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This is a show for the millions of Americans that make our country strong and unique. Discussion of current political and social climates with a refreshing dose of historical relevance. It's a show for normal Americans, made by a normal American.






My Guest Appearance on the "Mulder Was Right" Podcast JFK Part 1

This isn't quite an episode on its own (because it isn't my shows episode to begin with) because its the first part of a two part series in which I made a guest appearance on the Mulder Was Right podcast. We discussed the trip that John F. Kennedy took to Dallas and why it turned out to be a zero star review for Dallas on that clear sunny day in November of 1963. Part two airs Friday 5/19/17 and will be posted over at the podcast page for Mulder Was Right as well as here.Other news: part...

Duration: 01:17:34

Ep. 8 - Secrets Secrets, Are No Fun

This episode focuses on the history of agencies like the CIA and FBI, how they got their start and their power, and what they did with it. We discuss the implications that came along with the growth of power; both good and bad.

Duration: 01:06:31