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The Record: Thursday, October 19

Today’s the deadline for North American cities to bid for Amazon's new headquarters. What do people living in a potential HQ2 need to know about life here in HQ1? We’ll take your calls and talk with KUOW’s Joshua McNichols and Carolyn Adolph, hosts of KUOW’s new podcast Prime(d).

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The Record: Wednesday, Oct 18, Full Show

Yesterday you met a Democratic Washington State Senator who thinks we're being too hard on Amazon. This hour you'll meet a Seattle city council member who says no -- Amazon actually owes us more. Also, have you seen the wildlife crossing being built over I-90 near Snoqualmie Summit? Why do we want wildlife to cross there? How do we get them to do it? And what happens when predators find out where the wildlife crossing is? And a couples therapist says we need to rethink infidelity. She'll...

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The Record: Tuesday, Oct 17, Full Show

You just heard about Amazon's search for a headquarters outside Seattle. Some local lawmakers say Amazon has felt unwelcome, not included — and those lawmakers want to hit the refresh button. Does that mean apologizing to Amazon, not taxing Amazon? Also, a Washington state observatory played a role in a startling astronomic discovery. Why should a non-scientist care? "We are all only tenants on this earth now, Rushing on, passing on, gone." Those lines are from a poem written in West...

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The Record: Monday, Oct 16, Full Show

Two people want to lead the city of Seattle. They can't both be mayor. So we're going to spend all this hour with candidates Cary Moon and Jenny Durkan.

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The Record: Thursday, Oct 12, Full Show

Doesn't it feel great when you get a great deal on something you really want? Well, maybe that sweet discount isn't always a good idea. And we're reported on the white supremacist movement here in the Northwest before but today we'll talk with a reporter who went undercover and pretended to be part of Seattle's white supremacist movement.

Duration: 00:41:24

The Record: Wednesday, Oct 11, Full Show

Taxpayers have spent one point two Billion dollars to help Amazon thrive. The Puget Sound Business Journal has been working to uncover the Amazon playbook. We’ll take a look at it this hour. For the first time in 31 years, the US Men's Soccer team will not go to the World Cup. Shockingly, they got knocked out last night and we have a Seattle Sounders player to thank for it. Will President Trump dismantle the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada? Canada's Prime...

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The Record: Tuesday, Oct 10, Full Show

Washington state is suing President Trump yet again. The Trump administration has issued new rules that let insurers and employers opt out of covering contraceptives in their health insurance plans. Yesterday, State Attorney General Bob Ferguson challenged those rules in federal court. Did you read about the hiker rescued from the Goat Rock Wilderness over the weekend? Two search and rescue experts will tell you how to not be that hiker. And our Northwest salmon are disappearing....

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The Record: Monday, Oct 9, Full Show

If we are not rational or disciplined enough to make decision on our own, should the government make them for us? And facing death can be scary and hard to imagine but maybe we all need to get more comfortable with death. And artificial intelligence may be the wave of the future but that wave can wait when it comes to our children.

Duration: 00:29:12

The Record: Thursday, Oct 5, Full Show

Mass transit is all around you and it’s growing. You see the buses and trains running and new lines being built. So where are we on transit? Is there an important public backlash or has the transit train left the station? Also, the late Jon Rowley's work is a big reason you eat Copper River salmon and Olympia oysters. And, I’ll speak with somebody on the left who thinks the left is too intolerant. Frances Lee is the author of an essay called, “Excommunicate Me from the Church of Social...

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The Record: Wednesday, Oct 4, Full Show

The Las Vegas shooter used a device that made his bullets spray faster. Our governor is calling for a ban on that device. What about all the other gun regulations that some Washingtonians have been asking for for years? Gov. Inslee will join us along with Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat, who asked responsible gun owners to speak up. He'll tell us what he heard back. Also, she was at the center of the backlash called Gamergate. Now, game developer Zoe Quinn is talking about how...

