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Welcome to The Renaissance Man Podcast, home of the most interesting men in the world. Explore the world of unique People, Skills, Hobbies, and Adventures as we dive into creating an alternative path to achieve your dreams. This is the show about everything, because everything is interesting. More Skills, More Success.

Welcome to The Renaissance Man Podcast, home of the most interesting men in the world. Explore the world of unique People, Skills, Hobbies, and Adventures as we dive into creating an alternative path to achieve your dreams. This is the show about everything, because everything is interesting. More Skills, More Success.
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Welcome to The Renaissance Man Podcast, home of the most interesting men in the world. Explore the world of unique People, Skills, Hobbies, and Adventures as we dive into creating an alternative path to achieve your dreams. This is the show about everything, because everything is interesting. More Skills, More Success.






Ep. 22 - Tim Ferriss' "The Top 5 Reasons to Be a Jack of All Trades"

Once upon a time, best-selling author and modern day Renaissance Man, Tim Ferris, wrote a blog post titled "The Top 5 Reasons to Be a Jack of All Trades". In this episode, I breakdown his post and share my thoughts on it. Show notes page for Ep. 22

Duration: 00:54:53

Ep. 21 - How I Save Money When Shopping Online

I do 95% of my shopping online. The advantages are obvious and numerous but if you're like me, you still want the best deal possible. In this episode I give you some of the tips, tricks, and tools that I use to get great prices when shopping online. Show notes page for Ep. 21

Duration: 00:49:44

Ep. 20 - Digital Nomad RV Hackers with Zach Varnell

Zach Varnell joins me to talk about using his hacking powers for good while living the digital nomad lifestyle from the comforts of a home on wheels. Zach co-hosts the Thinking Liberty podcast with his wife, Sarah. They are currently living and traveling the US in a 36 foot, Class A RV with their Yorkie, Ollie. Working remotely has provided them an opportunity to travel, which inspired them to dive into other ways that people are living free, travel-oriented lifestyles. Each episode...

Duration: 01:15:09

Artificial Intelligence with Christian Hubbs

Christian Hubbs joins me to give us the scoop on Artificial Intelligence. Are the robot overloads coming to take our jobs and then our freedoms? What can we expect from AI in the coming years? What technologies should we welcome and which should we fear? We also explore the career paths that exist in AI and some exciting alternative paths on how people can get into this growing and well-paying field. Christian is the co-host of the Artificially Intelligent Podcast which explores the...

Duration: 01:03:46

Ep. 18 - Changing Charity with Gret Glyer

Gret Glyer's app, DonorSee, is changing the way the world gives to charity. Gone are the days of sending a check to a faceless organization where the majority of your donation is swallowed up in administrative costs and where you have little to no idea of how your money was spent. From 2013 to 2016, Gret lived with the world’s poorest people in Africa, where he built more than 100 houses for the homeless, and famously crowdfunded $100,000 to build a girls’ school in rural Malawi. Gret...

Duration: 01:14:43

Ep. 17 - 3 Keys To Business Success

We spend so much time, thought, and energy trying to get ahead in life. How to advance our careers, our businesses, and our earnings. But in my 15+ years in business I've found 3 simple keys to success that are so simple to do, yet so rare to find. When I do find someone who actually implements even just 2 of these practices, they're a keeper. They're typically a business or worker with incredible reviews and a long list of dedicated clients and someone that I want to work with over and...

Duration: 00:39:12

Ep. 16 - Awesome Adventures: Lisbon, Portugal

Today, I'm sharing with you my favorite spots, in my favorite city: Lisbon, Portugal. So if you've ever wanted to explore Europe's westernmost capital city then check out this podcast and my corresponding Blog Post! What can I say about my beloved Lisboa that hasn't already been said!? It's an amazing place, home to so much history. One of the things that I think most Americans will enjoy about visiting Portugal is being immersed in a Latin, romance culture that is so familiar yet so...

Duration: 01:00:28

Ep. 15 - Compounding Interests, Learning New Skills Faster

As you might know, the mantra of this show is: More Skills, More Success. In this episode, I breakdown one of the advantages that Polymaths have: Being able to learn new skills faster. Seemingly unrelated interests quietly compound over time to aid us in our future endeavors. When we try something unfamiliar, it's usually not totally unfamiliar at all. Instead, it's made up of hundreds of shared roots and experiences that we're already familiar with. Being in a band in high school...

Duration: 00:56:57

Ep. 14 - Health, Nutrition, and Mainly Plants with Ryan Furman

Ryan Furman of joins me to talk about a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet as well as to share his personal story of how he came to this lifestyle. Ryan is a certified plant based nutritionist, personal trainer, and WFBP advocate. "There’s no reason to feel lethargic, achy, and unhappy. Mainly Plants will help you reduce and get off those chemical medications that cause more damage than most people realize. With a little guidance, you can have the healthy, fit body that you...

