - 8-17. Stealthing. Pregnant Without Consent by Linda Gross

Duration: 00:52:45

11 - 1-17. Toxic Masculinity

11 - 1-17. Toxic Masculinity by Linda Gross

Duration: 00:52:37

10 - 25 - 17. #metoo #mentoo. The Secrets Of Male Pedophilia.

Have shame and fear of contempt kept you to from speaking about your predator? Did worry about losing your job prevent you from filing a report with HR? Was it hard to buck up against someone who has status or power over you? Let’s talk about why this topic stays in the closet.

Duration: 00:52:49

10 - 18 - 17. Hi, My Name Is Jackie. The World Of Sex Dolls

Artificial Intelligence dolls are revolutionizing men’s sexual encounters. She is programmed to create an engaging simulation of a relationship. The more she learns about you, the more she’ll transform into your dream girl.

Duration: 00:52:51

10 - 11 - 17. Cheap Sex. Why Men No Longer Marry

Is commitment devalued? Are sex dolls with artificial intelligence a favorable alternative? Do an endless stream of girls throwing themselves at you distract you from marriage? Why marry? Indeed!

Duration: 00:52:48

10 - 4-17. Is Marriage Dead

Is marriage just not a fair proposition for today's men? Do men have way more options to get involved with someone today than his father's generation? Let's find out.

Duration: 00:52:47

9 - 27 - 17. How To Adult. Time To Grow The F up.

Guest: John Kim, LMFT You don’t just become an adult when you turn 18. Adulting is a process. Do you ever notice that when you encounter resistance or a trigger, we snap right back into childhood? Do we get stuck in old behaviors, not because they work, but rather because it’s a familiar, old habit? Learn how to break the cycle and grow up! Book: The Angry Therapist, my code>>

Duration: 00:52:48

9 - 20 - 17. The Father Effect

Guest: John Finch, author and filmmaker Ever wonder why you're so ANGRY? Ever wonder why you have to numb yourself with drugs or alcohol? Did you think you would never amount to anything? Tune in with my guest today, John Finch, author and filmmaker of this powerful subject. Download Movie: Book:

Duration: 00:52:51

9 - 13 - 17. Ghosting. The Art Of Hiding

The Art of Hiding, going invisible on someone you’re dating. Did your date seem really into you then suddenly disappear? Did your date cancel plans with little or no notice? Why is everyone so disrespectful these days? Is there a kinder, gentler way of handling a breakup?

Duration: 00:52:50

9 - 6-17. Foodie Call

9 - 6-17. Foodie Call by Linda Gross

Duration: 00:52:08

8 - 30 - 17. Manterrupting Defined

Is this a new thing or have men been encouraged to speak up and speak out for a long time? Is there a gender bias when it comes to speaking? Let’s find out.

Duration: 00:52:52

8 - 23 - 17. Mansplaining Defined

Mansplaining Defined and other man-hate words. Have these behaviors existed for a very long time? Of course, but now they have been given a negative connotation. Do women display some of these same behaviors? Of course, but they are exempt from anything unkind. How does this sit with you?

Duration: 00:52:01

8 - 1-17. Thanks To Linda Gross. Joe Jones.

Host: Joe Jones Joe thanks Linda for being on her show. Listen to the original show here:

Duration: 00:07:58

8 - 16 - 17. Bad Boys Get More Dates

Are you sitting around waiting for Miss Perfect? All the while, you haven’t been laid in years? Ever wonder why the bad boys get dates and laid plenty? Do they have qualities that you lack? Find out how you can up your game.

Duration: 00:52:44

8 - 9-17. Get Back In The Truck

Guest: Attorney, Michael W. Brown Michelle Carter sent her internet boyfriend text messages encouraging him to continue with his suicide. Carter was sentenced to 15 months in prison for involuntary manslaughter (pending final sentencing). Should she be put away because of a text message? Was he going to go through with it, as he had done before, regardless of her actions? This case is buzzing as everyone has an opinion.

Duration: 00:52:14

7 - 26 - 17. Divorce. Before, During, And After.

Guest: Joe Jones Is there a right time to file for divorce? What documents should you have prepared? Should you stay in the home? How to handle your children's emotional issues around the divorce. Court orders? What are HER motives for filing an order? This and more. consulting:

Duration: 00:52:45

7 - 19 - 17. Unbreakable. From Cult to Motivational Speaker

Guest: Manny Wolfe From being in a CULT to Unbreakable strength, you need to listen to how my guest Manny went from being hopeless, homeless, and nearly dead to the powerhouse he is today. Tune in to hear how his story can affect YOUR life.

Duration: 00:52:51

7-14-17. Phil Hulett. Why Bad Boys?

Host: Phil Hulett and Friends DT: "It's not that women love jerks and the bad boys. It's because, these days, it seems, the only men who have confidence are those guys." Why men love bad boys...and more. You have got to listen to this fast-paced run-down on how women think.

Duration: 00:17:44

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