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Comedians Carey Marx, Barry Castagnola and guests pick apart, brutalise, elbow in the throat and then, when they’ve really killed it, autopsy the news so thoroughly that the newspapers will think very carefully before they ever report anything again.




Recorded Live at The Sheffield Comedy Festival

Carey Marx and Barry Castagnola are joined by stand up, actor and BBC Radio Sheffield breakfast presenter Toby Foster and New Zealand comic Sam Wills, aka The Boy With Tape On His Face. They discuss David Cameron's speech at the Tory Party Conference, Theresa May, Ken Clarke and Catgate, Liam Fox's special advisor, the 10 year anniversary of the Afghanistan War and the anti-Wall Street protests in the US. All in front of a live audience.

Duration: 00:43:46

Foxy Knoxy, Waco Jacko, Silly Milli and Smeggy Cleggy

In the first show of the new series, Carey Marx and Barry Castagnola are joined by award-winning comedians Hannah Gadsby and Jason John Whitehead to discuss Amanda Knox's release, The party conferences, Michael Jackson's Doctor's trial, Rhianna's saucy video shoot interrupted by a Christian Northern Irish farmer, and cat theft.

Duration: 00:43:37

Live From The Edinburgh Festival - Riots Special

Carey Marx and Barry Castagnola are joined by Robin Ince and Janey Godley to discuss the shooting of Mark Duggan, the riots, looting and the response of the media and authorities.

Duration: 00:49:35

31 May 11 - Barack, BBQs, Bungs And Britain's Got Less Talent Than We Thought...

Carey Marx is back and he and Barry Castagnola are joined by fellow comedians Paul Tonkinson and Lucy Porter to discuss Barack Obama's State visit, Cheryl Cole's US X Factor rejection, Ed Milliband's wedding and FIFA corruption. Last one of the series.

Duration: 00:45:22

23 May 11 - Rapture, Rape, Romania And Revised Borders

Barry Castagnola is joined by fellow stand ups Adam Bloom and Josh Howie to discuss the end of the world, Ken Clarke's rape 'gaffe', Barrack Obama's speech on Israel, and Larry Hagman's claim that Dallas brought down Communism in Romania (all with extra digressions and anecdotes).

Duration: 00:43:12

16 May 11 - Judicial Challenges, Drugs And Jedward

Barry Castagnola is joined by fellow comedians Andrew Maxwell and Geoff Norcott to discuss Max Mosley's defeat at the European Court of Human Rights, Hugh Grant's support of injunctions, Camilla's defence of free speech, political correctness, Channel 4's drug documentary and The Eurovision Song Contest.

Duration: 00:40:17

09 May 11 - Local Elections, Lib Dems Larruped, Lies About Bin Laden And The Legality OfLibel

Barry Castagnola is joined by fellow comedians Brendon Burns and Alistair Barrie to discuss the Liberal Democrats' poor results in the local elections and AV vote, the coalition resembling an abusive marriage, Chris Huhne's misdemeanors, the highly unlikely affair between Jemima Khan and Jeremy Clarkson, the equally false allegations about Gabby Logan and Alan Shearer, and the fallout from the killing of Bin Laden.

Duration: 00:42:08

04 May 11 - Bin Laden, Batons, Beatrice And Beatification

Barry Castagnola is joined by guest host Nick Doody (Carey is still away) and fellow stand ups Andre Vincent and Dave Fulton to discuss the killing of bin Laden, the reaction to the Royal Wedding, the inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson, and Pope John Paul II's beatification.

Duration: 00:39:51

28 Apr 11 - Lags Scarpering, Lizards' Spines And Loads Of Swearing

Barry Castagnola and guest host Matt Kirshen are joined by fellow comedians Ben Norris and Kate Smurthwaite to discuss The Royal Wedding, AV, Taliban prisoners escaping, gagging orders, racist singers and Gwyneth Paltrow's c*nt of a nan (her words not ours).

Duration: 00:31:53

18 Apr 11 - Friendly Fire, Face Covering, a Fake Prince and a Fanatical Doctor

Carey Marx and Barry Castagnola are joined by fellow comedian Tiernan Douieb and broadcaster and writer Mark Webster to discuss ‘Dr Death’ and assisted suicides, the possibility of Zsa Zsa Gabor becoming a mother again at the age of 94, Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya, the right to wear a Burqa or display a cross, gay kisses and Bobby Davro simulating sex with a kangaroo.

Duration: 00:42:13

12 Apr 11 - Royal Wedding, Reforms, Ryan Air, Reporter Bugging and Ridiculous Rapping

Carey Marx and Barry Castagnola are joined by Matt Kirshen and visiting American comedian Lee Camp to discuss NHS reforms, the Andrew Lansley rap, Nick Clegg's tears, David Cameron's budget holiday, Barrack Obama's alien scar, etiquette at the Royal Wedding, Tara Palmer Tomkinson's nose, the News of the World's voicemail hacking and Hugh Grant turning the tables on a journalist.

Duration: 00:38:29

04 Apr 11 - A Bell Banging Bonanza Of Blasphemy, Book Burning, Barrymore And Beckham Bashing

Carey Marx and Barry Castagnola are joined by fellow comics Matt Welcome and Neil Cole to discuss Libyan defector Moussa Koussa or Musa Kusa (depending on which paper you read); US Pastor Terry Jones' Koran-burning; Michael Barrymore's comeback gigs; David Walliams, Lee Mack, Jimmy Carr and Kate Garraway's 'offensive' jokes about celebrities; Wayne Rooney's foul mouth and lame April Fools pranks.

Duration: 00:36:33

28 Mar 11 - Cuts, Cops, Clegg And Cow Poo

Barry's away, but Carey Marx is joined by Nick Doody and Matt Kirshen to discuss government spending cuts, protests, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband, Anarchy, The Night Stalker, Gerontophilia, Cow Poo Fetish and the Census.

Duration: 00:41:29

21 Mar 11 - Bomb, Blair Sex, Berlusconi And Bunga Bunga

Carey Marx and Barry Castagnola are joined by fellow stand ups Alistair Barrie and Dave Fulton to discuss the 'no fly zone' over Libya, sex with the Blairs, the Japanese Nuclear Crisis, the Italian attitude to sex, Jamie Oliver's ridiculously-named children, Princess Diana's advise to Kate Middleton, Mohamed al Fayed's statue of Michael Jackson and more.

Duration: 00:37:35

14 Mar 11 - Princes, Paedophiles, Prosthetic Arms Sales And Prophetic Colonels

Nick Revell and Mark Maier join hosts Carey Marx and Barry Castagnola to discuss Colonel Gaddafi, Charlie Sheen, Prince Andrew's paedophile pal, a cat-killing Liberal Democrat and much more.

Duration: 00:44:45

10 Feb 11 - Totalitarianism, Terrorism, Tasers And Tits

Carey Marx and Barry Castagnola are joined by Nick Doody and Lloyd Langford as they discuss bankers' bonuses, politicians behaving badly, David Cameron's speech on multiculturalism, the new Catholic confession app, tasers, how much Camilla actually doesn't look like a horse, Egypt and Jordan (the vacuous, surgically-enhanced Barbie doll - not the country)

Duration: 00:35:31