Duration: 00:51:08

The Record: Tuesday, October 3, Full Show

This hour, we'll answer your questions about gun laws. Specifically, why has Washington not banned semi-automatic assault rifles as some other states have? Also, how did ultra-liberal Evergreen State college become a national symbol of campus division? And novelist Celeste Ng looks at Seattle and sees a familiar progressive desire to do the right thing. As she says, ideals are neat but humans are messy. She'll tell you some stories about that this hour.

Duration: 00:49:25

The Record: Monday, October 02, Full Show

Writer James Fallows predicted the Las Vegas shooting -- in a way. Five years ago, after the Aurora Colorado theater shooting, he wrote that this would happen again and again and again in America. The Atlantic's James Fallows is our guest this hour. If you were looking for information about the shooting on social media, I hope you brought your skepticism. There were false rumors online, conspiracy theories will fake news and Russian ads lead to new government regulation of Facebook and...

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The Record: Thursday, September 27, Full Show

Washington state and Seattle are suing the maker of Oxycontin for alleged deceptive marketing. Also, are you a carbon chauvinist, who thinks intelligence can only be found in the human skull? Or could computers become super-smart? And what if they can? We'll give you two different takes on the future of Artificial Intelligence. And how to respond to anti-Semitism. Seattle Rabbi Daniel Weiner has dealt with this personally.

Duration: 00:51:23

The Record: Wednesday, September 27, Full Show

The Trump administration changes the way college campuses can approach sexual assault accusations. Obamacare repeal and replace is dead. And Franklin Foer is with us. His new book is a timely one for Seattle — it's called "World Without Mind." It's about the dominance of Amazon, and Apple, Google and Facebook and the existential threat posed by big tech.

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The Record: Tuesday, September 26, Full Show

North Korea says it has the right to shoot down U.S. bombers in international airspace. Is that a declaration of war? We'll talk to a Seattle journalist and author of books about North Korea. Also, a KUOW listener wants to know — what's our state's plan for warning us of a coming earthquake? And the state of marriage, 2017. You'll meet an author who says marriage has entered a new phase and it's better than ever if it's working. If it's not working, it's harder than ever.

Duration: 00:53:17

The Record: Monday, September 25, Full Show

It's not just a few Seattle Seahawks and Colin Kapernick. The debate over how athletes respect the flag is spreading to more teams more sports and to the US presidency. Also, going undercover with the Alt Right. You'll meet a man who pretended to be a white supremacist in order to infiltrate neo-Nazis in Seattle and beyond. And 20 years after the documentary Hype! about the 90s Seattle grunge scene. What has Seattle learned about greed?

Duration: 00:55:13

The Record: Thursday, September 21, Full Show

We're going to start our show with your objections to it. Yesterday, we spoke with a man who wore a swastika armband in downtown Seattle. We got a lot of feedback from you. You had legitimate concerns and we discussed them on our show — and with a historian who put this interview in a historical context.

Duration: 00:52:03

The Record: Wednesday, September 20

Fifteen years ago, it looked so sparkly. An unfolding renaissance in American cities like Seattle. Author Richard Florida wrote about the promise of those cities that can attract innovators, designers, urban tech. Now Florida has a new book about how all that has worked out. It's less sparkly.

Duration: 00:51:26

The Record: Tuesday, September 19, Full Show

You'll meet Seattle's new mayor. Before the new new mayor comes later this fall. Also, what do you think you know about Vietnamese-Americans? You'll find out why your mental images of the Vietnam war are probably not helping. And, have you seen the punch? A man wearing a swastika armband in downtown Seattle was punched and knocked out cold. With that armband this man associated himself with murderers. Does that make it ethical to physically attack him? And what does that achieve?

Duration: 00:51:05

The Record: Monday, September 18, Full Show

Today, Seattle will get its third mayor in under a week. What have we learned from this whole unwanted experiment? Also, a new Seattle start up launches today. They'll help pay for your down payment — if you'll agree to become an Airbnb host. And we'll ask Puget Sound newcomers to tell us a story -- what did you expect it to be like here and what is it actually like here?

Duration: 00:54:37

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