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Fairfax, VA


Let’s take a trip. A psychedelic voyage with The Psychedelic Circus. Join veteran WEBR radio host Matthew Moore for a psychedelic trip that is still legal. Grab your mojo bag, beads, and headbands and expand your consciousness. The Psychedelic Circus offers many musical segments under the circus tent. At the top of the first hour is a “Mod” segment, followed by a “Surf” segment and then a half-hour free-form stream of consciousness psychedelic music set. Then it is “Killer B-Movie Theater” with movie music, dialogue and movie trailers. That is followed by the “Cyberspace Coffeehouse” featuring new artists in a coffeehouse setting. The show concludes with another half-hour musical set of free-form stream of consciousness.



This program will be available today at 6PM.