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Welcome to The Poetry Show - a weekly podcast that aims to take that thing you hated in school and transform it into something exciting, interesting and relatable.

Welcome to The Poetry Show - a weekly podcast that aims to take that thing you hated in school and transform it into something exciting, interesting and relatable.
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Welcome to The Poetry Show - a weekly podcast that aims to take that thing you hated in school and transform it into something exciting, interesting and relatable.




S02 Episode 7: Inspiration

This week, The Podcast Poets are headed by Alan Gillott with guest Kit Marshall as the theme of Inspiration is considered. Poems: Rose Drew; 'A Gift of History' Alan Gillott; 'Empty Walls', 'Off Composition' Becca Miles; 'On The Precipice of My 14th Year' Kit Marshall; 'Sticks and Stones'


S02 Episode 6: Machines

The Podcast Poets are back this week to discuss Machines! Listen to their poems and the discussion around the poems as The Podcast Poets are joined by guest, Neil Cathan. Poems: 3:22 '$10 Off At Staples' - Rose Drew 16:25 'My Machine Shines Light Through Liquids' - Becca Miles 17:35 'Hurled Along Steel Tracks' - Neil Cathan 20:12 'Carousel' - Alan Gillott 25:19 'It Takes 10 Strong People' - Rose Drew 27:58 'Boxing Treadmills' - Alan Gillott 32:17 'Trains Coming' - Neil Cathan FOLLOW THE...


S02 Episode 5: Sleep

Struggling to sleep or loving sleep? Either way, listen to this episode! This week The Podcast Poets; Rose Drew, Alan Gillott, Becca Miles and special guest Neil Cathan chat about sleeping and well, not sleeping -- enjoy! Poems: 2:20 'Tis The Season To Be Jolly' (snippet) - Rose Drew 2:34 'All Good Servers' (snippet) - Rose Drew 3:07 'War Is Hell, Hell Is War' - Rose Drew 3:36 'Insomnia Open Mic' - Rose Drew 10:04 'Asleep' - Alan Gillott 14:04 '21 Hours' - Neil Cathan 23:16 'Type 2 False...


S02 Episode 4: Gender

Join The Podcast Poets; Rose Drew, Alan Gillott and Becca Miles as they host this new episode of The Poetry Show on the topic of GENDER, featuring special guest Kit Marshall. Poems: 3:07 'Women Are From Mars and Men Are From Penis' - Rose Drew 16:59 'Fist Fight At The Sainsbury's Checkout' - Kit Marshall 19:21 Poem by Peter Green - read by Becca Miles 22:47 'Poetrix' - Alan Gillott FOLLOW THE POETRY SHOW Twitter: Instagram:...


S02 Episode 3: Role Playing

This episode is hosted by our resident poet Becca Miles as she takes us through the theme of 'Role-Playing' in this super fun episode! Join us now! Poems: 2:26 'Sonnet' - Becca Miles 7:29 'Games' - Alan Gillott 12:50 'Sewing Lessons' - Rose Drew 17:25 'Butterfly Dreams' - Kit Marshall 23:52 'Poem For A Fictional Person' - Becca Miles FOLLOW THE POETRY SHOW Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:...


S02 Episode 2: Grandparents

In this episode, The Podcast Poets are again joined by special guest Kit Marshall. Alan Gillott hosts this episode along side Rose Drew and Becca Miles with their poems and stories on the theme of Grandparents. Poems: 1:53 'Grate' - Alan Gillott 13:01 'Staring Out From The TV Screen' - Becca Miles 16:01 'Gaia' - Kit Marshall 20:36 'Tying Up Loose Ends' - Rose Drew 26:04 'In This Little Space We Meet' - Becca Miles Please like, comment and subscribe so you never miss an episode! --- FOLLOW...


S02 Episode 1: Friends

In this episode of The Poetry Show Podcast, host Rose Drew takes us through the theme of Friends! Starring; Rose Drew, Alan Gillott, Becca Miles and special guest Kit Marshall! Poems: 2:12 'Looking For A Friend' - Rose Drew 2:39 'To A Friend' - Rose Drew 3:10 'Hey' - Rose Drew 10:15 'Trust' - Alan Gillott 12:30 'It's Love But Not As You Know It' - Becca Miles 19:08 'An Ode To Josh' - Kit Marshall FOLLOW THE POETRY SHOW Twitter: Instagram:...


Season Finale: Open Mic

Join us for the season finale of The Poetry Show! To go out with a bang, we have a very special episode. Join The Podcast Poets as they host the York Spoken Word Open Mic from the Exhibition Hotel. Enjoy! Poems Used: Rose Drew; 'Parts In-Between' Laurence O'Reilly; 'Cry For Help' Alan Gillott; 'Open Heart' and 'Careless Love' Nick David; Reads an opening to his new novel Louise Mason; 'Equal Breaths' and 'The World Spins' Bob Horten; 'The Gelatine Business: How Not To Be A Working Class...