Duration: 01:32:04

Ep. 13 - The Summer Of Champions!

Have the best summer of your life. Make memories you'll cherish forever. Relive your childhood while spending time with your friends. Make this summer, the Summer of Champions! A few years ago, 8 friends dedicated their summer to fun, camaraderie, competition, and hilarity. We divided into 2 teams, designed 11 events, and went head to head in an epic battle designed to test all our senses. We dubbed this "The Summer Of Champions", and besides being an amazingly fun experience, it got me...

Duration: 00:37:07

Ep. 12 - Idioms For Idiots

This talk starts with horses and ends with the Unabomber…so you know it’s good. We’re always casually talking about weird things, like blowing smoke up people’s butts and punching horses in the mouth. In this episode I explore 10 common English idioms and break down their meaning and origins. Show notes page for Ep. 12

Duration: 00:49:27

Ep. 11 - Polymath Profiles: Leonardo da Vinci - With Bulent Atalay

Dr. Bulent Atalay joins me to tackle the man, the myth, and the legend of one of history's greatest Renaissance Men: Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci was an Italian polymath whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography. He has been called the father of palaeontology, ichnology, and architecture, and is widely considered one of the...

Duration: 02:07:40

Ep. 10 - Radical Unschooling With Dayna Martin

WARNING: This topic is a highly controversial and often triggering one for many people, especially those like myself who were raised in the traditional education and parenting systems. Enter here at your own risk, side effects may include having your mind blown. Dayna Martinn is an activist, educator, author, and bonafide Renaissance Woman! She joins me on Episode 10 to discuss her book "Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun" and her unique and fascinating life as a parent of 4...

Duration: 01:07:16

Ep. 9 - Musicians Are Entrepreneurs! With James Newcomb

Musicians, listen up - James Newcomb joins me to talk about taking your music to the next level by thinking like an entrepreneur. If you are a musician, professional or amateur, you're going to want to listen to this episode as I talk to James Newcomb of James' MusicPreneur Podcast and Blog exist to help artists take their passion and turn it into a sustainable career through entrepreneurship. Show notes page for Ep. 9

Duration: 00:49:28

Ep. 7 – Awesome Adventures: Monument Valley & Beyond!

I had an epic time exploring Southeastern Utah this past week, here's a recap of this awesome adventure! Montana you're batting third now, Utah has now firmly become my second favorite state. There is just so much to do in Utah's great outdoors. Many people are familiar with Utah's "Mighty Five" National Parks: Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef, but the state has so much more! This spring break, my wife and I headed up to Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods,...

Duration: 00:54:40

Ep. 6 – Polymath Profiles: Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was perhaps the greatest American Renaissance Man of all time. I'm excited to kick off this series, Polymath Profiles, with a look at Franklin's life - particularly his passion for entrepreneurship and public service. Franklin always kept himself busy and was devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement from the time he was just a boy until his final breath. This guy did so many great things that I trouble condensing this life down into just one episode....

Duration: 01:13:02

Ep. 5 - How To Flip A Used Car - Part III

The third and final installment in this series, where I give you 25 extra tips and tricks that I've learned over the years to save you time and money! Show notes page for Ep. 5

Duration: 01:37:13

Ep. 4 - How To Flip A Used Car - Part II

Picking up where I left off in Episode 3, this episode covers everything from the moment you acquire your vehicle to the final sale. This is where the fun stuff happens: restoring a vehicle and then selling it for a profit. I talk about: Step 1: Initial Cleaning Step 2: Compiling A List Of All Parts/Fixes Needed Step 3: Acquiring replacement Parts Step 4: Fix it / Restoration Step 5. Final Cleaning Step 6. SELL - Photos, Ad Copy, and Negotiation Show notes page for Ep. 4

Duration: 01:07:29

Ep. 3 – How To Flip A Used Car - Part I

I flipped my first car when I was in high school. My dad wanted to make some extra money so he got his dealer's license and we would go to auctions together. It was an awesome experience that we got to share and today, I still like to flip vehicles occasionally and am actually in the process of restoring a car for sale right now. I'm having so much fun "wrenching" and am excited to share the tips and tricks that I've learned over the years with you. In this first episode of a multi-part...

Duration: 02:20:26

Ep. 2 - How To Be A Voice Talent with Jonathan Lockwood

Professional voice talent, Jonathan Lockwood, joins me to talk about his unique and lucrative career path. Get insider tips on what it takes to be a paid narrator and see if you've got what it takes. We also touch upon a few of Jonathan's other interests like living and working abroad and his growing artisanal Mezcal brand. Show notes page for Ep. 2

Duration: 01:17:19

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