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PRPG Episode 52 - One Bad-Ass Chicken

Episode 52 – One Bad–Ass Chicken A New Addition, a Scarred-faced Fowl An Inner Sense of Rage With a Vicious Scowl.. This week the Party set out to finally Deal with Jayne and take down the island once and for all! What lurks at the auction this week? Where have all the guards gone? Will they be able to save any of the hapless adventurers? Are those tents structurally sound? Will Drumstick save the day? How Powerful has Jayne become? Can Jay manage to stop them? and What truly...

Duration: 01:36:58

PRPG Episode 51 - Deceit & Lemon Cake

A fat dragonkin, lazy and bloated... His half-orc slaves, to him, devoted... This week the party continue to investigate the island they discovered, last episode. What treasures are being sold off? What price will the party pay? Why are there so many guards? How will Belry deal with news about his leg? Can Tensho save the day? Who will be the all-powerful being? Also this week, Stilgar promotes high fashion, The Unnamed Rogue feels out of place & Rivane attempts to scam William &...

Duration: 01:18:21

PRPG: The LIVE Dragonmeet Special 2017

A Gathering of friends, A Tale of Suspense & Tension.. Of Sheep & Shoes, LIVE from the Dragonmeet Convention. This one shot Episode of Penance RPG was Recorded Live on the Evening of the 2nd of December 2017, at the Dragonmeet convention in London. Where Penance RPG had their first ever convention spot as part of the Podcast Zone. It Features An Amazing Cast including Members of Pretending with Dice, The Lore Maidens & Wizard on the Wynd. They Join Belry & Nikoli for a tale of Daring...

Duration: 02:24:48

PRPG Episode 50 - Ghost Ships In The Fog

An abandoned vessel, yet the cargo hold remains intact... What lies here waiting to pounce, to stop a potential ransack... This week, the party come across a seemingly abandoned boat while traversing some thick fog... What lies ahead in this dense fog? What happened to the crew of this ship? Why is it anchored here in the middle of the fog bank? Will Tensho ever be allowed to be heroic? Will Rivane’s decision doom them all? Can Ashriel think of a good insult in time? And how will...

Duration: 01:21:41

PRPG Episode 49 - Strength In Numbers

A stranded band of misfits, with roles set in stone... But something more sinister lurks here, hiding behind the throne... This week, the party encounter an island inhabited by a group who have created their own rules and regulations. How has Belry's recent loss affected him? What will the unnamed rogue find as she sneaks around the island Will Belry find a way to acquire a cane? Can Captain Ash resist correcting the misspelt sign? Should they stay or should they go? And how...

Duration: 01:16:09

PRPG Episode 48 - The Belry Picle Power Hour

A Magical Chest, A Madman In Charge... A Sinister Plot And A Bumblebear At Large... This week, Belry takes the helm as Nikoli was recovers from Bloodstock. The Party find themselves guided towards a mysterious island where an outcast wizard has been tinkering with Nature itself! What is observing them from the skies above? What is the cause of the mysterious wind and where is it taking them? Why do all the animals seem... Tainted? And who is the dark mastermind behind it all? Also...

Duration: 01:16:53

PRPG Episode 47 - The Tale Of Botanical Bedlam

The old man sits and waits, Emitting quiet groans, With clicks and whistles they rise around, to help pick clean the bones... Following the spiritual events of last week, the crew of The Sea Pony find themselves in trouble as the ship accidentally embeds itself on the hidden rocks of a small, mysterious island... What will it cost them to repair the boat? Will Cap’n Ash allow them to go adventuring before they’ve finished their chores? Where is the strange magic coming from? How is...

Duration: 01:21:19

PRPG Episode 46 - The Death Of Belry Picle

A tragic tale, a somber tone... The foretelling of a future, but... carved in stone? A dark opener for a story-rich season which begins with a tale of life, death, trust in what lies beyond and of course, berries. This week sees the start of season four continuing the tale of lost souls, as they escape across the seas from the cursed mainland. Will they find a form of salvation, or are they truly damned? What has happened to our fine adventurers since season 3? Where have they ended...

Duration: 00:55:48

PRPG Episode 45 - The Tale Of Alvinfall

It shudders and shakes; the mountain falls... Calling the end, for now, to these dungeon crawls... In the finale of Season 3, the party are rushing to escape the collapsing mountain! What could be the best way down? Do they have time to free the slaves? Does Belry end up blind? Will they retrieve the mighty Soul-Axe? And what will become of the party if they actually escape? Also this week, Tensho attempts to encapsulate Belry, Stilgar attempts to encapsulate Belry and The Nameless...

Duration: 00:47:21

PRPG - EPISODE 44 -The Tale of Comedy & Tragedy

A being of old; a collector of power... This land may fall at the eleventh hour... This week the party continue to ascend up the inside of the mountain. What lurks ahead of them? How will they get past the guards? Where did all these slaves come from? For what dastardly machine are the slaves imprisoned? Why does that noise fill Stillgar with dread? And how does this all tie in to the goings-on at the top of the mountain...? Also this week, Belry attempts to unearth a traitor,...

