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The Moment HQ is a podcast series hosted by Monica Kade, starting conversations with purpose that inspire and encourage creativity, self realization and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Moment HQ is a podcast series hosted by Monica Kade, starting conversations with purpose that inspire and encourage creativity, self realization and entrepreneurial spirit.
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The Moment HQ is a podcast series hosted by Monica Kade, starting conversations with purpose that inspire and encourage creativity, self realization and entrepreneurial spirit.






#56 Finding Your Bliss And Living It with Kylie Davies

Meet Kylie Davies from Hello Bliss. Hello Bliss is all about naturally finding bliss in your everyday existence - focusing on trust, love, purpose and wellness. It’s about connection with earth, its gifts and connection with ancient teachings such as yoga and meditation. Before Kylie started Hello Bliss she worked in fitness as a personal trainer and tourism as a marketing manager. But how did she go from this to living a very heart-centred and ‘blissful’ life? Listen to the podcast to...

Duration: 00:24:14

Merissa Forsyth, Founder Of The Pretty Foundation Podcast

Our guest today is Merissa Forsyth, the founder of Pretty Foundation; a not-for-profit aiming to empower women and girls with the perspective, skills and support to develop and nurture a positive body image for themselves and others. The programs and initiatives run by Pretty Foundation focus on 2-6-year-old girls and their parents. I was truly moved by the work Merissa and her team are doing so I had to invite her on the show. Learn About: - What Merissa was doing before she started...

Duration: 00:25:12

#53 Angela McKenzie + Nikki Jenkison, Founders Of

"We have come from corporate backgrounds. We are skilled; we are independent. We wanted to help set females up for success and give them confidence to stand on their own two feet and be considered as equal in society." Nikki + Angela, Founders, The Moment HQ podcast Today we’re chatting to co-founders of, Angela McKenzie and Nikki Jenkinson who bring together years of senior HR experience and entrepreneurship to help organisations and individuals find success in the...

Duration: 00:25:30

#52 Rebecca Ray, Happi Habits

"In the privelage of sitting behind a closed door and having someone be so beautifully vulnerable and tell me there deepest darkest secrets about their pain; I've learned there is no one of us that doesn't suffer. I think knowing that is a far less isolating experience." - Rebecca Ray, The Moment HQ podcast Rebecca Ray, is a Writer, Speaker and Clinical Psychologist. And what you may not know is that she also trained to become a commercial pilot. Not long ago she was seeking to reach a...

Duration: 00:25:46

Daily Insight #3 Is What You're Doing Sustainable?

Daily Insight #3 Sustainability is longevity. Sustainability shows careful consideration, purpose and intention has gone into pursuing or taking action. Without sustainability you will falter. You will thrive for a while sure. Until the moment arrives whereby your body will become run down, tired and creative thought will dwindle. You may try to push forward. You may attempt to muster up all you've got and put your foot flat on the pedal - but once you've exhausted the gas, you'll realise...

Duration: 00:04:27

Daily Insight #2 - Take The Load Off Your Back

Daily Insight #2 Many of us are carrying loads that we don't have to. Many have baggage that doesn't belong to them. And what's worse is many of us don't listen to the signs and the niggling feeling that says, 'I don't want to do this anymore'. Instead, we think the 'struggle' is part of what we signed up for. The struggle is not. The challenges, well that's something different. Challenges will always be there. But the struggle, that's something we choose. Sometimes we ‘think' a certain...

Duration: 00:06:47

Daily Insight #1 - The Little Fish

Daily Insight #1 Sometimes the most profound insights can come from our nearest and dearest. And they often come at the most unexpected moments. They dance on in when our hearts are open and we are ready to receive the message. This is what happened on this day. I was rang my grandmother for a chat and I left the phone call with some beautiful wisdoms to tuck away from my own life. Here is one of them that she shared with me.

Duration: 00:03:47

#48 Holly Shoebridge, Ocean Photographer - Capturing The Moment

“Let yourself be creative and don’t follow trends.” - Holly Shoebridge, The Moment HQ podcast Welcome to The Moment HQ podcast episode no 48. Today we’re chatting with Holly Shoebridge; a self taught photographer and visual creator based on Sydney's Northern Beaches, who draws her greatest inspiration from Mother Nature, the ocean, solitude and love. You Can also find her on Instagram under HollyTree Photo. Not only does Holly share some amazing ocean photography, she also has beautiful...

Duration: 00:17:09

Day 100 Of 100 Tiny Leaps Series - Passion vs Mad Love

Day 100 of 100 WOW! This is it. This is the final day in the Tiny Leaps Series (goosebumps). Thank you very much for joining me on this adventure. Thank you for sharing the journey. This final episode offers insight around the idea of PASSION and MAD LOVE. I know I've witnessed many social media posts and people saying, 'Follow your passion and it will lead you to your purpose', and I'd like to add a few notions to ponder on around this concept. So what's the difference? Well we can have...

Duration: 00:09:02

Day 99 Of 100 -Tiny Leaps Series - Perception: It Depends on You

Day 99 of 100 You can either be halfway up the mountain or you can be half way down. It really depends on how you look at it. And how YOU choose to perceive it will determine whether you’re a half empty or glass half full kinda person. Perception, if we’re not careful can cause us to become tangled in a monotonous mental spiral (if we allow it). On the other hand, if we can recognise that maybe it’s our own fear, insecurity or anxiety influencing the way we’re perceiving the present moment...

