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The Overlanding Podcast is a series dedicated to self-reliant vehicle dependent travel. The road less travelled is one full of incredible stories.

The Overlanding Podcast is a series dedicated to self-reliant vehicle dependent travel. The road less travelled is one full of incredible stories.
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The Overlanding Podcast is a series dedicated to self-reliant vehicle dependent travel. The road less travelled is one full of incredible stories.




#030 - The Snaith Family

Steve and Gilly Snaith took their two children, Alisha and Lucy, on an incredible 4-year journey through 58 countries, proving that kids are no excuse not to take an extended overland trip.

Duration: 01:08:39

#029 - E-Explorer

In this fascinating, inspirational episode I catch up with Benedikt and Magda from E-Explorer as we talk about their less than conventional adventure around the Caspian Sea.

Duration: 01:11:15

#028 - Will Snyder and Amy Cannon

Will Snyder and Amy Cannon join me at the Adventure Overland Show in Stratford Upon Avon to chat about their 8-month trip, with Caesar – an Ex MOD Landy, from the UK to South East Asia.

Duration: 00:53:35

#027 - Andy Smith Maps and Apps

No guests on this weeks podcast. Instead Andy talks about the apps and maps they used on their Around the World in 800 Days adventure.

Duration: 00:13:35

#025 - Nevil Stow

Adventure biker Nevil Stow runs the website MotoExped and the 9 Minute Moto Film Festival. He’s travelled extensively through North America and Canada as well as riding around the world.

Duration: 00:45:43

#023 - Campervan Culture

Jed’s passion for Syncros has organically grown into the website Campervan Culture, and in the process he’s inadvertently created a little sub-culture within the overlanding community.

Duration: 01:07:29

#022 - Pip Stewart

After spending 5 years living in Asia, Pip Stewart decided it was time to come home and so she cycled back to the UK. Late last year Pip cycled through Brazil and Peru to raise awareness of the plight of the Amazon forest.

Duration: 00:50:24

#021 - Laura Bingham

In 2016 Laura Bingham set off on an extraordinary adventure to cross an entire continent by bicycle without any money. Little did she know before she set off into this moral minefield, how challenging it was just going to be?

Duration: 00:56:04

#020 - Stephen Fabes

In 2010, Doctor Stephen Fabes waved goodbye to his colleagues at the Hospital and set out on a six-year journey through 75 countries. His first stop was a pub down the road where he spent several hours pondering his decision.

Duration: 01:03:15

#019 - Graeme and Luisa Bell (A2A Expedition)

I catch up with Graeme and Luisa Bell from A2A Expedition and we discuss travelling as a family, keeping it real and the trials and tribulations of writing, publishing and selling a book.

Duration: 00:48:10

#018 - Andy Smith (Around The World in 800 Days)

No guests on this week’s episode, instead Andy talks us through 10 things he’s learnt as an overlander on his ‘Around The World in 800 Days’ trip. This is the first of several ‘special’ episodes that will be scattered throughout the coming year.

Duration: 00:40:05

#017 - Shara Dillon and Ed Gill

In this episode I chat with Shara Dillon who drove solo from the UK to South Africa in her Toyota Landcruiser. Ed Gill sits in, as we discuss overcoming major obstacles before you’ve even left and many other subjects.

Duration: 01:10:02

#016 - Graham Field

Biker Graham Field became obsessed with the TV game show Deal or No Deal, to the point where he just had to appear on it. He won £5000 and declared he was going to ride his motorbike to Mongolia and that is just what he did.

Duration: 01:10:41

#015 - Mark White

In this episode we talk with Mark White who over the years has focused all his overlanding energies on really exploring one area, Morocco. Having visited the country countless times Mark is a bit of an aficionado for this frequently visited overland destination.

Duration: 01:22:49

#014 - Sirocco Overland

Gareth Griffiths under the guise of Sirocco Overland has many years experience of Overland trips. When he and his partner Lisa Grubb, decided to emigrate to Australia from the UK what better way than to drive.

Duration: 01:06:28

#013 - Tiggers Travels

John and Suzanne Curran describe themselves as two 50-somethings who wanted to experience “Adventure before Dementia.” Not having done anything like this before they naively jumped in at the deep end and purchased a VW Syncro T3 (named Tigger for obvious reasons) and prompty hit the road.

Duration: 01:24:27

#012 - Jacqui Furneaux

Unplanned, Jacqui Furneaux, on her 50th birthday bought a 500cc Enfield Bullet in India and embarked on a 7-year adventure travelling through countless countries. She experienced broken bones, pirates and a few near death experiences.

Duration: 01:05:45

#011 - Kirsty Larmour

Kirsty Larmour discusses the merits of travelling with kids, how they “prepared” for the trip, how the kids process and interpret their experiences and whether life on the road is beneficial to a child’s development.

Duration: 00:35:34

#010 - Steph Jeavons

Motorcyclist Steph Jeavons and I talk about travelling through all 7 continents, the challenges of India, the benefits of travelling by motorcycle on your own and what happens when you run out of money. We also talk about how she got to Antarctica.

Duration: 01:02:29

#009 - Heather Ellis

Heather Ellis and I talk about her book ‘Ubuntu’ which chronicles her solo overland journey through Africa on her Yamaha TT600 in the 1990’s. Starting with a light-bulb moment her story has twists and turns like the roads she rides.

Duration: 00:35:22

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