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What is the future of leadership? The theories we know are love were based on industrial age ideas about business. But we're not in the industrial age now, are we? Agent Provocateur, Blaire Palmer, shares the upcoming trends in leadership, how start-uppy, next stage businesses are re-thinking the way we work and the way business operates and how business can be a force for good in the world IF leaders believe it can.

What is the future of leadership? The theories we know are love were based on industrial age ideas about business. But we're not in the industrial age now, are we? Agent Provocateur, Blaire Palmer, shares the upcoming trends in leadership, how start-uppy, next stage businesses are re-thinking the way we work and the way business operates and how business can be a force for good in the world IF leaders believe it can.
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What is the future of leadership? The theories we know are love were based on industrial age ideas about business. But we're not in the industrial age now, are we? Agent Provocateur, Blaire Palmer, shares the upcoming trends in leadership, how start-uppy, next stage businesses are re-thinking the way we work and the way business operates and how business can be a force for good in the world IF leaders believe it can.




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Episode 50: Tweaks not Overhauls

We tend to ignore "tensions" until so many have accumulated that a massive amount of change is required to set things right. Of course, every time you address a tension you risk creating another one so when you undertake a massive overhaul you often unintentionally create a whole lot of new problems that need to be addressed. In today's episode I'm talking about how to identify little tensions and make small tweaks rather than waiting until a major change initiative is required. There are...

Duration: 00:12:53

Episode 49: A Brilliant Gamble - Why I'm selling my house and buying a van

It's a year (and a bit) since I started this podcast. A year ago my plan was to sell my house and buy a smallholding and, other than that, keep my life pretty much as it was. My business was doing fine, I was enjoying my work and although I had a long term plan to add other "solutions" - like a retreat centre where leaders could come to reflect, have important conversations with each other and help me muck out the sheep - that was a long term ambition, not something I planned to initiate in...

Duration: 00:27:48

Episode 48: Do A Day - An Interview with Bryan Falchuk

Today's show is an interview with Bryan Falchuk. Bryan in the author of a new book called "Do A Day" in which he explores why we get stuck in bad habits and how to break those habit...for good! Whether you're stuck in a rut in your work, with your health and fitness, in your relationship or something else, you will love this interview and Bryan's ideas to get unstuck. You can buy Bryan's book at or And please stay inn...

Duration: 01:01:05

Episode 47: Socking it to 'em. An Interview with Ryan Palmer

I'm not the only Palmer to have turned their back on coroprate life to run a business of their own. Ryan Palmer and his friend Dave Pickard are the co-founders of The London Sock Company, an online store started in 2013 based on the observation that although more and more men don't wear ties these days, people do notice your socks. Since them the company has gone from strength to strength with celebrities like Daniel Craig and David Gandy wearing the products. But we're not really talking...

Duration: 00:44:07

Episode 46: Punk Outside the Suit

So excited about today's podcast! I'm talking to Lisa Talbot, Award Winning Personal & Fashion Stylist about how to shake up your professional "look" and reveal more of the real you underneath. No one's saying you have to get a mohawk and wear a safety pin through your nose but business wear is so conservative that it's almost the last taboo. Even people who are outspoken, creative and enthusiastic about shaking things up tend to conform to the uniform. And that might be undermining their...

Duration: 00:57:31

Episode 45: Release the Punk!

How do you release the Punk inside you? On this podcast we normally talk about the “work you” - how to be a leader in your work, how to bring about change in your organisation. But inevitably re-thinking yourself at work leads to changes in your life outside of work. In this week’s show I share four places where you could look to start to integrate your growing authenticity in work and your desire to be yourself in your wider life. These are highly practical suggestions that will make a...

Duration: 00:27:24

Episode 44: Parent-Child Dynamics

A listener has asked me to do a show about Parent-Child Dynamics. So here it is! I see Parent-Child relationships and a Parent-Child culture in many organisations. In so many other ways people are fully formed adults but occasionaly they slip in to either parent or child reactions...which is very understandable since the Industrial Age workplace is designed to reinforce this dynamic. In today's show I talk about how to recongise this in yourself and in others and what to do about it. I'd...

Duration: 00:50:00

Episode 43: What's Around The Corner?

Behind all of my work with clients is a kind of screensaver - a story or image of the working future we can all look forward to. Bots and AI taking their place alongside human workers, small companies of primarily freelance workers, a possible shortage of jobs and need for a universal living wage, a diverse multi-generational workforce...I could go on. And in this episode I do! This week I share with you some of the elements of my screensaver. And whenever I'm having a conversation with a...

Duration: 00:29:10

Episode 42: When the problem is your boss...

You'd think the tricky bit of having a team would be the people on that team. But in my experience the really tricky relationship is with your boss! I use that term advisedly. I don't mean the relationship you have with a true leader. I do mean the relationship you have with your manager when your manager embodies a "boss" mentality to get you to get stuff done. Not everything I suggest in this podcast is going to work for you. Every situation is unique. But you will notice that I put the...