Duration: 00:05:13

Day 98 Of 100 - Tiny Leaps Series - Don't Look Back

Day 98 of 100 Wow! Only a couple days until the end of the Tiny Leaps Series. That's pretty crazy - at least for me. Today's insight was really to bring awareness to how much time we spend looking back. Have you observed how much time we spend in our head trying to work out why things have happened as they have? Or how and why some circumstances have unfolded as they did, and did we have a role to play in them? Was it our fault? Could we have done something? Should we say something. Those...

Duration: 00:06:23

Day 97 Of 100 - Tiny Leaps Series - Love Hard. Love Fully. And Let Go.

Day 97 of 100 “Whatever comes, let it come. Whatever goes, let it go” This quote was just hanging around in my mind as I experienced certain emotions today. Everything changes. Nothing remains the same. Everything is transient. If we can allow for things to come and go our life can be filled with a lot of love - and a type of love that is free from need and attachment. So often, we get hung up on wanting things to remain the same. We don’t want change. Yet, in the last few days, I’ve had...

Duration: 00:07:47

Day 96 Of 100 - Tiny Leaps Series - Instead Of Asking "How?" Ask This

Day 96 of 100 On the home stretch of these recordings now. Gosh, it’s been a wild ride. Today’s insight is quite powerful and pertinent for myself as I hope it will be for you. So often when shit hits the fan we look for a “fix”. We quickly squirm and run around asking ourselves “How am I going to … make money… buy that house … win their heart … continue running my business…” You can insert whatever you like there. And that 3 letter word becomes the big-ass obstacle in our way. For when...

Duration: 00:08:17

Day 92, 93, 94, 95 - Tiny Leaps Series - Don't Be So Serious

Day 92, 93 ,94 and 95 of 100 I believe it’s important to have boundaries. It’s important to know what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s critical to be aware of what you’re feeling and make conscious choices. What I was blessed to realise over the weekend was also how our boundaries, beliefs and ideas - if they’re too rigid - can limit us from truly living and experiencing life. When our rules (for lack of a better word) or boundaries are dictated by fear, they are not supportive. If you...

Duration: 00:07:36

Day 91 Of 100 - Tiny Leaps Series - The Discomfort Zone

91 of 100 We are capable of far more than we think we can do. That doesn't mean that when we reach our perceived limits it's not going to be challenging to rise and push past what we think is possible. This insight came about from feeling as though I might die in today's CrossFit workout. My mind was saying I wouldn't get through it. And then my coach said something that was quite profound to me in that moment - "It's just a bit of discomfort". And it made me realise that when it comes...

Duration: 00:03:33

Day 90 Of 100 - Tiny Leaps Series - Will You Live Out Your Potential?

Day 90 of 100 Your potential is infinite. Your ability to grow is unlimited. Yet, the limitations of your mind can affect the way you evolve into your best. Your environment and the people around you affect your growth. When we are surrounded by those who bring out our best, we step into our fullest potential. Sometimes we think we're doing the best we can until we meet with someone who sees us beyond where we see ourselves. Those people can support us in harnessing our Best - whether...

Duration: 00:05:02

Day 89 Of 100 - Tiny Leaps Series - You Have To Rise And Meet What You'd Love

Day 89 Of 100 It's easy to say I want this (this being your dream, a certain relationship, kids, energy, good health) and it's another thing to rise up and meet with it. A lot of the time we ask for something and the moment we face hardships or challenges we shy away? We complain about things not going our way. Well what if this period was actually things going your way. To receive what it is you'd love to have, do or be you must stand taller than you have before. You must face those...

Duration: 00:03:41

Day 88 Of 100 - Tiny Leaps Series - What Really Happens When You Complain

Day 88 of 100 What would happen if you didn’t complain? What kind of space would open up in your life? Have you ever stopped to think about it? Do you even recognise how often you complain? Even the tiniest complaint about the weather is complaining. And while you may not be subjecting yourself to the world of martyrdom, a complaint has a very different type of energy when expressed or focused on than words of appreciation. I give an example of this in this episode of 100 Tiny Leaps....

Duration: 00:04:18

Day 87 Of 100 - Tiny Leaps Series - Open Up

Day 87 of 100 One of the greatest things I’ve learnt it the power of remaining open. In the very moments we won’t to close of from the world - or from those around us, I feel our true strength will be in not shutting down. I’ve come to learn that openness is a very desirable quality. It’s the foundation that true relationships can blossom from - professional, romantic or friendships. And while being open may come naturally with age, I believe it comes with having a wilingness to look at...

Duration: 00:06:47

Day 84, 85 & 86 Of 100 - Tiny Leaps Series - The World Won't Fall Apart

Day 84, 85, 86 of 100 In our technologically connected world we can sometimes start living our lives as though everything we’re doing, we HAVE to do because if we don’t the world will fall apart. These last few days that I took time off social media, recording, uni and work really allowed me to see how much tension and stress that my body had been under. It allowed me to realise that regardless of what is happening in my world and what is currently on my plate, nothing is more important...

Duration: 00:04:28

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