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062 – Need A Light?

Mystic and Daz take a look at the recent patch which included changes to all of the stealth heroes, a reworked Malfurion and Blaze! The trolls do a deep dive into Blaze and his kit, confounded why he’s performing so poorly on release. Sit back and enjoy! News – 5:20 Patch Analysis – 14:00 Blaze Deep Dive – 54:25 Our ... Read More

Duration: 01:22:02

061 – Sadfurion on Fire

In one of Daz’s saltiest episodes, you’ll find him rambling on about the death of Malfurion and how horrible Johanna’s Falling Sword ultimate is. Luckily, Mystic and LiQiuD are around to keep things on track as we also cover our first impressions of Blaze, and discuss his viability as a solo tank and solo laner. A great show, sit back ... Read More

Duration: 01:29:17

060 – Blazing Into The New Year

Our final episode before the new year, and our first after Christmas! Understandably, it’s a light news week, so we decide to try and predict what Blaze the firebat’s kit will be once he joins the Nexus, and we also discuss ideal hero pools for ranked play. Sit back and enjoy! News – 5:20 LiQiuD’s eSports Corner – 8:20 Theorycrafting ... Read More

Duration: 01:21:56

059 – ‘Twas The Night Before neXmas

Our final episode before Christmas… We talk the patch that dropped hours before the show with big changes to Garrosh. We talk our favorite heros, and what we want from Blizzard for Christmas. Sit back and enjoy the show! News – 5:40 LiQiuD’s eSports Corner – 9:10 Balance patch and Garrosh changes – 19:55 Our favorite heroes – 53:05 What ... Read More

Duration: 01:22:36

058 – Grooving To Heroes 2.1

On today’s show we talk about the new “Heroes 2.1” patch that dropped yesterday with came along with most of the changes announced at BlizzCon. We discuss how we would change Hanzo as a hero in the game, and we finish off the show with a very special segment “Music of the Storm” where composer Russell “Rozai” Greene walks us ... Read More

Duration: 01:20:57

057 – Hanzo and Alebeard

We’ve got’s very own Alebeard back on the show this week. A deep dive into Hanzo is on the docket, along with some discussion on the state of hero league and where we see it going down the road. You can follow Alebeard on Twitter at @AlebeardTV News – 3:40 LiQiuD’s Esports Corner – 11:10 Hanzo – 16:30 Ranked ... Read More

Duration: 01:28:37

056 – So Long, and Thanks for All the Heals

Blizzard has upended the world of Heroes of the Storm once again! Supports have been nerfed across the board in attempts to curb the double support meta that we’ve all grown to love. Along with a reword to Sgt. Hammer and some discussion about the incoming changes to stealthies, this episode has some great discussion topics. Sit back and enjoy! ... Read More

Duration: 01:36:14

055 – Working as a Team

The show gets a lot smarter today as we’re joined by special guest RomedyMC, a third year grad student in clinical psychology, who conducts research on the applications of “traditional” sports psychology to the emerging eSports scene. Fittingly, we talk to Romedy about roster swapping, team dynamics and how you can apply some basic psychology theory to your hero and ... Read More

Duration: 01:50:16

054 – We Got Our Freaking Dragon

Mystic and Daz are LiQiuD-less today as he was busy at some sort of fancy dinner party while it came time to film the show. Despite there only being two of us, we found lots of things to say about Alexstrasza and the new Li Li rework. Sit back and enjoy! News – 4:50 Alexstraza Deep Dive – 16:43 Li ... Read More

Duration: 01:10:24

053 – BlizzCon Roundup

It was a wild BlizzCon, with Alexstrasza and Honzo being unveiled, along with updates to stealth, laning, gameplay and more. The Trolls talk about their experience at their first BlizzCon as well as break down all of the announcements from the convention. BlizzCon – 10:00 Alexstraza First Impressions – 16:50 Honzo First Impressions – 29:10 BlizzCon Announcements Breakdown – 42:00 ... Read More

Duration: 01:43:30

World Of Podcasts – Heroes of the Storm Panel

A special episode from Con Before the Storm and World of Podcasts, an event that took place the day before BlizzCon. Our very own LiQiuD took part on the panel, along with various other podcast personalities from Heroes of the Storm. Moderated by Scott Johnson from the CORE podcast. A great listen!

