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The Other Half is an exploration of the the other half of bunch of things. First, Anna and Annie want to take you on a tour of the other half of math — the fun half you might be missing when you learn math in school, the half that helps you makes sense of your own life. Undoubtedly you’ve struggled with math at some point and asked yourself, “what would I ever use this for?” They hope to give you some compelling and unexpected answers to that question.




Episode 5: Riding With Strangers

Transportation matters. When people need to get places, but don’t have a good way to do so, it’s more than just a drag for them – it’s also a drag for the economy. Americans are living increasingly far from their places of employment, which knocks walking or biking out of the way for many. And … Continue reading Episode 5: Riding With Strangers →

Duration: 00:20:21

Episode 2: The Road Trip

In The Road Trip, Anna and Annie look into the math that undergirds the great American summertime tradition of rolling down the windows, turning up the stereo, and touring the countryside by automobile. Randy Olson has made the planning part easy by computing the optimal road trip across the U.S. His work to minimize the miles between landmarks in the lower 48 has been featured in the Washington Post and on Discovery News. In fact, Tracy Staedter of Discovery News can be credited not only...

Duration: 00:34:27

Episode 0: Hello world!

Welcome to The Other Half. You’ll get to know us well as you continue to listen to our show, but Episode 0 is the first element of our set. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or via RSS

Duration: 00:04:20