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It is the most entertaining and informative show in Cleveland Radio. Mike talks about sports and much more. Whether he’s tackling an issue with tongue in cheek humor or being serious…you never know what Mike might say. The show includes news at the top and bottom of the hour and Skychief traffic reports every ten minutes on the tens.




Messing with Siri. Mike DeWine in studio

Indians get swept. Triv has to remind himself that baseball is like a fine dining experience. iPads and Siri will soon be the only thing on talk radio. Sethell has some fun with Siri. Attorney General Mike DeWine announces his gubernatorial campaign and stops by to talk drugs and jobs. Triv's trade school rant.

Duration: 01:42:04

Open Lines. P-ville dog

Open Lines America with Glenn and Beebs. Tribe is rolling. Scott Taylor on his new gig in D.C. and the Seth Rich investigation. Painesville officer disciplined for kicking a dying dog. Why was Otto Warmbier in N. Korea? Terry Francona from Progressive Field.

Duration: 01:41:31

Tribe is rolling. Tony Madalone

Another win for the Indians. What one store would you rob? Sorry, burglarize. Tony Madalone is running for mayor. Is he crazy? Does he have a chance? Another frightening look inside Cleveland politics. Donald Trump doesn't want a poor person running the economy. Do you? That's like having Seth as your life coach.

Duration: 01:43:29

Tomlin, LeBron and St. Ignatius

What to do with Tomlin? Remember last Fall. Why don't NBA teams want to get better throughout the season? Why is the solution always to get another superstar? It's sad. St. Ignatius in turmoil after two longtime theology teachers are non-tendered. Are battles between traditional Catholic doctrine and social justice playing out everywhere?

Duration: 01:39:39

Griffin out, Indians stay hot

David Griffin no longer GM, what's the fallout? How can anyone say the Cavs are the best organization in town? The Indians keep rolling. A look at Tv ratings. Zack Reed on violence from the neighborhoods spilling into downtown. Andre Knott from Baltimore for more Tribe talk.

Duration: 01:33:50

Tribe sweep. 4,000 homeless kids

Indians roll through Twins, but it's a long season. Is it possible that 4,000 students at CMSD are homeless? Does anyone want to address the root cause? Tragedy at Put-in-Bay. Rain in Cleveland, rain in Baltimore. What's coming up next if the Indians are delayed? Triv drives Camino crazy.

Duration: 01:36:47

Trump in Miami. Stormin' Norman

Trump rolls back Cuba deal and tells an incredible story. Career politicians and the lucrative drug trade. Triv doesn't want any new friends. Stormin' Norman blows the lid off everything. Protect the borders.Triv. Or something. Terry Francona live from Minnesota before a big series with the Twins.

Duration: 01:34:53

Tribe wins. Shooting aftermath

Indians avoid the sweep. Strange series against the Dodgers. That's baseball. Triv is happy that he was out yesterday. So is everyone else. Time to abolish political parties? It takes 2 out of 3 commissioners, so why did Dimora get pinched? Hate crimes and the death penalty.

Duration: 00:41:59

Congressional Republicans shot

James Hodgkinson shoots Republicans at baseball practice. Gun control, social media monitoring and the toxic environment of politics currently. The echo chamber and hysterical reaction every day on the left convinced the shooter that he was the sane one. FBI provides an update. Seth is a radio genius.

Duration: 01:44:04

Arrest in double murder. Cavs are done

Councilman Mike Polensek on the arrest in the car dealership murders. Cavs ousted in five games. Fans, media and LeBron need to stop being hypocrites. It's hot. People want to joke about it. Legerski on the tank show at the I-X Center. Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw in town. What about the weather? Andre Knott and crew from Progressive Field.

Duration: 01:35:37

Game 5 tonight. Seth's AC is out

Fries can kill you. But they're delicious, so let's rank them. The Cavs song is back, which guarantees victory. Mayor Jackson's grandson arrested and indicted on weapons charges. Seth's AC in his car is out again, just in time for 90 degree temperatures. Grandparents shouldn't watch your kids, apparently. John Michael from Oakland. Nick Camino and Hayden Grove from The Q watch party.

Duration: 01:43:59

Cavs down 3-0. Comey testimony

Where is Tristan Thompson? Is there more to it than meets the eye? Nick Camino has had a rough week with geography and sports takes. Triv and Seth as plants. Literal plants. The Comey testimony was a dog and pony show. How did the U.S. end up with a weak leader at the FBI. Camino shows up to defend himself, kind of. Confident or competent? We watch sports to see something we've never seen before.

Duration: 01:31:17

D-Day Remembered. Tribe in Colorado

That Ragged Old Flag and war stories start us off. Triv and the callers reminisce about the greatest generation. Do they teach it in school anymore? A new idea for Olivia and Seth to make money for charity. Olivia isn't pleased. Indians bench coach Brad Mills and dugout reporter Andre Knott from Colorado.

Duration: 01:31:20

Cavs in trouble. Translating a service employee

Cavs go down 2-0 to Warriors. Triv says only Golden State can beat themselves. Seth didn't go to church. What did the service employee say to Triv?? The answer might surprise you. Do heroin addicts care about their infant children? A tragic case in Akron.

Duration: 01:38:24

Cavs lose. Seth is Michael Stanley

Cavs fall to Warriors in Game 1. Some lady somehow thought Seth was Michael Stanley. Attorney General Mike DeWine on suing drug companies over the opioid crisis. Is it time to just legalize drugs? Terry Francona live from Kansas City on Indians-Royals. What will Nick Camino talk about after Triv gave out the final score?

Duration: 01:41:22

Indians win. A's are bad. LeBron's house

Are the A's the worst defensive team ever? Jensen Lewis weighs in on the first place Tribe, for now. Game 1 of the Finals tonight. Everyone has a different theory and interpretation of the LeBron James vandalism/hate crime issue. Josh Cribbs offers his thoughts. Triv and Josh respect each other, but don't have to agree.

Duration: 01:19:32

A Sethell-vention. He must repent.

Seth has a rough life. Triv thinks it's because of the time he mocked God. He almost burned his new condo down before he signed the lease. The listeners and his radio family try to help, but Seth is resistant. Instead of suing drug companies and opening rehab centers, why don't we go after the heroin supply?

Duration: 01:07:21

Tiger's DUI, Japan's call, Cavs-Dubs

Did you hear the Japanese call of the Indy 500? You have now. Tiger's DUI and fall from the elite. Just about everything is on the line for Cavs-Warriors. How are parents allowing their high school daughters to wear prom dresses like that? Andre Knott, Jensen Lewis and Nick Camino from Progressive Field.

Duration: 01:07:51

Indians' strange loss. Bunnies killed.

Baseball is bizarre. Replay makes it stranger. North Ridgeville animal control officer fired on third strike. Nature is cruel, but so is this guy. Don't call the police about an animal. Rob Walgate from American Policy Roundtable on Gianforte assault. Trump's travel ban rejected again. NATO gets a rude awakening. Cleveland mayoral race.

Duration: 01:41:50

Katy Perry is a dolt. But hot. Strep throat

Katy Perry has a solution. Just love each other. No barriers or borders. That'll work. The conversation quickly devolves into her hotness and that of other starlets. Glenn doesn't understand a strep throat diagnosis. Seth is moving. Rain is coming.

Duration: 01:06:00

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