Episode 34: Mythology

The Podcast Poets this week are offering their poems on the theme of Mythology. Alan Gillott is hosting today's episode along side fellow Podcast Poets; Rose Drew, Becca Miles and guest, Kit Marshall. Poems Used: Rose Drew; 'The Green Man and Other Legends Alan Gillott; 'The Genesis of Myth' and 'Haiku' Becca Miles; 'Inanna' Kit Marshall; 'Pygmalion'


Episode 33: Science

The Podcast Poets are back again this week with special guests Maxine Ridge and Damian O'Connor. This week Alan takes us through the theme of 'Science' with some awesome poems. Poems Used: Rose Drew; 'Millimeters' and 'Safekeeping' Alan Gillott; 'Buckminsterfullerene' and 'Sandy Touch' Maxine Ridge; 'The Scientist and The Butterfly' and 'Crash' Damian O'Connor; 'The Test Tube of Things and Stuff' and 'The Theory of Evaluation'


Episode 32: Other People's Poems

This week, The Podcast Poets have some very special guests! Rose and Alan are joined this week by Damian O'Connor and Maxine Ridge to discuss and perform 'Other People's Poems. Poems Used: Rose Drew; 'Staying in Love' by Charles Rafferty and 'Against Hesitation' by Charles Rafferty Alan Gillott; 'Anthem For Doomed Youth' by Wilfred Owen and 'After Class' by Gus Step Maxine Ridge; 'She Walks In Beauty' by Lord Byron and 'Lover' by Mab Jones Damian O'Connor; 'Modern Man' by George Carlin and...


Episode 30: History Rewritten

In this weeks episode of The Poetry Show, The Podcast Poets rewrite History. Join the poets and guests Tanya Parker and Becca Miles for an episode on ‘Rewritten History’.


Episode 29: Art

In this week's episode of The Poetry Show podcast, Laurence takes the helm and hosts this fantastic episode on the theme of Art. Listen to The Podcast Poets and their guest Tanya Parker as they share their poems and thoughts on the topic. Poems Used: Rose Drew; 'First Chair' and 'Music Shop' Alan Gillott; 'Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus' and 'Dancer' Laurence O'Reilly; 'Muse Blues Part II' Tanya Parker; 'Fragment' and 'Limelight'


Episode 28: Confrontation

For this week's episode of The Poetry Show, The Podcast Poets (Rose, Alan and Laurence) look at the theme of Confrontation. Listen to hear their poems and their thoughts on the matter. Poems Used: Rose Drew; 'Museum Basement' and 'Time Warp' Alan Gillott; 'Consequences' and 'Bare Essentials' Laurence O'Reilly; 'Restorative Justice'


Episode 26: Fear

The Pod Poets are joined by special guest Neil Cathan. This week the topic of discussion is Fear. So come on, listen to this show, there's nothing to be afraid of! Poems Used: Rose Drew; 'Woman Kind' Alan Gillott; 'There Is A Reason' and 'As Romans Go' Laurence O'Reilly; 'Fear' and 'I Learnt About Fear Early On' By Don Walls Neil Cathan; 'You're Not Gonna Hurt Me, Right?' and 'Fear'


Episode 24: Hidden Languages

Lucy Furlong is back this week to talk about Hidden Languages. Listen now to hear poems and poetic discussion! Poems Used: Rose Drew; 'The Polish Embassy' Lucy Furlong; 'I Fell In Love With An Emoticon' Alan Gillott; 'Embarrassed' and 'Would You Be So Kind' Laurence O'Reilly; 'What We Didn't Say And Exactly What We Meant'


Episode 23: Job Share

This week we are full to the brim with poetic excellence. We have 5, yes 5 poets in today to share their poems on the theme of Job Sharing. Join The Podcast Poets and Lucy Furlong for this special episode of The Poetry Show! Poems Used: Rose Drew; 'Late Night Time, Before The Dizzy Exhaustion Of Single Parenthood Sets In' and 'Growing Up' Alan Gillott; 'Haiku 1', 'Haiku 2' and 'Haiku 3' Laurence O'Reilly; 'Job Share' Charli Goodfellow; 'Tonight You Cried When I Left For Work' Lucy Furlong;...


Episode 22: Pets

Join The Pod Poets for a poetic discussion on the theme of Pets. Poems Used: Rose Drew; 'Soft Satan' and 'Off The Leash' Alan Gillott; 'His Name Was Cocky' and 'Cat Like Tred' Laurence O'Reilly; 'Pet Hates'


Episode 21: Seasons

Join The Pod Poets for an episode devoted to the topic of Seasons. The Poets share their own poems and take time to discuss their meanings. Have any topic ideas? Send them in! Poems Used: Rose Drew; 'After The Storm', 'September' and 'Blush' Alan Gillott; 'Fall Suspended' and 'Beverley' Laurence O'Reilly; 'Winter'


Episode 20: Conflict Resolution

For this episode, the theme is Conflict Resolution! Listen to The Pod Poets share and discuss the meanings behind their own poems. Poems Used: Rose Drew - 'Parking Lot' Alan Gillott - 'Realisation' and 'New World' Laurence O'Reilly - 'Office Bullying'


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