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EP27: On Living an E.P.I.C. Life with Julie Neale

This conversation with Julie almost felt like the continuation of an ongoing conversation, even though it was the first time we’d actually talked! Our professional backgrounds, passions, and experiences kept overlapping in unexpected ways. I had to contain myself from interrupting all the time to say, “Oh my gosh, yes!” Julie has a calming presence, with loads of experience and wisdom to share. I loved hearing the stories of how her work has evolved, how she’s been shaped by motherhood,...


EP26: This is NOT Me Hating Men

Some of my best friends, and several of my aunts, have always actively called themselves feminists. From being women studies majors to activists, they’ve identified with that title. While I’ve usually shared their values and perspectives, I’ve championed similar causes or messages, the word feminist wasn’t something I claimed until recently. I’ve got some stories to share from the past 6 months of my life that have stood out for me. Since going into business for myself I’ve seen how many...


EP25: The Power of Healing in Community with Sera Snyder

How can we do “healing” better? How can we approach physical challenges with more grace, self-compassion, and support? How can we see pain as an opportunity for growth and wellness? These are some of the questions that today’s guest, Sera Snyder of Healing U., has asked herself since being diagnosed with a rare abdominal tumor a decade ago. She dove deep into her own physical, spiritual, and emotional healing in order to move through the pain she uncovered from her illness. I loved this...


EP24: Life Purpose and Privilege

So often I talk to bright, capable, big-hearted women who are struggling with the issue of “enoughness.” The question often sounds like, “Yeah, but what is my purpose?” I fully want each and every purpose to have a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives. I want them to feel that their life has purpose and meaning, in whatever way they define it. In this episode, I get into the sticky topic of our purpose and our privilege. After years of reading and learning about my own...


EP23: How to Have Room for More Compassion to Include Yourself

We all get to a point in our lives when we can’t seem to get a grip on every detail that’s going on. We tend to drift. We tend to disconnect. We tend to judge ourselves. How do we get back on our feet when this happens? As what Jack Kornfield, Buddhist Instructor, said, “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” We all try to be compassionate to the people that we love, but the bigger question is, can we all give compassion to ourselves? How come it’s harder for us...


EP22: Why I’m really trying to embrace change (and you should too)

In today’s episode I’m jamming on how we manage change in our lives… because it’s everywhere, all the time, across the board. And we often resist it. It feels uncomfortable or scary. We can feel out of control and stressed as changes arise. But what if we could approach change in a way that really works for us? What if we could have a dynamic relationship to the unpredictability of life, to the zigs and zags, to the ups and downs? So, I tell stories of Monday morning meltdowns, control...


EP21: The Mental Health Revolution: Changing the Conversation with Alison Malmon

When I met Alison Malmon a few months ago at a dinner party she was an understated, new-to-town, mom-of-three… who was also a totally inspiring leader in the movement to de-stigmatize mental health nationwide. I was amazed by her humility, and brilliance, as she spoke about starting a nonprofit, Active Minds, 15 years ago in the aftermath of her brother’s suicide. She’s a total powerhouse, driven by her desire to change the conversation about mental health and truly save lives. Her work...


EP20: How do YOU make a difference?

In today’s show I tell stories of dance-a-thons, treks to Mt. Kilimanjaro, hoagie drop-offs, and burrito deliveries… all in service of making a difference, before I even realized that’s what I was being “taught.” As we’re all reflecting on the past year, and the year ahead, I’ve been thinking of a couple of guiding questions for myself: I fundamentally believe that all of us are inherently valuable AND that we have value to contribute back to our families and communities. It’s not about...


EP19: Step into Your Moxie and Find Your Voice with Alexia Vernon

About a year ago I entered an online contest, something that I’d never done before. I’m not really one for playing the lottery or “entering to win,” but this one spoke to me. It was a challenge to do 5 livestream videos, each one sharing a different part of my life story in a vulnerable, honest, and “naked” way. The grand prize was a free ticket to attend a public speaking intensive for women leaders hosted by Alexia Vernon in Las Vegas. And I won! And thus began my love affair with...


EP18: Bring It On 2018! Here’s How.

I wish so much for you in the year ahead. So. Much. And I want to support you in making it happen. Courageously, powerfully, and on your terms. I believe that the change from one year to the next is an opportunity to reflect and create. To look at how you can build a more intentional, fulfilling, powerful, and self-expressed experience in the new year. In this episode I go into the 4 ways that I approach the end of a year, and the start of the next one. You’ll hear about why I don’t...


