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* Former Special Operations Soldier, Intelligence Collector and Special Agent, and Whistle Blower. * Current Renaissance Man and Broad Subject Matter Expert. * Ex-Government insider, now living outside the box, speaking truth to power! * Now your intelligence officer exposing the deep state and fake news! Jeffrey is known for breaking stories on government cover-ups and predicting what the left will do before they do it! He has a real-life insider perspective with a heap of credentials to back him up. Jeffrey has his own sources that are spot on, which acts as an early warning system for his listeners. Real Life Experiences: • Served with and trained Special Forces. • Worked in the Pentagon as Chief of Global Operations Center for the Defense Intelligence Agency. • Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration who turned “Fast and Furious” whistle blower. • Martial Arts Ninja Master certified in Japan. • Television and SAG film actor. • NRA & Law Enforcement Firearms instructor. • Ordained Chaplain. Appearances: • Fox’s News, the Drudge Report • The Laura Ingram show on Fox Radio • Jeffrey has appeared weekly for over a decade on local TV and radio. • Known nationally as That Guy from That Thing on 1041 KQTH, and Secret Agent Man on Center Right Radio. • His own radio show every Sunday at 3:00 pm MST on KVOI am 1030 the voice. His show is the “Prather Point”. As an accomplished speaker, published author, frequent television news contributor. Weekly radio host. Electrifying audiences from America to Australia. If you want truth, you want Prather! Interested in having Jeffrey Prather as a guest on your show or as a speaker at your event? Contact: Jeffrey Prather |