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Justin Williams & The SuperTangent Podcast

Justin Williams, Host of the The SuperTangent Podcast, is today's featured Podcaster. The SuperTangent podcast is about hobbies, loves, passions, collections, talks, and engage deeper in a positive way. It’s a platform for people that tells them that they are not alone. It’s also about pop culture and science fiction. Justin sees it as a healthy outlet, a cool platform, and a learning experience. Spirituality and relationships play a deep role, along with personal expression. He discusses...

Duration: 00:34:20

Dirk & 2Debate

I am live with Dirk from 2Debate! Future Show Notes will be available on

Duration: 00:43:15

Pablo Fuentes & Small Business War Stories

The Description of the Small Business War Stories Podcast goes like this. “Small businesses are the soul of America. This is where they tell their stories. We want to showcase how our stories bind us; how America is more united than it sometimes feels." Small Business War Stories is a weekly 30-45 minute show recorded in person with small business owners and operators. We discuss different topics and get the triumphs, struggles, and funny stories from our guests' everyday lives. During the...

Duration: 00:23:06

Gary Leland & The Crypto Cousins Podcast

After dipping his toes into the world of Cryptocurrencies Gary Leland started a new vertical with the Crypto Cousins Network. Located at, you will find his new podcast, blog, store and educational videos about Cryptocurrencies. Please visit for more details

Duration: 00:36:46

Rob Cressy & Bacon Sports Podcast

See more at ----- Rob Cressy is a entrepreneur and creator with a background in improv and comedy writing who helps brands tell their stories and engage audiences on multiple channels. As the founder of Bacon Sports, a content studio and sports publishing platform, his mission is to help others achieve their dreams through a love of sports. He believes that life and business should be fun, and through creativity, building relationships, and loving what you do...

Duration: 00:25:11

Podcast Marketing Summit: Craig Burgess & Get Doing Things

This is a special episode as it feature Craig Burgess (host of the Get DOING things podcast the Interesting Conversations podcast). Both Craig and myself will speaking at the upcoming podcast marketing summit. Jonathan Senior will be taking on the world's best Podcasters and holding them hostage until they reveal ALL their secrets just FOR YOU. To get your FREE SEAT - go to It’s coming to you in the new year, January 9th-11th. Craig Burgess is the creative...

Duration: 00:26:48

Jesse Kahat & Pearls From My Mom

Episode 77 is coming to you live on Spreaker. Jesse Kahat & Pearls From My Mom is a podcast about "Sharing the pearls of wisdom given to us by our late mothers".

Duration: 00:28:57

Joe & The Potentium Podcast

Joe and his brother Ed do a stream of consciousness, comedy oriented podcast focusing on news, politics, current events, society and pop culture. Joe joins Alexander to talk about the the podcasting life.

Duration: 00:28:42

Steven Pacheco & Trace Evidence

See more at Trace Evidence is a true crime podcast that focuses on unsolved cases, from chilling murders to missing persons and the unexplained. Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines each case, diving deep into the evidence and exploring the theories which revolve around them. For each unsolved case, there are the victims and their families, who want answers and the abductors and murders who hide the truth. Visit for more information.

Duration: 00:25:18

Giovanna Rossi & The Well Woman Show

Giovanna Rossi is the President and CEO of Collective Action Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to improving the lives of women and families through strategic planning, management and communications. Giovanna is also the Founder of Well Woman Life, which supports women to achieve their highest level of fulfillment and well-being, and the host of The Well Woman show, a radio show on KUNM 89.9fm and a podcast on iTunes. Giovanna holds a Master of Science degree in Public Policy from...

Duration: 00:23:12


We are LIVE with Tim Lewis from the Begin Self-Publishing Podcast. If you have any questions for Tim, he will answer them at the end of the interview. To send questions on Twitter @podcasterscoach or #livepodcast. Go directly on Spreaker and send a us a chat message. I am looking forward to speaking with @StonehamPress

Duration: 00:39:05

Kirk Griffin & The Podcast Discovery Show

It's almost like a book club for podcasts. It's 3 guys who love to listen and talk about podcast. Kirk shares what makes a great podcast, the need to produce and create, and developing relationships and engagement with other podcasters. Kirk Griffin from the Podcast Discover show. After the interview I will take your questions LIVE. Chat with Alexander on Spreaker or reach him on Twitter @podcasterscoach or #livepodcast

Duration: 00:34:01

Carole Sanek & the Crazy Marketing Ladies Show

Live Broadcast. My special guest is Carole Sanek from the "Crazy Marketing Ladies Show" and "the Stories from Many Hearts" podcast.

Duration: 00:35:19

On the Edge with Mike Peacock

Full show notes at Mike Peacock joins me today to talk about various things including getting out of a rut, podcast as therapy, creativity, and of course his podcast - On The Edge.

Duration: 00:28:03

Robert Ingalls & Getting Over The Girl

Please visit for more details BIO Robert Ingalls is a podcaster, lecturer, writer, recovering attorney, and men’s relationship coach. Robert’s coaching practice supports men dealing with the fallout of a breakup and helps them heal their minds, transform their bodies, and rebuild their lives. His podcast “Getting Over the Girl” is launching in December, and you can join his private Facebook group now at You can connect with Robert at...

Duration: 00:25:22

Ramona Rice and the Spapreneur Podcast

Live Broadcast. Show notes to follow shortly.

Duration: 00:29:58

Civilla Morgan & Childless not by Choice

Live Broadcast. Show notes to follwo shortly.

Duration: 00:35:20

Fact & Fiction: Dale Wiley & Soutee

Fact & Fiction Dales Wiley presents his podcast on Steve Sautee, fact & fiction, and the idea of legend. Dale personally knew Soutee as a bigger than life character, who seemed fictional, but was quite real. He shares the intent of the podcast, wishing to be able to ask Soutee questions, and loving him, despite his flaws. He is podcasting about a character that people will want to learn about. Dale has already been given the opportunity to host a one hour radio show and he hopes to cast a...

Duration: 00:25:14

Doing Everything Together: Tawny Platis & Dirty Bits

Doing Everything Together George and Tawny are doing everything together, and that includes podcasting. Both struggle with ailments and producing a podcast together gave an opportunity to create something together, possibly full time. Tawny Platis joins The Podcaster's Life today to discuss the Dirty Bits journey, joining a Network, the growth of the show, and the wonderful engagement from their listeners. What originally started off as a podcast to show case voice over talent, has...

Duration: 00:40:10

Guest Empathy: Sean Douglas & Life Transformation Radio

Guest Empathy Sean Douglas brings you 'Life Transformation Radio' where he has meaningful conversations and internalizes a powerful guest empathy. He has had many amazing well known guests like Bruce Buffer, Frank Shankowitz, Greg Reed, and Tom Ziggler. Often, he finds himself empathizing with guests who have dealt challenging life struggles, and during this time, he gets into the hole with them while they are on the show. Sean identifying himself as Podcaster and discusses the uniqueness of...

Duration: 00:17:51

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