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The Premise is a new podcast from Forbes’ tech news team that defogs and defuses the hype in business technology. We try to spot and explain the most important trends in mobile, security, cloud and data and explore how companies and organizations are using these tools to make the world a better and more profitable place. The Premise will alternate between feature segments and interviews with the brightest minds in tech.






Tech vs. Tyranny

A common marketing schtick with Silicon Valley startups is that they're making the world a better place, but here's a company that may actually fit the description: it gives people hidden cameras to record human-rights abuses. Oren Yakobovich explains how he dropped out of the Israeli army to spend a decade flipping the idea of Big Brother on its head. Parmy and Alex discuss the pros and cons of technology's power to change the world, in the 50th and final episode of The Premise.

Duration: 00:48:13

Universities As Startup Engines

Parmy and Alex are joined by Forbes staff reporter Alex Konrad to talk about the increasingly important role that universities play in the tech startup world by turning their research into marketable products. Alex Knapp interviews Charlie Lewis, Senior VP of Venture Development at Arizona State University's tech transfer arm, about how universities empower both students and faculty to become entrepreneurs.

Duration: 00:42:13

Tech Diplomacy In A Trump World

Parmy and Alex discuss the implications of increasingly isolationist policies from the U.K. and U.S. on the technology industry, with issues like immigration and free trade now more at stake than ever. Britain's first female consul general to San Francisco, Priya Guha, also speaks about the art of wooing tech startups to London from Silicon Valley.

Duration: 00:40:08

Got A.I.? You're Hired.

Will artificial intelligence take away jobs, or just change the nature of how we work? Parmy and Alex discuss some of the arguments and fears around automation, while Alex interviews Joe Lobo, chief bot master at startup Inbenta, who says people will simply need to be retrained for jobs impacted by AI.

Duration: 00:39:31

Mr. Trump Goes To Cambridge

Parmy interviews Alexander Nix, CEO of Cambridge Analytica, about their work doing data mining and analysis for the Trump campaign; Parmy and Alex discuss the company's efficacy despite the outcome of the election.

Duration: 00:32:55

No Longer Lost In Translation - Ep 34

Parmy talks to Luis Von Ahn, founder of language learning platform Duolingo, and Vasco Pedro, founder of translation AI service Unbabel, about the great strides being made in translation software - largely thanks to artificial intelligence.

Duration: 00:43:07

Tech's New World Order

Parmy and Alex discuss the theory that tech giants Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple, collectively known as GAFA, are having an increasingly powerful impact on the world as they vie to become a hub for all aspects of daily life. The show features Jeremy Ghez, a professor of international affairs at HEC Paris who says consumers can keep these companies in check... but will they?

Duration: 00:38:16

When Tech Tackles Disabilities

Forbes reporter Kathleen Chaykowski speaks to Thibault Duchemin, Founder & CEO at Ava, who grew up as the only hearing person in a deaf family and built an app that helps them join in the world around them. Parmy and Kathleen discuss how tech originally built for the disabled has become fundamental to the gadgets most people use everyday.

Duration: 00:36:52

The Tech Stories To Look For This Fall

For our last episode of season one, a roundtable of Forbes reporters discuss the tech stories to watch for this Fall, from Apple to self-driving cars.

Duration: 00:36:03

The Software That Organizes Your Life

People are using Trello to plan everything from their weddings to their sales strategies. But what happens when the market is overrun with productivity apps, including some that are just too addictive?

Duration: 00:34:19

Q&A With Monsanto CTO Robert Fraley On The Farm Of The Future

At the Forbes AgTech Summit, Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard sits down with Dr. Robert T. Fraley, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Monsanto, about what the future holds for farming technology.

Duration: 00:35:00

Inside Instagram's Success Story

In 2015, Instagram earned an estimated $630 million in revenue. In 2016, it's on track to earn $1.5 billion. In this episode, we examine how Instagram made itself a prestige brand for advertisers and why its acquisition by Facebook is a model that other tech companies should pay attention to.

Duration: 00:44:15

Manipulating Machines With Magic Wands (And Your Mind)

For decades, we used the mouse and keyboard to tell our computers what to do. Today we’re starting to use touchscreens and voice commands. Tomorrow? We may use nothing more than a flick of our wrist – or our thoughts. Join us as we talk to some of the innovators creating the interfaces of the future.

Duration: 00:32:25

How Tech Is Changing The Future Of Farming

The recent Forbes AgTech Summit highlighted over 40 companies working to change the technology behind agriculture. We talked to Julie Borlaug of the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture and Kim Nicholson, VP of Business Development at Spensa Technologies. They talked about how big data, robots, machine learning and better bug zappers are revolutionizing farming.

Duration: 00:34:32

Big Brother Health

Startup Big Health has found a way to make the staff at LinkedIn and Comcast more productive, by helping them sleep more. It’s part of a growing trend of digital medicine that’s increasingly being found in the workplace.

Duration: 00:30:43

How Software Makes Your Company More Productive

The software people use in their day to day lives has come a long way since Lotus 1-2-3. We talk to Box CEO Aaron Levie and Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane about how the world of enterprise apps changed in the smartphone era – and how it will change further in the future.

Duration: 00:40:39

Self-Driving Cars In The Smart City

Autonomous vehicles are getting closer to a daily reality – and infrastructure and regulations are racing to keep up. We talked to Local Motors CEO John Rogers about autonomous shuttle Olli, and Peter Esser from NXP about the infrastructure for autonomous cars and smart cities.

Duration: 00:43:46

How Will Brexit Impact The Tech Industry?

On Thursday, June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. Forbes staffers Parmy Olson, Alex Knapp, and Maggie McGrath discuss the initial impact to markets from the Brexit result, and what this vote might mean for tech industries in the UK and beyond going forward.

Duration: 00:25:58

Drones In The Enterprise

More and more, drones are finding their way into businesses you wouldn’t expect – from insurance to the oil & gas industry. We talked to Paul Doersch, CEO of Kespry and Jonathan Downey, CEO of Airware about the potential for drones – and the data they collect – to transform traditional industries.

Duration: 00:31:38

Disrupting Regulation

As technology advances, regulators are struggling to keep up. We talked to Neelie Kroes, a member of Uber's public affairs advisory board, and Jeff Matthews, Director of Venture Strategy and Research for the Space Frontier Foundation. They gave the lowdown regarding the regulatory environment on the ground – and above the skies.

Duration: 00:36:44

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