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Be it the Surveillance State, the threat of Global Government, False Flag Terror, the secularisation of Western Culture, the danger of Religious Cults, or any other issue too often ignored by the institutional church, The Mind Renewed analyses, interprets and critiques from a Christian worldview perspective. To find out more, and to join us in "thinking Christianly in a New World Order," you are cordially invited to visit (




TMR 182 : Alan "Howling Laud" Hope : The Official Monster Raving Loony Party

"Vote for insanity! You know it makes sense."—OMRLP We are joined by Alan "Howling Laud" Hope, the current leader of The Official Monster Raving Loony Party, for an entertaining—yet oddly illuminating—conversation on the history, aims and achievements of the UK's most well-known unconventional political party. In 1999, following the death of the party's founder Screaming Lord Sutch—(who had led the party through its previous incarnations, such as "National Teenage Party" and "Go To Blazes...

Duration: 00:43:06

TMR 181 : Adeyinka Makinde : The Pan-Islamic Option (Part Two : Historical Background)

We are joined by the lawyer and university lecturer Adeyinka Makinde for the second instalment of a two-part interview centring in his recent article, "The Pan-Islamic Option : The West's Part in the Creation and Sustaining of Islamist Terror". In this second part we discuss some of the historical background to the West's use and support of violent Islamist groups, looking at examples of German, British and US policy since the early days of the Twentieth Century. Adeyinka Makinde trained...

Duration: 01:04:03

TMR 180 : Adeyinka Makinde : The Pan-Islamic Option (Part One : Recent Years)

"I don't know if they turned a blind eye; I think it was a decision, a wilful decision."—Mike Flynn We are joined once again by the lawyer and university lecturer Adeyinka Makinde for the first instalment of a two-part interview centring in his recent article, "The Pan-Islamic Option : The West's Part in the Creation and Sustaining of Islamist Terror". In this first part we discuss indications in recent years of the West's use and support of violent Islamist groups for the purposes of...

Duration: 00:45:15

TMR 179 : Laura Maxwell : From Luciferian Spiritualism to Christ

We welcome the spiritual counsellor and radio host Laura Maxwell, who joins us to share her dramatic testimony of coming to faith in Jesus Christ after having once been involved in Luciferian spiritualism. "As a spiritual counsellor, Laura is honoured that her work is shared worldwide via satellite TV, radio, books, magazines and online. She and her mother were taught that Lucifer is god when involved in New Age spiritualism. She now exposes the Globalist Agenda—the elite NWO cabal—from...

Duration: 00:59:17

TMR 178 : Joshua Wisley : Eschaton, Singularity and the Mark of the Beast

"What, then, is the Singularity? It's a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed."—Ray Kurzweil We are joined by Joshua Wisley of the excellent new Eschaton podcast for a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion on his work and on the subject of the Technological Singularity in relation to Biblical prophecy. "Joshua Wisley is the host of Eschaton, a new podcast that explores ancient...

Duration: 01:28:25

TMR 177 : James Burke : A Life of Connections

In place of our scheduled interview (which unfortunately had to be abandoned), we take the opportunity to present an exclusive interview with the broadcaster, science historian and futurist James Burke. During the 1960s, '70s, '80s and '90s, James Burke was one of the most famous and most engaging presenters of science and technology programmes on British television. In 1969 he was one of the main presenters of the BBC's coverage of the Apollo 11 moon landings. A household name in the UK,...

Duration: 00:58:13

TMR 176 : Dr. Kyle Greenwood : Scripture and Cosmology

We are joined by Dr. Kyle Greenwood, associate professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Language at Colorado Christian University, for a discussion on his thought-provoking yet controversial book Scripture and Cosmology : Reading the Bible Between the Ancient World and Modern Science. Christians often claim to hold a biblical worldview, but what about a biblical cosmos view? In Genesis, argues Dr. Greenwood, we encounter a solid dome above the earth—a "firmament"—like the ceiling of a...

Duration: 01:06:25

TMR 175 : G. Edward Griffin : Red Pill Expo & The Truth Movement

We are joined by the veteran author, lecturer and film-maker G. Edward Griffin, for a conversation on his forthcoming Red Pill Expo (to be held in Bozeman, Montana on the 23rd and 24th of June), and to discuss issues relating to the so-called "Truth Movement". What is "The Truth Movement"? And what are its aims? Indeed, is it even meaningful to speak of "the" Truth Movement at all? G. Edward Griffin is the Founder of Freedom Force International, and is listed in Who's Who in America. His...

Duration: 01:15:52

TMR 174 : Frank Johnson : Ancient Aliens - Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind

Was God an astronaut? Is there evidence that ancient peoples were visited by technologically-advanced aliens? Or are such ideas the imaginings of "an over-caffeinated bumblebee"? This week we are joined by our good friend Frank Johnson of the Ancient Aliens Debunked blog for a casual and light-hearted chat on the subject of the History Channel's Ancient Aliens series. Long-term listeners will recognise Frank from his photograph here, and will recall that he has joined us twice before as...

Duration: 01:21:43

TMR 173 : Dr. Robert J. Marks II : Evolutionary Informatics

We are frequently told that Neo-Darwinian theory is true, and that there are robust mathematical models that demonstrate that fact. But is that really so? This week we are joined by Dr. Robert J. Marks II, Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Baylor University, for a discussion on his newly-published book, Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics, co-authored with the mathematician and philosopher Dr. William A. Dembski and the research scientist and software engineer Dr. Winston...

