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An audio digest for every mark and stan across the land. New episodes every Wednesday.

An audio digest for every mark and stan across the land. New episodes every Wednesday.
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An audio digest for every mark and stan across the land. New episodes every Wednesday.






103 Mixed Madness

Better late than never, Josh and Rocky return with a Monday morning preview/review, talking RAW 25, Eminem dissing his fans, the Mixed Match Challenge, and more! Tune in here or go to to subscribe on iTunes for kayfabe brotherhood at its finest.

Duration: 00:42:46

102 New Jack New Year's Special

Josh and Rocky took a full week to reflect on the year that was and return with a recap of all things rap and wrestling in the last year and a week! After discussing the highs and lows and the Road To Wrestlemania, they look back to officially announce the winners of the 2017 Rap and Wrestling Connection Awards. All the prestige, all the drama, and all of the kayfabe brotherhood is right here, on the Rap & Wrestling Connection.

Duration: 01:13:37

101 Year In Review 2017

Josh and Rocky lean into the year-end reflection, using the end of the show to make their nominations for the 2017 Rap and Wrestling Connection Awards. They also cover the high spots in the week of rap and wrestling, including recent released and notable stories and matches. Tune in this and every week for the more from the Kayfabe Brothers of the Rap and Wrestling Connection. Subscribe on iTunes at PLEASE VOTE in the 2017 Rap And Wrestling Connection Awards at...

Duration: 01:14:29

100 One Hundo

Josh and Rocky get caught up in the holiday rush! That doesn't stop them from sitting down and recording their 100th EPISODE (KAYFABE). They announce the categories for their 2017 Rap and Wrestling Connection Awards and cover the top stories in the weeks of rap and wrestling.

Duration: 00:46:19

099 Saturation

In the 99th episode of the RW Connection, Josh and Rocky preview Clash of Champions, breakdown the week in WWE, discuss new releases, and lament how there's too much of everything.

Duration: 00:57:31

098 No One Wants To Be Friends With Dolph Ziggler Anymore

Josh and Rocky count the days until the Clash of Champions, gush over the return of Woken/Broken Matt Hardy, and discuss the week in rap.

Duration: 00:49:34

097 Apex Randy

Josh and Rocky return from Thanksgiving break to discuss the week in WWE, including the exciting return of #WOKEN/BROKEN Matt Hardy. They discuss new ways to watch the WWE in 2017, the babyface turn of the Grammy Awards and more. Subscribe on iTunes at

Duration: 01:18:24

095 Babyface Live

Josh and Rocky pay respects to the young departed Lil Peep, emo rap drug casualty. In addition to that and the week in rap music, they preview Survivor Series, celebrate the babyface champions of Smackdown Live, and have an extended epilogue reliving the legendary career of James Ellsworth. Camraderie and kayfabe every week on the Rap and Wrestling Connection.

Duration: 00:59:34

094 - 2SWEET

Josh and Rocky weigh in (briefly) on Hollywood Sicko Gate, then delve right into the week of rap and wrestling, including the build to Survivor Series, new Eminem featuring Beyonce, and AJ Styles becoming our two time WWE Champion. This and more each and every week from the kayfabe brothers of The Phenomenal Rap And Wrestling Connection. Tell your folks.

Duration: 00:58:21


Josh and Rocky mark out over the recent release by 21 Savage, Offset, and Metro Boomin, the surprise Halloween tape WITHOUT WARNING. They also discuss the week in RAW and Smackdown on the way to the clash of the brands at Survivor Series. Marks marking out and being Stans. Every week on the Rap & Wrestling Connection

Duration: 00:55:40

092 Protect At All Costs

Josh and Rocky respond to TLC, the Under Siege fallout, and the road to one of the more exciting Survivor Series PPVs. We also discuss the recent engagement of Cardi B, Lil B's recent run ins, and more. Tune in this and every week for rap and wrestling's greatest podcast.

Duration: 00:53:51

091 Breast Cancer Awareness Month EP

Were you aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Josh and Rocky sneak out a super special TLC preview, reacting to the super card involving Kurt Angle's in-ring return and Balor v Styles. This in addition to the week in rap news, covering new releases from Gucci and WuTang alongside the week's news in rap.

Duration: 00:40:26

090 Brotherhood Connection

Josh and Rocky discuss Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow," the new rap releases of the week, the Hell In A Cell PPV, and the week in and out of WWE, including: The Young Bucks, Sami and Kevin, the Shield Reunion and More!

Duration: 00:55:08

089 Happy Rusev Day

Josh and Rocky preview and predict the Hell In A Cell PPV, discuss the week in rap news, and celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All this and more on the Rap And Wrestling Connection, jabronis.

Duration: 00:53:08

088 Sunday Special Connection

Sunday Special Connection! Josh and Rocky briefly recollect the underwhelming No Mercy PPV and try to stay realistic about the upcoming Hell In A Cell PPV. They also discuss the week in rap, the week in wrestling, and the week in kayfabe brotherhood. Thanks for listening, now go tell your friends about The Rap and Wrestling Connection.

Duration: 00:38:04

086 Time To Go To Trial

Vince came back this week to teach the world how to put new talent over by getting his face busted open. Josh and Rocky react to that and more, including lawsuits both in and out of kayfabe, high spots on the 2017 rap calendar, and more. Tune in by subscribing on iTunes at

Duration: 00:44:27


Josh and Rocky get and stay hyped for the No Mercy card, break down a week with two stellar main events, and get into the new releases and news from rap world. All in a week for brothers kayfabe. Go to to subscribe on iTunes to the one and only Rap and Wrestling Connection.

Duration: 00:44:30


The build to WWE No Mercy has yielded at least one Wrestlemania-worthy match: John Cena vs. Roman Reigns. This week, a contract signing was held that became an instantly iconic moment in wrestling history. Kayfabe brothers Josh and Rocky react to the segment, as well as the rest of the gluttonous week/year of rap and wrestling content, and mourn the death of kayfabe at the hands of the ruthless John Cena. Subscribe on iTunes at

Duration: 00:49:08

083 Eff Randy And Eff Beach Balls - A Summerslam Recap

This week the kayfabe brothers Josh and Rock recap Summerslam and the immediate aftermath of the years’ undisputed best main event, Josh goes in on Randy Orton and Beach Balls, and they cover the flood of new rap releases for the week. Subscribe on iTunes at

Duration: 01:12:15

082 "...There Goes The Man"

This week, Josh and Rocky give love to Ric Flair, break down the Summerslam card, and discuss the new releases, developments, twists, and turns from the week in rap music and pro wrestling. Subscribe on iTunes at

Duration: 01:04:11

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