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The Old-disc Jockey celebrates the swing bands recorded between the late 1920s and the 1950s, presented by the enthusiastic, encyclopaedic and entertaining John Worthington, himself a radio deejay of the latter part of that era. You’ll hear a grand balance of original vocal and instrumental big-band music, the obligatory record by Duke Ellington (whom John calls the real fountainhead of it all) and some of the familiar hits of the era. But you'll also hear many less well-known treasures showcasing the style of the bandleader, or the skill of a particular sideman in the band. You might hear the trumpet of Charlie Shavers, a soloist in Tommy Dorsey’s band and others; a Benny Goodman number in which one or two trombone soloists strut their stuff; or Peggy Lee singing something you’d never have expected. And if you’re really lucky, you might hear one of the many swinging tracks lovingly restored by CKUA’s legendary Old-disc Jockey.



This program will be available tomorrow at 3PM.