Duration: 01:10:25 1st Annual Live From BlizzCon Special

The Trolls are all in Anaheim for BlizzCon 2017! Hear what LiQiuD, Bahgz, Mystic and Daz have to say about the apex of the year for Blizzard fans, including our thoughts on the patch notes (yes, we were surprised too) that dropped today. It’s a great show, so sit back and enjoy! NOTE: The show was filmed in a hotel ... Read More

Duration: 01:27:21

052 – Learning Fives with Silthreent

On the show today, we’ve got a special guest, Silthreent the program director for Learning Fives, an educational program for HotS that has made its way over after being a big hit with League of Legends. LiQiuD came down with the flu just before the show, so we had to cut out some content, including a lot of our eSports ... Read More

Duration: 00:47:08

051 – Fire in the Hole!

The Trolls examine the Junkrat patch today, including a deep dive on the Muradin and Zul’jin reworks. We discuss Junkrat, and how we feel he fits into the Nexus, and where his strengths lie. There’s a little eSports sprinkled in for good measure, as per always when LiQiuD is around. Sit back and enjoy the show! News – 4:00 LiQiuD’s ... Read More

Duration: 01:22:39

050 – 50th Show Celebration

The Nexus Trolls has made it to a milestone episode, show #50, and to celebrate, we’ve got some special guest appearances from Bahgz (Trollin HGC and The Weekly Blizz), Bacon (GankBush Squad) and Rho (Realm Maintenance and The Rolling Restart). We cover the recent news for the week, cover the most recent patch, talk about Blizzcon, World of Podcasts and Con ... Read More

Duration: 01:40:30

049 – From Russia With Love

It’s Mystic’s turn to miss the show this week, but that doesn’t slow us down. LiQiuD and Daz cover HGC, Blizzcon, and do an in depth analysis of Volskaya Foundry. Sit back and hear what the Trolls have to say about the newest map to join the game we’ve all come to love. News – 4:00 LiQiuD’s eSports Corner – ... Read More

Duration: 01:11:19

048 – LiQuiD Gets Hit By A Sleep Dart

With LiQiuD asleep at the wheel, Daz and Mystic take today’s show to go over Ana’s kit and talent tree, as well as the most recent balance patch. See what the guys think about the newest support hero to jump into the Nexus. News – 3:10 Ana’s Deep Dive – 12:10 Patch Notes Blitz – 54:20 Mystic’s Shakedown – ... Read More

Duration: 01:31:14

047 – Move Over Nova, Ana’s Coming

Last week saw a lot of reveals. Two heroes, Ana and Junkrat from Overwatch as well as Volskaya Industries, the new Russian themed Overwatch map. Not to mention we also had both a PTR patch and live patch drop this week with a lot of hero changes. A lot to cover, so sit back and enjoy! News – 5:10 LiQiuD’s ... Read More

Duration: 01:34:18

046 – Cavalier Guest Strikes Back

We’ve got Cavalier Guest back on the show today to talk some strategy. Specifically, we go over Shrines, Cursed Hollow and Towers of Doom and how best to optimally play the first 5 minutes of all of those maps. We also talk to Cav about some ‘sub optimal’ builds that are popular in the Nexus that you should think twice ... Read More

Duration: 01:41:25

045 – Obey The Call

LiQiuD, where are you? Even though LiQiuD was having trouble with his Internet, the show must go on. Daz and Mystic hold down the fort and talk in depth about Kel’Thuzad, Jaina, Chromie and Morales. We decided to do the nice thing and save Leoric for next week… Because if we didn’t, LiQiuD would get angry, and you wouldn’t like ... Read More

Duration: 01:17:12

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