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NITE IN 037 - 16-08-08 - The Academy, Suicide Squad & Sopranos

The Podcast is back after another long hiatus! Excuses? We got plenty. And some of them... real good ones! On this weeks Pod we chat about fluking our way into the top bracket of the Academy Nicholls Screenplay competition, the mess that is the Suicide Squad and finally getting to The Sopranos. Fagetabouit gabagool!

Duration: 00:57:34

NITE IN 036 - 16-06-19 - Reviews, Sprinting & London Has Fallen

On this weeks podcast we reminisce about the good ol days when sprinting didn't cause every joint to hurt. We also dissect (and slam) our first ever professional review, before wrapping up with a quick review of the horrendous but highly watchable London Has Fallen. "I don't know about you but I'm thirsty as FUCK!" (actual dialogue from London Has Fallen).

Duration: 00:57:34

NITE IN 035 - 16-06-07 - New York, Food & Die Hard

The Pod is back! This week I wrap up the latest New York trip, talkin food, talkin museums and talkin nonsense. I manage to also throw in a quick review of the underrated Die Hard with a Vengeance and the godawful Gods of Egypt.

Duration: 00:57:40

NITE IN 034 - 16-05-14 - Captain America, Boxing & Writing

I'd say better late than never but well.... the argument for "never" could easily be made. This week I chat about my laughable attempts at writing and wasting time while doing so. I also manage to squeeze in a quick review of Captain America: Civil War and the latest middleweight match up between Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan. Stay tuned! We're getting back on schedule soon!

Duration: 00:55:50

NITE IN 033 - 16-03-27 - Batman V Superman, Daredevil & Ted Cruz

"Major Key Alert! How's the Podcast Business? Boomin! I like that". On our illustrious return after a short hiatus I clue you in on the underrated Batman V Superman, the fantastic new season of Daredevil and the usual bag of nonsense and foolishness.

Duration: 00:58:07

NITE IN 032 - 16-02-21 - Point Break, Usual Suspects & A$AP Live

Oh what, you thought I was dead?! You wanna kill the Nite In Podcast you better bring a wooden stake! We're back after a three week hiatus. Lots to chat about including the classic Keanu Reeves master lesson in acting film, Point Break. We squeeze in some Usual Suspects goodness as well as a review of A$AP Rocky's recent Live concert in Melbourne, Australia. Its all about the M'$'s.

Duration: 01:12:41

NITE IN 031 - 16-01-25 - Black Mass, Batman Bad Blood & Burgers

This weeks podcast is finally uploaded! Apologies to my three listeners. Bob Simpson, Cody De Laurier, Delilah Rappaport... forgive me. As recompense I chat about the Johnny Depp film Black Mass, the animated feature Batman: Bad Blood and I finally provide my dissertation on Burgers. My conclusion? If you enjoy Shake Shack you probably suffer some form of mental illness.

Duration: 01:04:02

NITE IN 029 - 15-12-25 - Star Wars VII, Feminism & Christmas

A special Christmas episode of the podcast this week! I chat a bit about The Force Awakens and also the recent Mary Sue "controversy". This leads into the inevitable uninformed opinion on feminism and cinema.

Duration: 01:00:52

NITE IN 028 - 15-12-14 - Jessica Jones, NY Batting Cages & Frick Gallery

It's a special Flu ridden (non-contagious) episode of the podcast! This week I chat a bit more about my New York vacation, including trips to the Frick Gallery and the baseball batting cages. I then wrap up with praise for the new Marvel series Jessica Jones. Influenza can't stop the Nite In Podcast!

Duration: 00:55:53

NITE IN 024 - 15-11-01 - Summer Madness 5, Bouley & Luggage

On this weeks podcast I once again forget to talk about movies and instead tangent my ass off with random topics of pointlessness. I manage to squeeze in a quick "Break It Down Chum" segment about John John Da Don's recent match at Summer Madness 5 and also give a detailed unnecessary review of the famed NY french restaurant Bouley. I... don't know why.

Duration: 01:01:00

NITE IN 020 - 15-10-06 - Cinema Paradiso, Battlerap & My Dream Home

Better late than never! Well in this case it's probably better never than ever. On this weeks filler podcast I quickly realize I have nothing to talk about (due to a lack of preparation and possibly intelligence) so I scroll through my phone and pick random topics from my list of random thoughts. I apologize in advance to anyone who listens.

Duration: 00:59:56