Duration: 01:18:21

TMR 172 : Graham ("FiveRedPears") : On Why Flat-Earth Theory Is Flat Wrong

This week we are joined by Graham of the excellent "FiveRedPears" YouTube channel, for a fascinating and entertaining discussion on contemporary Flat-Earth Theory. We mostly discuss some of the more well-known flat-Earth proponets, such as Eric Dubay, Mark Sargent, jeranism and TheMorgile, and I ask Graham (a mathematics teacher by profession) to assess some of their key arguments, using the logic, observation and straightforward geometry so characteristic of his video presentations....

Duration: 01:40:04

TMR 171 : Dr. Paul Craig Roberts : Trump Is Over

"I think that the Trump presidency is already over. I'm not even sure he qualifies as a figurehead."—PCR We are joined once again by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former US Assistant Secretary to the Treasury for Economic Policy, for a discussion on the Trump presidency so far. Dr. Roberts assesses the performance of the new president and his administration with reference to pre-election promises; shares with us his view that the deep state has effectively neutralised Donald Trump as US...

Duration: 00:55:05

TMR 170 : Campbell Adams : Yarndling - A Life in Chorns

"The best news is, that we have safely found Our king and company; the next, our ship—Which, but three glasses since, we gave out split—Is as tightly yarndled and bravely rigg'd as when We first put out to sea."—The Tempest, William Shakespeare This week we welcome the writer, educator and expert yarndler Campbell Adams, who joins us for an in-depth conversation on the ancient art of yarndling. (We are also grateful to the historian Dr. Chris Taverstock of New College, Cambridge, for his...

Duration: 01:10:12

TMR 169 : Blue Suede Truths (with Antony Rotunno & Julian Charles)

In what may be the only conversation on the planet that unites Country Joe & the Fish, The Beatles, John Cage, Cassetteboy and The George W. Bush Singers, we welcome back Antony Rotunno, teacher, blogger and free thinker for a relaxed, entertaining and music-filled conversation on the power of music to challenge thought and perception in the pursuit of truth. Following on from our earlier conversation on "Truth Comedy", we this time discuss the power of music to reveal political, social...

Duration: 01:52:14

TMR 168 : Rev. Dr. Christopher J. H. Wright : Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."—Paul (Galatians 5:22f) This week we welcome Rev. Dr. Christopher J. H. Wright for a conversation on his newly-published Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit : Growing in Christlikeness, a gem of a book exploring—in straightforward language, yet covering much theological ground—Paul's teaching on how the indwelling of God's Spirit...

Duration: 00:46:02

TMR 167 : Dr. Tim Ball : Climate Update (Part Two) - The Hottest Pause in 115000 Years

This week we conclude our two-part interview with Dr. Tim Ball, "retired" lecturer in geography and historical climatology at the University of Winnipeg, Canada. In this second part we move on to discuss the "hottest year on record" phenomenon, the question of data tampering in climate science, and the recent statement by Dr. John Bates that significant research challenging the (roughly) 20-year "pause" in global warming was (in his view) flawed. [In part one we discussed issues...

Duration: 00:42:20

TMR 166 : Dr. Tim Ball : Climate Update (Part One) - Trump, SLAPPs & Big Oil

This week we are once again joined by Dr. Tim Ball, "retired" lecturer in geography and climatology at the University of Winnipeg, for the first instalment of a two-part conversation on the ever-turbulent relationship between climate science and politics. We discuss issues surrounding the lawsuit brought against Dr. Ball by the climatologist Dr. Michael E. Mann; Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs); Dr. Ball's experience of having recently been invited to Washington in...

Duration: 01:02:38

TMR 165 : Steven Kozar : A Manifesto of Christian Discernment

"We will maintain a healthy skepticism towards all the big-name leaders in the church. We will check everything any pastor/teacher says against God's Word, and when it comes to the most powerful, multimillionaire "Super Pastors," we will assume the worst until convinced otherwise."—Steven Kozar We are joined by the gifted professional artist Steven Kozar, writer of the Messed Up Church blog, for a conversation centred in his critique of "the Evangelical Industrial Complex" entitled "A...

Duration: 01:11:11

TMR 164 : Tom Secker : On the False-Flag Exercise Theory

Popular in alt-media circles, though seldom explicitly stated as an argument, the False-Flag Exercise Hypothesis promotes the idea that the coincidence of official training exercises or drills with major terror attacks somehow proves—or at least heavily suggests—that these events are instances of state-sponsored false-flag terrorism. But exactly how is this argument supposed to go? To discuss the question we welcome back Tom Secker of, writer, researcher, fim-maker and...

Duration: 01:24:31

TMR 163 : Dr. Martin Erdmann : Christianity in Conflict with American Civil Religion

"American Civil Religion is the most effective rival religion to true Christianity in the US"—Martin Erdmann This week we welcome back theologian and lecturer Dr. Martin Erdmann, Director of the Verax Institute in Greenville, South Carolina, for a challenging yet enlightening discussion on the important subject of American Civil Religion and its unhappy relationship to true Christianity. As a fish is unaware of the water in which it swims, so the majority of Americans do not perceive that...

Duration: 01:16:57

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