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Tina, Sam, Sharkey, and Chris dissect the strange gaming news of the week, pick through user blogs, read dirty fanfiction, and just generally bring shame and disgrace upon the once hallowed medium of videogame podcasting.





Episodes - The Oddcast - 10/07/2011

Craft Week! We bring up Minecraft, Starcraft and uh, that's about it. Actually, we break into more discussion over how awesomely bad the Battlefield 3 beta is, and the amount of interest we have in more channels for Xbox Live. Then we jump to a quick comic discussion, bring up a really out-of-place story for fun, and finish off with your questions!

Duration: 00:54:18 - The Oddcast - 10/02/2011

Please forgive us for how we kick-off this episode (it was only appropriate for the episode number; ha!). This week, Tina, Sam, Sharkey and Miggels discuss nudity on Dead Island, Diablo 3 beta, Minecraft, skanky Catwoman and Starfire, and a few questions from the community.

Duration: 01:05:57 - The Oddcast - 09/22/2011

"Hay you guys!" We're back! And with Sharkey! Sweet! Ok, so this week we chatted about Modern Warfare 3, Netflix's adopted pot head, a porn star gaming site, and the worst jobs in the Star Wars Universe. That poor Porkins. Oh, and we also discuss the potential of a hide-n-seek game in Minecraft.

Duration: 00:55:31 - The Oddcast - 08/26/2011

This is the one where we have to listen to Tina talk about Gamescom. Borderlands 2, MW3, BF3, etc. Also, we all bash Alice for her British accent.

Duration: 00:38:41 - The Oddcast - 08/12/2011

We talk about things that may make you think we're bad people. For instance, we blame the London riots on Alice, and we make fun of North Korea's Kim Johng Il. But we redeem ourselves with some good times -- I think. This week, Chris Plante makes his return and we're joined by regulars Sam, Tina and Alice. We're so ronrey!

Duration: 00:29:04 - The Oddcast - 08/05/2011

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDCASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST! What do you get when you mix three girls and a dude with a fixation on nice shirts? I don't know, but we recorded a new Oddcast! This week, Sam, Tina, Alice and Janine discuss how fans reacted to the great Blizzard news this week (Diablo 3), how a crazy GTA IV mod is turning heads, and how Alice's (possibly) distant relatives are selling kids to play in Internet Cafes. Neat!

Duration: 00:44:35 - The Oddcast - 07/24/2011

So we podcasted. Again. We asked IGN's funny men Scott Lowe and Brian Miggels to join us this week. Rabble rabble: Bobby Kotick, Lollipop Chainsaw is supposed to be sexy (and make you look like a pervert), GoldenEye is too expensive, something about "infections," and we close it off with your questions.

Duration: 00:35:58 - The Oddcast - 07/12/2011

Oh hell yeah. A Final Fantasy rhythm game in the works, a 3DS RPG coming for the ladies, and the erotic puzzle game Catherine gets a demo on PSN and XBLA this week. 1UP Oddcast loves you, Japan. Never change.

Duration: 00:34:03 - The Oddcast - 07/05/2011

The Oddcast team has finished transitioning into their new office. Listen in and hear us brag about it! This week, regulars Sam and Tina are joined by Janine and Walter to discuss what it’s like working in the new IGN office. Then we brag about how we played the Journey beta and answer more listener questions.

Duration: 00:37:45 - The Oddcast - 06/20/2011

Happy Belated E3 to you! Sam, Chris, Alice and Tina discuss their takes on how the show was this year. Sam can't make up his mind about Nintendo, Chris thinks he has a fever dream while playing Duke Nukem, and Alice answers your questions about England.

Duration: 01:20:56 - The Oddcast - 06/02/2011

To celebrate our 60th episode, we decided to throw our podcast planning sheet away and do it live. Enjoy.

Duration: 01:21:02 - The Oddcast - 05/23/2011

Whoa, forget boys! Who needs them! Tina, Alice, Janine, and Sam take over the Oddcast this week -- discussing salad and feelings. No, not really. We discuss a new World of Warcraft feature, wish the best to 360 gamers, whine about Modern Warfare 3, and encourage Alice to be the best American in England.

Duration: 01:01:58 - The Oddcast - 05/10/2011

OH WHAT A SURPRISE. This week Scott Sharkey joins us to chat about life in the woods and why Sony sucks for leaving their service so vulnerable to attacks. Plus, Soundboard Chris and the rest of the gang talk about Call of Duty online in China and more Alan Wake. And Ballsrog gets hyped about Mass Effect 3.

Duration: 00:42:45 - The Oddcast - 04/25/2011

This week, we're calling our show, "Little Alice: The Farewell Podcast." We discuss the Portal 2 app, how we like Portal 2, oh and, what it's like to hide from Portal 2 spoilers. We dive into the news stories Tina picked, which happens to make it seem like PlayStation sucks -- PSP Go still exists in North America, Child of Eden delayed, PSN is still down. And we're sending Alice to the UK to cover the latest Mario & Sonic game.

Duration: 01:16:24 - The Oddcast - 04/20/2011

This week we finally see the return of Chris Plante! He tells us what he?s been up to, talk about Kinect, Portal 2, and Sam tells us all he knows about the new Nintendo console that?ll be shown at E3.

Duration: 01:03:42 - The Oddcast - 04/07/2011

Sam, Tina, and Alice are joined this week by special guest James Silva, who, for those not in the "know," is behind the XBLA game Dishwasher Samurai. We talk about legalizing switch blades for one-armed humans, shoehorning multiplayer into videogames, leaky codblop maps, and dressing like Solid Snake. Also, our call-in question mailbox seems to have contracted some sort of audio venereal infection we just can't get rid of.

Duration: 01:10:26 - The Oddcast - 03/31/2011

After our strange disappearance from podcast-dom, we return with a double feature! This week (during the first half), Sam shares how old he is by remembering his first Street Fighter experience, Alice names her cat Sprinkles, and we suggest game music tracks. In the second half, Scooter, Jeremy, Tina and Sam find time to make fun of each other. Scooter is shy in front of the 3DS girls, Jeremy loves the Bioshock Infinite panel, and a 1UP imposter roamed PAX east.

Duration: 01:42:52 - The Oddcast - 03/10/2011

Holy crap guys! The Game Developer's Conference happened! And we were there! We lost Alice in the crowd so we recorded without her.

Duration: 00:42:43 - The Oddcast - 02/18/2011

Thud... Thud... Thud... The water in your cup shakes. What can it be? You look over at your monitor; a podcast appears! We're joined this week by one Matt Clark (you may recall his winning blog entry a few years back that scored him a ticket to E3!) as we discuss Telltale Games' recent bevy of game announcements, including the dinotastic Jurassic Park. Some other stuff is discussed after that, but the important part is that Sam still doesn't know how to enter his credit card information into...

Duration: 01:19:34 - The Oddcast - 02/10/2011

Can somebody give their PlayStation 3 a hug? We talk about Sony's bad string of luck, how Japan thinks Catherine is better than MVC3, we ask why Tina likes to irritate her new boss, and Sam mentions something about why he loves Justin Bieber. Oh, and we finish off with Ballsrog's latest rap.

Duration: 00:57:32

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