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Welcome to The PopSmoke Show, where veteran Artists, Creatives and Entrepreneurs (ACEs) share stories, ideas and experiences to deliver trusted transition training. Stories about past successes and setbacks. Ideas about future plans and projects. And experiences about how ACEs got to where they are today. Learn from awesome veterans and military spouses who are each starting, building and growing something they care about. You're guaranteed to gain valuable insights that will help you transition to do your own thing.




039: Navy's Iwuji Races to Become a NASCAR Pro

More - In today's episode Jesse answers: - How is the Navy allowing you to race while active duty? - What is the pipeline to NASCAR? - What separates the greats from the everyone else? - What are some of the unwritten rules and etiquette? - What’s the best tip you would give to a new driver? - What’s one challenge you are facing right now? - Can you share how sponsorship works in racing? - How much do you get paid? - Do you own the car? - What do you think the future of NASCAR...

Duration: 00:30:36

037: Increase Legit Traffic to Your Blog, Blab or Business

More — For today’s conversation, we feature Scott Warren who runs the Clickology Facebook group for veteran entrepreneurs and marketers. And in our Sponsored Seat we have Sam Meek, Co-founder of Sandboxx and sponsor for today’s live show. Part 1 ~ Different Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog, Blab or Business -LinkedIn -Facebook -Instagram -Twitter -Google + -Text -Phone -Email -Niche Communities -Audio Podcasts -Video Podcasts -YouTube -Sharing Sites Full show notes here:...

Duration: 00:44:45

031: Inside the Mind of a Social Media Director and Podcaster

More - Meet Dan Evans, Active Duty Marine, founder the Military Entrepreneur Show, Family • Entrepreneurship • Social Media In today’s episode, Dan answers: -How did you become the Social Media Director for Marine Corps Recruiting West? - How much time do you devote each day to each social media platform? - What social media platform do you find gives the best return on time invested? - How do you measure success and what metric does the Marine Corps care about? - You have more...

Duration: 00:46:49

The Making of an Expert

More - Matt's the founder of PopSmoke. PopSmoke delivers trusted transition training with veterans. In today’s episode, Matt answers: - What was one mistake you made when starting out? - What’s one challenge you're experiencing right now trying to grow PopSmoke? - What’s one thing you’re doing really well right now? - What’s the best business advice you received? - What’s a great habit you’re doing right now? Key Topics discussed: - How to Organize Your Business - The...

Duration: 00:21:02

019: Your Legal Docs Made Easy with NextGenJustice

More - Derek served in the Army as an IT and Communications Director. He's a 2x TechStars Patriot Boot Camp Alumni, attending events in Madison, Wisconsin and New York City. Derek also completed Syracuse's Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. He holds a degree in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. His interests include traveling and investing. Currently, Derek's the CEO of NextGenJustice and the Executive Director of The Bunker of Jacksonville. About NextGenJustice...

Duration: 00:42:02

017: Veteran Steps into Luxury Sock Industry

More - Josh’s a recently transitioned Naval Officer. Prior to transitioning out of the military, he worked with the CNO’s Rapid Innovation Cell. He holds a degree in History from the University of Chicago and a Masters in International Relations and National Security from Georgetown University. He also studied Imperial History at the University of London. In 2007, he completed the NOLS Desert Survival course. Currently, he’s the founder of Penance Hall. I met Josh at The Defense...

Duration: 00:35:49