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Wayback Wednesday – Nikki Benz

Tonight on The Radio Freaks, while we’re on hiatus, we’ve decided to put together some episodes for you from our archives. We’ve taken guests who’ve been on the show at least twice, and we’ve mashed up their appearances for an entire episode dedicated to them! For example, tonight’s episode is dedicated to a sexy […]

Duration: 02:04:26

Wayback Wednesday – Robert Kelly

Tonight on The Radio Freaks, while we’re on hiatus, we’ve decided to put together some episodes for you from our archives. We’ve taken guests who’ve been on the show at least twice, and we’ve mashed up their appearances for an entire episode dedicated to them! For example, tonight’s episode is dedicated to a man […]

Duration: 02:15:23

Radio Freaks #239 – Colin Kane & Kendra Sunderland

On this week’s cavalcade of comedic errors, right from the get go, Skype decides to shit the bed which starts off the show in a firey ball of flame. We recover by having Tony call into the show as a guest and power through. You’ve seen our first guest Colin in the movie “The […]

Duration: 01:57:53

Radio Freaks #238 – Adam Ferrara and Nyomi Banxxx

On this week’s display of buffoonery masquerading as professional broadcasting, it’s Brian’s wedding anniversary, so the boys talk about what it takes to have a long standing and solid relationship. Tony thinks Brian doesn’t wear the pants in his relationship, while Brian tries to school Tony that you don’t always have to be a […]

Duration: 02:09:20

Radio Freaks #237 – Bret Ernst and Nikki Morgan

Sex and politics are two of the things you should never talk about in polite company. So what do we do? Go and talk about both tonight! First, we welcome back our gumba who stops by every time he’s in the area! Bret Ernst is a great east coast comic now living out in […]

Duration: 02:14:30

Radio Freaks #236 – Mark Normand & Jessica Holter

Are you done with Valentine’s Day and now you’re picking up dead rose petals and chocolate wrappers (or for you single people, the tissues)? Well we’ve got something for you to listen to while you clean up after the only time you’re going to have sex in the next year. Our first guest tonight opens […]

Duration: 02:07:35

Radio Freaks #235 – Vinnie Brand and Alana Luv

Can you feeeeeeel the love tonight…. No, we can’t either. No one could love us yet somehow, we both got women pregnant. How’d that happen? Anyway, it’s time for another installment of everyone’s favorite podcast! He’s one of our favorite comedians, and not to mention has been the owner of one of the greatest […]

Duration: 02:05:32

Radio Freaks #234 – Jessica Kirson and Nick Mahler

Your pontificating podcast procrastinators are at it again this week and have compiled a new show that will surely overdeliver! On tonight’s episode, we got a surprise phone call from our pal, comedian Vinnie Brand! Not only is he the owner of the Stress Factory Comedy Club, but he’s a funny comedian who headlines all […]

Duration: 02:12:40

Radio Freaks #233 – Ellen Stagg and London Keyes

On The Radio Freaks, we love us some beautiful women, and tonight we’ve got two! First we welcome a photographer who from the young age of 16 started creating art, and eventually made her way into shooting the beautiful women of the adult industry. Now she has a coffee table book full of over 40 women […]

Duration: 02:05:16

Radio Freaks #232 – Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling & Randi Newton

Tonight your favorite pontificators of podcasting palaver, have a great show for you. We know we say that every week, but this week, we really mean it! This week we welcome back a legend in comedy who was nice enough to stop by for our 200th show back in April of last year, and we’re having […]

Duration: 02:34:24

Radio Freaks #231 – Alexa Aimes

Tonight, we welcome back former co-host, good friend of the show, worldly weirdo, former adult film star and we guess she’s now an entrepreneur… The beautiful Alexa Aimes returns to The Radio Freaks LIVE from Australia! We talk to her about her travelling, her trying to get into medical school in Australia, her problems as an […]

Duration: 01:58:06

Radio Freaks #230 – Rich Vos

Tonight, it’s our first live show of 2017, and we welcome in the new year with one of our famous comics! We talk to Rich about comedy, crafting new material, other comics, influences and shitty interviews. We also congratulate him on his award on The Interrobang for best new comedy album of 2016! Rich will be […]

Duration: 02:09:11

Radio Freaks #229 – The Best Of 2016 – Part 2

Hope your holidays went well. Our gift to you this holiday season, The Radio Freaks – Best of 2016 – Part 2! That’s right, the gift so nice, we’re giving it to you twice! Who might you ask, made the cut for Part 2? All the cool guests who didn’t make it into Part 1! […]

Duration: 02:01:15

Radio Freaks #228 – Dan Soder and Mary Radzinski

Tonight, it’s our last live show of 2016, and we’re going out with a bang! Our first guest is on a new show on Showtime called “Billions” which returns in February, and you can hear him every Monday and Wednesday night at 6pm ET on Comedy Central Radio on SiriusXM Channel 95 doing his show […]

Duration: 02:15:24

Radio Freaks #227 – The Best Of 2016 – Part 1

It’s that time of year again… that’s right, it’s time for us to look back on all the cool interviews we’ve done with equally cool and interesting people, and cram as much as we can, into The Radio Freaks “Best Of 2016”! But as usual, there was so much cool stuff, that we couldn’t fit […]

Duration: 02:01:27

Radio Freaks #226 – Ben Bailey & Uncle Eddie

Tonight after a two week vacation and a week of technical issues, we’re back… kind of! We’ve somehow shambled together our audio stuff to the point where we have a new show for you, great guests, but they couldn’t hear Brian exactly. Tony floated the show pretty well though. First we talk with the […]

Duration: 02:22:39

Radio Freaks #225 – Alison Tyler

Tonight on Train Wreck Radio… otherwise known as your favorite show, The Radio Freaks! During the first half of the show, we talk about our new President-Elect Donald Trump. Tony also tries to pry out of Brian, who he voted for, unsuccessfully. Then we discuss Exxxotica and some of the liners that Brian got […]

Duration: 02:00:43

Radio Freaks 224 – Gilbert Gottfried and Natassia Dreams

Tonight, will go down in the books as one of the greats because we had such great guests tonight! First off, we had no tech difficulties so there’s that, but what a night not to have any problems!! Our first guest is a legend in comedy, and is famous for many things in his career, […]

Duration: 01:59:21

Radio Freaks #223 – Mia Vallis

Tonight, we welcome back to our show, a beautiful woman who last she was on the show, we made quick friends with. She’s been working on her psychology degree, and we figured we’d give her a practical test of her skills. We bring her in to talk to Tony about some of his issues […]

Duration: 02:03:45

Radio Freaks #222 – Steve Byrne

Tonight, we talk to an actor, comedian, father and all around good dude who talks to us about being a father, working in comedy, his new standup special, millennials, travelling and doing comedy on the road, growing up in the Pittsburgh area, being born a Jersey boy, and the state of comedy today! You may know him […]

Duration: 01:15:02

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