Duration: 01:10:23

PRPG Episode 43 - The Tale of the Snowy Mountain Trek

What sights to see, and more to go.. Of blood, and death, and hooves in the snow.. This week, the party are called to help defend a mountain stronghold. But where is the garrison they were sent to help? Why is their guide taking his time in following? What is lurking beneath the floorboards? How come it all seems familiar? and where is all of this leading? Also this week, something "does it” for Rivane, Tensho develops a new fear & Belry voices concern over sacrificial...

Duration: 00:59:17

Episode 42 - The Tale Of The Frolic In The Forest

The curse, undeath, will make your skin crawl... A frightened, blighted village fated to fall... This week, the party attempt to help a village undergoing a crisis. What happened to the village? Can the party help them in this hour of need? How did this infection spread? How will the party adjust to the changes from last week? And does Rivane really love Tensho? Also this week, Belry annoys a wizard, Rivane polite refuses a generous offer and Tensho feels the ill-effects of "moving...

Duration: 01:25:43

PRPG Episode 41 - The Tale Of Happy Families

An offer to the people, from one who looks akin... A resurrected past; complete with human skin... This week, the party finally have the answer to why Rivane is on the wanted posters! What are all the black-robed figures up to? Can the party truly succeed at blending into a crowd? How fantastic are buckets as disguises? Who is this mysterious figurehead? ... And who has she bought along with her? Also this week, Tensho looks into the light, Ashriel gives some sound advice and...

Duration: 00:59:18

PRPG Episode 40 - The Tale Of Snakes & Ladders

Between reptiles and vermin, they make their stand... Caught in the darkness, with a ladder in hand... This week, the party learn about the importance of ladders in everyday life... Why was Rivane on those wanted posters? Will the party agree to help the village? How much does Belry truly love Tensho? What is making that hissing noise? And how do you "writhe invitingly?" Also this week: someone upsets a wizard, Tensho takes a leap not the darkness and Belry learns about...

Duration: 01:16:51

PRPG Episode 39 - The Tale Of Drunken Dwarven Delving

A scene of slaughter; some barrels of booze... A misguided elf with no time to lose... This week, the party push on through an abandoned, dwarven settlement deep within the mountain. What caused such scenes of slaughter? Where did all the valuables go? Why does it feel like something is amiss? How will the party deal with Belry's greatest fear? And... What effect does "XXX Dwarven Mead" have on elves, tieflings and half-orcs? Also, Rivane tipples some ghost beer, Belry hatches a...

Duration: 01:11:45

PRPG Episode 38 - The Tale Of The Shindig In The Sewer

Vines & darkness; An ancient bell. What lies ahead in this shit-ridden hell? This week, the party attempt to escape from the city, via the sewers underneath. How will they disguise themselves from the guards? Where is all that noise coming from? What lurks under the green scummy water? Why is there an empty coffin just lying around? and When will Tensho learn not to hug things? Also this week - Andreadina becomes a doomsayer, Tensho declares a connection and Belry struggles with...

Duration: 01:05:21

PRPG Episode 37 - The Tale Of The Psyker

A troubled girl; a conspiracy in plot... Divulged by an illiterate, bumbling clot... Following last week's discovery of a psionic being inhabiting the princess of the realm, the party are contacted by a group who want to rid the kingdom of its presence. How can you stop her reading your thoughts? What is an acceptable reason for a monk to invite guest in at this hour? Why do you not want to be Belry, this week? And what do you do when you discover that things might not be going to...

Duration: 01:08:23

PRPG Episode 36 - The Tale Of The Scorned Demon

Of unrequited love, of final straws... A creature contained inside, with a psionic maw... This week, the party encounter a behemoth siege engine, as well as its disgruntled owner... Why is he bombarding the city? Who is the cause behind it all? What, for that matter, can launch a 90kg rock over 300 metres?! And why does everyone in the city walk upon eggshells? Also, Rivane creates another bestseller, the unnamed rogue tries a more direct method of diplomacy and Stilgar attempts...

Duration: 01:15:13

PRPG Episode 35 - The Tale Told Down The Well

A folly choice; a trap! A kettle of their own making... An encounter with a crone, who's heart is sorely breaking... This week the party encounter an old well in the middle of an abandoned battlefield. Who is the source of the cries from below? What will it take for the party to get wet? Who can save them in their hour of need? And what does she want from them...? My pretties... Also this week – Stillgar embarks on fruitful searching, Tensho gets upset and Rivane doesn’t handle...

Duration: 01:08:19

PRPG Episode 34 - The Tale Of Equine Ascension

Another vendetta; a strange ingredient; An enlarged beast, no longer obedient... This week, the party encounter a strange, old man who immediately takes issue with them... What is his problem? What secrets hide within his house? Why are there so many boxes? How do you calm down a gigantic, vengeful beast? And what fate befell the raptor village? Also, Stilgar finds a new weapon, Ashriel thinks quickly and everyone attempts to look on the bright side. All this and more as we...

Duration: 00:47:55

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