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Join semi-reformed manchild Matty V and a delightful panel of nerds chatting about geek news, Internet minutia and nerdy jams. Each week the gang will tackle a topic or two that's relevant to the groovy cats who never got a seat at the cool kids table, but became the most interesting adults later in life.




Episode 28: It's Like Saskatchewan Menudo

After a long absence, the Nerdcore Cabaret gang is back. Wonder Woman, The Big Sick and Lou Ferrigno's perfectly chiseled form are up for discussion.

Duration: 01:16:16

Episode 26: Shaking Babies and Railing Au Pairs

The gang gets amped up for FanExpo Regina, and Calgary Expo. Plus Devin's officially added to the main cast.

Duration: 01:05:55

Episode 25: Goblins in Love

On this the Nerdcore Cabaret Podcast, the gang prepares for Calgary Expo, and plots some live on air D&D on the radio show.

Duration: 01:09:44

Episode 24: It Takes One to Rogue One

The gang has seen the wonder of Rogue One. But you're only hearing it now because we ran out of monthly hosting space. Money's hard, eh? WE LIKE STAR WARS!

Duration: 00:43:29

Episode 23: Spock, Power Bottom

The gang gabs about Doctor Strange, the Phantom of the Paradise, and bad Star Trek slash fiction.

Duration: 01:32:17

Episode 22: The Rocky Horror Podcast Show

On the latest Nerdcore Cabaret. The gang recounts their exploits at SaskExpo. Plus, Amy's joined the local cast of the Rocky Horror Show and we've got to shill for that a wee bit.

Duration: 03:16:34

Episode 21: Clever Suicide Squad Pun to Be Inserted Later

This episode, the gang has survived the brightly coloured mess known as Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn, Deadshot........and the other ones save the world from a big dumb sky vortex, whoo! Plus we talk about In Tents. And building excitement about SaskExpo. Special Guest Star: Geek City's Devin Melnyk!

Duration: 01:14:52

Episode 20: A Ghost House Divided

Well, Nerd Herd. The 2016 iteration of Ghostbusters is finally upon us. Would it be a crowning triumph, a total bag of hot farts, or just an alright sci-fi comedy flick? The Nerdcore Cabaret gang, and special guest star Geek City's Devin Melnyk headed to the movies to find out, and recorded the show immediately afterward. And it seems, the reaction is mixed.....DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!!! Also, Christa and Amy recount their adventures on CBC Radio One after being asked to come on as Pokemon...

Duration: 01:15:27

Episode 19: I Pay The Iron Price Everytime I Want A Ham Sandwich

The gang returns once again from a period of unrest... literally... we've all been busy as heck! We slept all through May! This week we cover Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Game of Thrones: Whatever The Heck Is Happening This Season... seriously, it's been a while since these movies came out, we shouldn't have to put a spoiler warning on these.

Duration: 01:05:22

Episode 18: Alfred the House Elf

The gang reunites after their mini moving hiatus! They catch up with the latest movie trailers (Ghostbusters, Rogue One, Doctor Strange), get hyped for Regina and Calgary's upcoming cons, and finally get to discuss their many feelings about Batman V Superman.

Duration: 01:05:39

Episode 17: Meme Lovers

The gang carries on with their side-gigs as porn parody reviewers with the latest offering from...... 4Chan??? Also: Saskatchewan Convention Announcements, in Amy's absence the gang searches her imdb page, the Oscars, and other exciting things!

Duration: 00:54:41

Episode 16 - Dangerously Cheesy

This week the gang explores the connection between the Furry community and Tony the Tiger. They also pour over the new Game of Thrones set photos, make fun of American politicians, and Amy pleads to someone, anyone, to give that snowman in the Cineplex pre-show a dignified death.Also, some Ryan Reynolds movie came out and they talk about that quite a bit.

Duration: 01:25:54

Episode 15: The Gang Has A Plan

In a fit of New Year's Resolution induced gumption: The gang actually prepares a cohesive list of topics for this episode! Along with the regular rambling, of course.Neko Atsume, Global Game Jam, looking ahead to this year's Prairie Convention guest lists, Amy finally started Daredevil(!), James Franco's film adaptation of The Disaster Artist, EVEN MORE FORCE AWAKENS TALK [INSERT DEITY] HELP US ALL, Grease Live! (pre-broadcast), 60's Batman, Suicide Squad trailer, I'm going to quit now and...

Duration: 01:23:39

Episode 14: Sweet Turian D

The nog fueled blood orgy of Christmas is over, and the Nerdcore Cabaret kicks off the new year in its usual meandering fashion. The gang is back, and still obsessed with Episode VII and the Internet's StormPilot fanship. We're in love with new Ghostbusters merch, and a Poképlot is hatched to get Matt some more Fallout time. Bonus audio problems due to Zonya T. Warcat and his inability to stay off the goddamn keyboard.

Duration: 01:18:27

The Queen City Podcast Holiday Special (OMG STAR WARS SPOILERS!)

The holidays are winding down, and the nog fueled blood orgy of Christmas is bleeding into the booze fueled regular orgy of New Year's. While all of you laid snug in your beds dreaming of hot new Fallout DLC and plum pudding, The Nerdcore Cabaret was hard at work bringing you the event you've hungered for like a sparkly vampire in a teen girl's window. The long awaited showdown with Geek City. Following weeks of assaults by word, by chair, by car, and by prepaid Dark Web assassins (Sorry,...

Duration: 01:34:06

Episode 13: The Nerdcore Cabaret Holiday Special

The season of mandatory cheer is upon us, Nerd Herd. It's the Nerdcore Cabaret Holiday Special! Be jolly or be destroyed! The gang opens mysterious gifts to one another, and recounts their experiences watching vital holiday fare like Santa With Muscles, Elves, and the iconic Silent Night: Deadly Night 2. In this episode Amy goes missing and is replaced by Matt's half-man/half-giant cousin James and his ladyfriend Catilyn. B5 superfan and magical human Jamie rounds out the panel as we shoot...

Duration: 01:14:02

Episode 12: AKA Jessica Owns

We talk Fallout, Civil War and it's bromances. Plus that new James Bond movie and the ongoing chat about Supergirl VS Jessica Jones. And other things we were sidetracked by. More chattering about Fallout (which made Amy sad during editing as it meant she wasn't actively playing Fallout) and we definitely don't end up talking about nerdy porn parodies yet again.. nope! Plus two of our hosts are gettin' hitched!

Duration: 01:25:39

Episode 11: Speed 2, Cruz Control

It's a supersized episode this week because Amy's back and recounting her trip to Toronto. We chat about the results of Prairie Dog's Best of Regina 2015, Fallout 4, Ted Cruz's terrible impressions, the upcoming Friday the 13th video game that was recently Kickstarted, Star Wars, and the interesting choice of voice actor for the Lego Movie's Commissioner Gordon.

Duration: 01:25:55

Episode 10: Halloween Havoc

In this episode, the rivalry with Geek City heats up to an explosive chair-shot riddled smackdown. In a barren Amyless hellscape, the gang must cope with the crushing reality that the predictions of Back to the Future are never to be. That we have failed to live up to our promise, and that the sweet caress of Pepsi Perfect shall never cross our lips. Plus, the gang finds terrifyingly sexy Halloween costumes and Mike sees the latest Star Wars Episode trailer for the first time.

Duration: 01:06:03

Episode 9: Giant Blue Dong Reference

We talk politics, Amy gives her HOT TAKE on the Mass Effect ending, Mike gives a HOT TAKE on Days of Future's Past, live reaction to Jessica Jones trailer, and unicorn poop.

Duration: 01:16:27

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