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Deixa'm Dir-Te De Barcelona

Kevin recaps his first international trip to Barcelona. See Photos Here: Follow Kevin on Social Media Listen to Kevin's feature on So Much To Say Podcast with Craig Stewart.

Duration: 00:53:20

Parental Discretion Is Advised (Ft. @GerrickKennedy)

Award-winning journalist and author, Gerrick Kennedy, joins the show to discuss his new book "Parental Discretion is Advised". We also talk Spike Lee's "She's Gotta Have It" series, Xscape's opening night of "The Great Xscape" tour, and we even rank the discographies of both Brandy and Beyonce. This is an episode you don't want to miss! Pre Order: "Parental Discretion is Advised" (Available December 5th): Follow Gerrick on Twitter:

Duration: 02:04:31

Thankful Ramblings (Ft. @Talented_Timmy)

Guest, Timmy, joins the show to discuss Thanksgiving, music, and what it's like working in corporate America while also pursuing your passions. Follow Timmy on Instagram: @Talented_Timmy Follow The Outline Podcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @TheOutlinePodcast/@OutlinePodcast(twitter) Follow Kevin on Instagram and Twitter @TheWorldofKevin

Duration: 01:17:19

Life After Losing Loved Ones Ft. Mwabi

Mwabi has returned for a second time to discuss the process of restoration after losing loved ones. While this is a serious topic, the show will make you smile, laugh, and promote healing. Check out Mwabi on or follow her on Instagram: @MissMwabi Follow The Outline Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @TheOutlinePodcast Follow Kevin on Twitter and Instagram: @TheWorldofKevin

Duration: 01:48:13

With Yo Inconsistent Ass!

What opportunities are you missing because of inconsistency? Let's talk about it. Topics Covered: Xscape "Still Kicking It" on Bravo, Harry Potter, Beyonce pays homage to Lil' Kim, Vegan Donuts, and more! Post your favorite quote from today's show using #TheOutlinePodcast along with a link to listen. Follow @TheOutlinePodcast and @TheWorldofKevin on Instagram and Facebook. Follow @OutlinePodcast and @TheWorldofKevin on Twitter.

Duration: 00:54:49

They Judgin And You Livin

Everyone has opinions, which means everyone has judgments. With that said, are you living your best life in spite of others? Also Discussed: Sending photo albums just to get some ass Chrisette Michelle/Wendy Williams and hateful internet culture Negative energy dumps in friendship Follow @TheWorldofKevin and @TheOutlinePodcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Duration: 00:53:02

The Audacity Of These N**gas

This episode is all about audacious negros. From ass eating to borrowing money to entitlement and upholding rape culture. Follow @TheWorldofKevin & @TheOutlinePodcast on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Duration: 01:20:56

Out For The Count

Kevin talks about embracing singleness and the uphill climb of dating with serious non-negotiables. - Atlanta Pride 2017 -Restaurant sells Popeye's Chicken on Menu as own. -FDA approves smaller condoms because US men can't fit regular size. Follow @TheWorldofKevin & @TheOutlinePodcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Duration: 01:05:16


You say "selfish" like it's a bad thing! Kevin discusses the beauty of putting yourself first and living your best life. He shares a couple stories that provided great lessons about people-pleasing and unnecessary sacrifice. Also discussed: SZA's Atlanta Show Cam Newton's Sexist Remarks Nelly Rape Allegations Dove Soap Controversy Check Out "Monday Mornings" by Kala Stevenson Follow @TheWorldofKevin/ @TheOutlinePodcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram...

Duration: 01:15:12

You Gon' Pay What You Owe

Kevin talks TGIF on Hulu, Tamar Braxton's "Bluebird of Happiness" album, Will & Grace Reboot and More. Main Topics: Call Out Culture, Exposure, and the question of the week: Do you feel life owes you marriage and children? Follow @TheWorldofKevin / @TheOutlinePodcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Duration: 00:38:22

Should I Respond? #TheOutlinePodcast

On this week's show, Kevin talks Vh-1 Hip Hop Honors, Emmy's, Jack'd Beta Testing, "Insecure", the varying sex drives between men & women, and much more!!!! Main Topic: Do you respond to every message you receive on dating/hookup apps? Follow @TheWorldofKevin/ @TheOutlinePodcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Article Discussed in Show:

Duration: 00:52:48

It's Not You, It's Me. I Don't Like You.