Duration: 00:33:22

Episode 41: Dreaded Delegation

I don't really like the term delegation. Or empowerment. Or any of those other cliches for describing how loosely or tightly managers hold on to work they've distributed to others. But in the current system we have, you may well be in the position of having to divvy up work amongst your team and then make sure they do it. How do you do that in a way that is as close to empowering as you can get and makes the most of the incredible talent you have around you? And why don't people always...

Duration: 00:25:51

Episode 40: Why Do We Work?

Sounds like an obvious question with an obvious answer, right? But maybe it's worth really thinking about it. Because we pay a huge price for our work in terms of our health, our freedom, our time, our priorities. Yes, work is an enabler for other things. It give us the money to make choices. And we may really enjoy the work itself. But what if the price is too high? How can you find the right place for work in your life alongside everything else that matters to you? In this episode I muse...

Duration: 00:37:58

Episode 39: How Integrated is your life?

We are back! Series 2 of the Punks in Suits podcast is here. Over the summer I've been reading and making connections between what I've been learning about and leadership. I've had a few a ha moments! Today's topic is Integration, specifically, how integrated the different parts of your life are. If your life is out of whack in one area, e.g. work dominating, no amount of coaching, therapy or meditation will give you a sense of peace. If you want to share your experiences of blending the...

Duration: 00:40:43

Episode 38: Listen Up!

This week's podcast is all about listening! But before you switch off, thinking we're talking about Active Listening, listen again! In today's show I'm exploring the least common type of listening. I don't want to spoil it for you but it's this kind of listening that's required if you are intending to drive any kind of change, that involves people, through your organisation. I will be taking a break from the podcast for August to rest and come up with a fresh lot of ideas for you. You can...

Duration: 00:21:48

Episode 37: Reinventing Organisations, with Charlie Efford

One of the most influential books for me of the last couple of years is Frederic Laloux's Reinventing Organisations which reinforced many of the ideas I had been having independently about what is not working any more about big business. I've been wanting to share these ideas with you and found the perfect opportunity when I met Charlie Efford, who shares my enthusiasm for these concepts. In our conversation on this week's podcast we talk about Charlie's professional history and the...

Duration: 01:18:16

Episode 36: Feedback isn't for wimps!

I really don't like getting feedback. I don't naturally respond well! So I've had to learn some techniques for receiving it, given that I think it's actually really important to know what people think and how your messages (intended and unintended) are being received. In this week's podcast I talk through some practical ways to react to feedback even when it isn't given in the most skilled manner. I'd love to know how you have learnt to respond better to feedback and what you take on board...

Duration: 00:32:54

Episode 35 - What if, what if, what if?

Hi! In this week's episode of the Punks in Suits podcast I share some exciting personal news and the 3 beliefs I've had to let go of in order to make this personal life choice. I often say how important it is to reflect - to think before you make a decision and to question the assumptions that are keeping you stuck but also to think after you make a decision about what you've let go of. Often when you let go of a belief in one scenario you realise taht belief also kept you stuck in a...

Duration: 00:18:24

Episode 34: Being Boss - With Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

Today's show is a conversation with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss Podcast fame. These two are real leaders - their podcast has become huge partly, I think, due to their down-to-earth yet fiesty and authentic approach to their work and their lives. In their show they help creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses and improve their lives but here they offer a fascinating insight in to how they think and what drives them as creative entrepreneurs themselves. This show...

Duration: 01:05:49

Episode 33: Secret Source - An Interview with Tom Nixon

Tom Nixon was one of the founders of NixonMcInnes, Europe's first dedicated social business consultancy, working with a number of big name global brands. He's now an adviser to Founders helping them to grow businesses with purpose that they can be proud of. I interviewed Tom before I had started doing a podcast. I recorded it so I would have it for reference and I thought at the time that I would provide the whole interview as added collateral for anyone who read the book (which I still...

Duration: 00:54:45

Episode 32: 5 Ideas That Change Your Perspective

There are some basic beliefs that I hold which I frequently share with clients. So much so that I wanted to share them with you too! I'm not necessarily "right". But no coach is completely neutral and so it makes sense for a coach to be upfront about the way they see the world. Clients can use this as a jumping off point - I don't what do I believe? Or they can see the world through the eyes of the coach and notice something different. Or they can simply observe that there is...

Duration: 00:26:50

Episode 31: Other People Are So Annoying!

What can you do when it's everyone else's fault?! It's all very well looking inside for the answers and adjusting your own behaviour and outlook but maybe the problem is other people and their behaviour and outlook, right? In this episode I share a brilliant process called The Work, created by the wonderful Byron Katie. If you want to know more you MUST go to her website and download the Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet and follow her more detailed instructions ( However I...

Duration: 00:41:41

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