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Ep. 25 How to create a travel community for women with Jennifer O'Brien

Have you ever wondered how you can create a travel community for women? A few years ago, Jennifer O'Brien wanted to explore offbeat destinations. However, traveling solo and being concerned about safety she explored online to find resources and tips to help her navigate the destinations. Jen came to realize that were was a lack of community for women, especially solo female travelers to connect with one another. This realization led Jen to create The Travel Women in 2015 where she aims to...


Ep. 24 How to create a location independent business that will help others with Leah Davis

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to create a location independent business that will help others full their dreams? Well, wonder no more because our next guest Leah Davis has done just that! Leah is a travel blogger and a location independent lifestyle expert. Her blog The Sweetest Way is a place for others to find encouragement and inspiration to create a life they truly love. On this episode, Leah discusses how to create a location independent business that will help others...


Ep. 23 How to optimize your travels with Sam Santoshini

Let's get real here and talk about many of you who actually love your 9-5 and your biggest challenge is learning how to balance your work and passion for travel. This week I talk with Sam Santoshini who has learned how to optimize her travel while still working her 9-5. Pertoleum Engineer by day, world traveler during the weekends, Sam has learned how to balance her weekends and public holidays to fulfill her passions to travel without quitting her day job. On this episode Sam discusses...


Ep. 22 How to budget and hustle as a freelance travel writer with Meagan Drillinger

This week, I talk to Meagan Dillinger who is a travel writer and founder of Vaera Journeys about how to budget and hustle as a freelance travel writer. After working as a Travel writer right out of college, Meagan knew that a full time writing position was not the right path for her, so in 2009 she traded in her cubicle for a chance to live and work from anywhere as a freelance travel writer. Since deciding to be location independent, Meagan has worked with Thrillist, Travel & Leisure,...


Ep.21 How to effectively monetize your blog with ecourses and online products with Jessie Festa

This week, I talk to Jessie Festa who is a solo female travel blogger and entrepreneur from Jessie on a Journey. Jessie created her blog (Jessie on a Journey) in 2011, when she wanted an outlet to share her journeys as a solo female traveler and could not find much content on the topic online! With a focus on solo, active and offbeat travel, Jessie provides tips and guides for travelers who want unique experiences and those who want to learn how to become a digital nomad. Jessie has...


Ep. 20 How to afford to travel the world by Teaching English Online with Matt and Marilyn

This week, I talk to Matt and Marilyn who are location independent online English teachers and travel podcasters from Words with Winos. Matt and Marilyn wanted to travel the world but knew they needed to find a career that would allow them the lifestyle. They tried teaching English in Korea in a classroom, but soon found that the strict schedule was not right for them. A friend then introduced them to teaching English online and it was the perfect fit for the life they knew they wanted...


Ep. 19 How leaving your 9-5 will not guarantee success unless you work hard to achieve it with Andrea Valeria

On this week's episode, I talk to Andrea Valeria who is a travel video blogger (vlogger). Before becoming a video blogger and digital nomad Andrea was a TV news reporter. Although she enjoyed being a host, it did not allow her much creative freedom. Needing a creative outlet, Andrea started a vlog that lead her to the creation of It's a Travel O.D. and have since allowed her to fulfill her dreams to become a fulltime vlogger and location independent. On this episode, Andrea discusses...


Ep. 18 How to deal with criticism and turn responsibility into an opportunity with Raha Moharrak

Growing up as a Saudi woman, Raha was given a lot of limitations due to her gender. Having an adventurous soul, Raha knew that she wanted to do something more than what her culture expected her to do, despite knowing she will have to deal with criticism. Then, Raha had what many would call a "crazy" idea to climb the worlds highest mountains. Climbing the 7 summits on its own was a challenge enough, but for Raha it also meant breaking a taboo. Today, Raha is the first Saudi female to...


Ep. 17 How to find your sweet spot and appreciate the present with Mel Legarda

Mel Legarda is a freelance journalist and traveler from London, with Filipino and Spanish roots. Mel knew that corporate life was not for her. In 2015, she took the leap and left her job in London to chase her dreams all the way to Southeast Asia. This journey taught her many personal lessons from the struggles of cultural identity to a quarter life crises that made her question her life choices. These struggles allowed her to leave the bubble that she grew up in. Today Mel is a...


Ep. 16 How to be a trailblazer and deal with the pressure to succeed with Meagan Morrison

My guest today is the talented Meagan Morrison. Who is the creator of Travel Write Draw. On this episode Meagan talks about how to be a trailblazer and dealing with the pressure to succeed. Meagan knew she wanted to be a Fashion illustrator but also wanted to incorporate her other interests in Travel and writing to her art. She discovered that there were no jobs that fit this niche so she did what many thought to be impossible. She forged her own path by creating her blog Travel Write...