EP17: Living and Dying in Peace with Joselin Linder

I was so blown away by the courage and wisdom of today’s guest. And just straight up fascinated by her personal story. Joselin Linder is caring an extremely rare gene that has killed several members of her family for generations, and has only recently begun to be understood. Joselin lives every day with an acute certainty of her own death. She watched her dad’s untimely, and painful, death from this “mystery” illness, before digging into the science of it herself. Through her own...


EP16: How to Handle Stress During the Holidays (and always)

This time of year can be crazy in the West. There’s tons of pressure to close out the year “strong” in business/work, as well as show up smiling to family functions and holiday events. There’s a lot that I love about this season, and several things that make me feel a bit nutty. I know I’m not alone in this December feeling. I’ve been talking to all of my clients and friends about it… the heightened pressure to juggle a million things, cheerfully and gracefully. Of course, we all want to...


EP15: A Mother’s Mission to Make Education Available for All: Eliza’s Story

I met Tanya at an incredible public speaking conference for women. When I heard her story I was deeply moved and inspired, and knew that I wanted to amplify her voice, her mission, and her wisdom. Tanya is a mom of three children. Her oldest child was born with Cerebral Palsy. Like many parents who have children with challenges, she experienced anger, denial, frustration, and much joy in raising their daughter. When her daughter started school, she realized how limited the options were...


EP14: Help! Can Ambition and Motherhood Coexist?

I’m still on the hunt for the elusive answer to the challenges of “work-life-balance” and “having it all,” as a driven, passionate, successful, mom in the 21st century. I don’t have the million dollar solution, but I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I do have some suggestions for how we can do both motherhood and career simultaneously. Because what I know for sure, is that we desperately need women’s voices and influence in all sectors of leadership as well as within our families. In...


EP13: Heal Sexual Trauma and Reclaim Pleasure with Rachael Maddox

If you’ve been following the media in the States, there’s been a big and important conversation going recently on about sexual abuse against women. Rachael’s work on healing sexual trauma speaks directly to this issue and peels back the curtain on how to move through it. I learned SO much in this interview with Rachael. She’s smart, passionate, and deeply committed to helping women heal. She tells her story with honesty and courage. And loads of hope, which I so appreciated. In my...


EP12: 5 Ways to Really Practice Gratitude

I’ve worked with many women who struggle to really appreciate their daily lives, even though they know they “should.” I’ve felt that way at times myself. It’s frustrating and exhausting to feel like you’re not actually enjoying your life as it’s happening, or to feel like you’re stuck in your head about what isn’t working or isn’t where you want it to be. On today’s show I’m talking about how I do gratitude in my life, and how it makes a huge difference in my happiness. I give my 5...


EP11: Understanding Feminine Energy, Intuition, and Self-Love with Elizabeth DiAlto

The Naked Conversations podcast would likely not exist without today’s guest, Elizabeth DiAlto. She’s been a mentor of mine for over a year and I’ve learned so much about who I am and how I want to lead through her example. She’s taught me (and reminded me again and again) the power of listening to my intuition, trusting myself, and being more gentle myself (while staying true to my goals and drive). Elizabeth is hilarious, bold, and unapologetically herself. She manages to weave...


EP10: How to Have a Better Marriage

First off, I’m going to use the word marriage for the sake of ease, but it’s not limited it to hetero couples. I believe these ideas can support any romantic partnership, regardless of gender. Also, I know marriages can be complicated, messy, and unique (I’ve been in one for over a decade myself!). I know there are no easy fixes and in the lifetime of a marriage there are different challenges that present themselves. In this show I offer you 6 key ways I’ve found to bolster marriages....


EP9: The Power of Receiving with Maru Iabichela

I first met Maru at a women’s business conference when she grabbed my attention with her outgoing radiance. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her make huge shifts and strides in her life since then. She’s moved from the gas being cut off in her home and becoming a single mother, to building a global community of women who are inspired to change their lives. What I love about Maru is how real and honest she is about sharing her story of changing her life and growing her business. She peels...


EP8: 3 Ways to Find Yourself

This show stems from many conversations with bright, passionate, and accomplished women who feel a bit lost or disconnected. Whether they’re moms, wives/partners, executives, teachers, entrepreneurs, or some combination of many roles… I keep hearing from women who want to feel more connected with themselves, more lit up, and more grounded in who they are. While it’s impossible to re-find your identity in this quick conversation, it will certainly help get you started. And sometimes that’s...


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