The life of an ambivert. Friendly and Closed Off at the same damn time. Other Topics: -DACA phased out by Trump -This week's episode of Insecure -Atlanta Pride Recap Follow @TheWorldofKevin & @TheOutlinePodcast on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Duration: 00:38:10

Deal Breakers (ft. @Trillificent)

"I don't mind calling you 'daddy', I just need to send you my cash app details {First}" - Trillificent. Host of the "Gayside Stories" podcast, Trillificent, joins today's show to discuss dating Deal Breakers. Follow @Trillificent and @Gayside Stories on Twitter Follow @TheWorldofKevin and @TheOutlinePodcast on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Duration: 01:26:08

A Woman's Work (ft. Rosie)

Special Guest, Rosie, joins the show to talk feminism, growing up in a male centered world, and what the future holds for women's rights. Other topics: Charlottesville protest, Game of Thrones, International Travel. Follow Rosie on Instagram: @rosie1813 Follow Kevin on Instagram and Twitter: @TheWorldofKevin Follow #TheOutline Podcast on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter: @TheOutlinePodcast

Duration: 01:50:04

Unpack, Heal, and BEAM (ft. @YoloAkili)

Yolo Akili, Executive Director and Founder of BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective) joins the show to discuss unpacking trauma, the process of healing, and advocacy. We also cover sexual harassment and domestic violence in the Gay Community. Other Topics: -"Insecure" Ep. 3 - F*ckboys parading as good dudes -Another woman has come forward in the Usher STD story and it's revealing more about society than the people involved. Connect with Yolo Akili: @YoloAkili on Twitter &...

Duration: 01:02:48

Magical Thinking

"I should have..." "I should be..." Kevin dives into the concept of magical thinking, introduced by the HBO show, "Insecure". Other Topics: The Breakfast Club's involvement in transphobia, Minimalism, Plant Based Eating, and the problematic content of the 90's. Follow Kevin on Twitter & Instagram: @TheWorldofKevin Follow #TheOutlinePodcast on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @TheOutlinePodcast Get a Free Audiobook and 30-Day Trial from Audible at:...

Duration: 00:56:34

(RRG)Realistic Relationship Goals

Kevin talks realistic relationship goals, instead of those pesky, often idealistic, fairy tales. The winner of the #BrothersofLight Men’s Chakra Yoga Challenge, Clyde Hampton Jr., joins the show to talk about his yoga journey, aspirations, and more. Other topics: Vegan Food, “Game of Thrones”, “Insecure”, “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”, and “Girls Trip” Follow Clyde Hampton Jr. on Instagram: @hamp407 Follow Kevin on Instagram & Twitter: @theworldofkevin Follow #TheOutlinePodcast on Twitter,...

Duration: 01:02:07

Masculinity, Manhood, and Homophobia in Black Spaces - (Ft. @my_definisean)

Kevin's former classmate and Co-Host of "2 Live And Pod in LA", Sean Spikes, joins the show to discuss Homophobia in the Black Community. Do we believe that Black people are more homophobic than any other race? We discuss misconceptions, truths, and progression in the information age. Sean even shares his perspective on being an effective husband and father in present times. Other Topics: "Power", Soundcloud Issues, Concerts, and More! Article Discussed in Main Topic:...

Duration: 01:02:48

The Life of a Creative (Ft. @JarrettHill) Ep. 52

It’s the One Year Anniversary of #TheOutlinePodcast! Journalist, Interior Designer, and Host of NBCBLK Podcast “Back2Reality”, Jarrett Hill joins the show to help celebrate a special milestone and discuss the life of a creative. We talk about imposter syndrome, the importance of consistency, and learning to evolve with your passions. Other Topics: Jimmy Iovine & Dr. Dre’s “The Defiant Ones” on HBO Diddy’s “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” on Apple Music “True Blood” star, Nelsan Ellis dies of heart...

Duration: 01:22:20

We're Not All Broken (ft. @Scorpiyogi)- Ep. 51

Sensei Raven Ekundayo joins the show to talk mental wellness among Black Gay Men. We discuss the importance of self-care, a healthy release of emotions, and effective communication. Other Topics: Jay Z’s “4:44”, NBC cancels “The Carmichael Show”, and Yoga Classes. Follow Sensei Raven @Scorpiyogi @Wearetlm Follow Kevin Dwayne @TheWorldofKevin Follow the Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @TheOutlinePodcast Use #TheOutlinePodcast in your tweets and comments in social media!...

Duration: 01:55:19

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