Ep. 15 How to be a freelance remote translator with Leah Shoup

On this week's episode, I speak to Leah Shoup who is a remote translator and social media influencer. After graduating college, Leah became unsure which career path she should take. She knew that a 9-5 was not right for her. With a bit of hard work and networking, Leah was able to find a job as a remote translator, that allows her to live a location independent lifestyle. Today, Leah travels the world and continues to expand her language skills while working remotely as a translator...


Ep. 14 How to become Savvy Travel Food Writer with Tarajia Morrell

On this week’s episode of The Offbeat Life, I talk to Tarajia Morrell who is a travel food writer. Growing up, Tarajia was surrounded by the most amazing food and a dad who was a wine connoisseur. Her career path to becoming a food writer seems inevitable. However, it wasn’t until her 30’s when she finally realized that being a travel food writer was her purpose. Tarajia discusses how she is able to create a location independent lifestyle as a travel food writer, her struggles as an...


Ep. 13 How to help others, travel, and make money as a Travel Nurse with Ken Faeldonia

Have you ever wanted to learn how you can make an impact, and earn lots of mulla while traveling? On this week's episode I talk to Ken Faeldonia and learn how he has created a fulfilling lifestyle that allows him to help others, travel, and make money as a travel nurse! Like many of us, Ken was also confused about what he wanted to do. All of this changed when he traveled to a developing country and realized his purpose to become a nurse. Being a travel nurse has allowed Ken to combine...


Ep. 12 How to overcome missed opportunities and Be a Pineapple with Kat Gaskin

If you have ever scrolled around on Instagram, you may have come across the Be a Pineapple creator Kat Gaskin and her beautiful images of sunsets, beaches and salty pineapples. Kat is the original creator of the "Be a Pineapple" quote, which became viral on the internet. "Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside." - Kat Gaskin In this episode, Kat talks about how one missed opportunity gave her a lesson on how to be a better girl boss. Kat has now created a...


Ep. 11: Completing the 7 summits in 42 climbing days with A.C. Sherpa

Completing the 7 summits in the world in 42 days is only one of the many incredible things that Ac Sherpa has accomplished. I met Ac a few years ago when he was promoting International Sherpa guides at the NY Times travel show. Ac's humanitarian work and climbing the 7 summits is so incredible that I had to share his story with you! Ac was born in a small village in Nepal where he, along with many others in his town struggled daily. Ac then immigrated to the U.S. and lived with his...


Ep. 10: Traveling the world as a solo mom with Evie Farrell

On this episode I talk to Evie Farrell, a single mom of daughter Emmie and creator of mum pack travel. For over 20 years, Evie lived a conventional life until the death of a close friend allowed her to reevaluate her life and how she has been spending it with her daughter Emmie. Evie realized that she would rather provide her daughter with amazing experiences in her early years than giving Emmie material things but cost her time away from her daughter. Evie decided to take Emmie out of...


Ep. 9: Don't be Realistic about Life with Joseph Ruzer

Joseph Ruzer is a producer who has produced a variety of reality Television hits such as "Flavor of Love", 'Rock of Love" and "I Love New York" franchises. Joe left Reality Television to start a production company Ruzer Pictures where he now creates feature films, documentaries, web series and commercials. On this episode Joe talks about the Reality of Reality Television and trusting your self to decide your true path. Sponsor: Audible: Get 1 month with audible when you sign up with...


Ep. 8: Persistence is Key to Success with Carin Gilfry

Carin Gilfry is a graduate of Juilliard School and started her career as a professional opera singer. Carin became a voice actor after leaving a successful career as an opera singer and needing a new a career that allowed her to work remotely. Since becoming a voice actor, Carin has appeared in television commercials including Disney, and much more. On this episode Carin will talk about how talent will help you in the beginning but persistence will help you succeed, the...


Ep. 7: Creating a profitable travel blog with Jacob Fu

Jacob Fu along with wife Esther Julee are co-founders of The Local Adventurer. It was started as an outlet for Esther when she felt lost during a career transition. Six months after starting The Local Adventurer Esther realized she can monetize the blog and a few years later, Jacob left his job to focus on The Local Adventurer. Since then, their blog has grown to become one of the top 50 blogs in the world and has taken them to many incredible adventures. Find out what it takes to be a...


Ep. 6: Blending Business and Family with Alison and Allison

Alison Qualter Berna and Allison Schlanger met during a parent/child music class with their twins (yes, both ladies have twins and their names are Alison/Allison - it was meant to be). They were frustrated when resources for their children were not readily available. They decided to create a space for families in their neighborhood where they all wanted to come (both children and adults) and stay for a while. So they built apple seeds. 10 years later, they have multiple locations in New...


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