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WTR Episode 17 - Afternoon Delight

Welcome to Rantyville everyone! Ever wondered how we get guests on the show? Here's a hint - just #AskTRB! That's how our guest this week, Hero (@CartoonHeroGuy) ,got his passport to Rantyville! We have a great time discussing Hero's creative content, videos, as well as his Patreon page. And we also dig into some more stuff, like - Shit Hero Hates - Dear Abigail 4th grade whore - Bangin' cookies - Alt-brand sodas - TRB's obligatory Boss Light - Tales from the Uber (featuring weed and pron)...

Duration: 01:33:03

WTR Episode 16 - "Ralph" Has a Secret

Welcome back to Rantyville everyone! Heather D and TRB are back at it again, bringing you your weekly dose of the finest fuckery that life has to offer. We learn that Dear Abigail (4th grade whore) has a comments section, people will do dumb shit to get out of an Uber, and how our friend Tyler could FINALLY get some action. So listen in as we discuss these topics, as well as - "Ralph's" Secret - Shit We Hate - Tales from the Uber - Has Little Party Boy happened yet? - Best/Worst - and...

Duration: 01:35:20

WTR Episdoe 15 - It's Pronounced Jaun-DEE-Ce

Hey everybody! We're back off our bye last week, and TRB and Heather D finally managed to pull off a show with no technical difficulties! I know it's hard to believe, so you'll just have to listen for yourself as we talk about - Dear Abigail - Shit We Hate - Tales from the Uber - Jaundice Kilogram Snakebite - Best & Worst - and more! Enjoy the show? Drop us a 5-star review on iTunes under whatever they call a podcast now. And download that Couch Party app for all you Android users - it's...

Duration: 01:30:18

WTR Episode 14 - Another Buttplug Thing

Time to take a trip to your favorite place in the world, Rantyville! TRB and Heather D are back again to bring you another episode of Welcome to Rantyville, where we talk about - Matty F's new baby, cancer sucks, Albino Monkey, the washing machine incident, Dear Hank Hill, Best & Worst, and plenty more! Don't forget to check out the Couch Party app, and rate and review the show on iTunes! Stalk us! Heather - @IB4ECeptAfterC TRB - @TheRantyBastard

Duration: 01:48:43

WTR Episode 13 - It's Matty F!

TRB and Heather D welcome fellow Couch Party member Matty F from the critically acclaimed Let Me Tell Ya Podcast this week! We prep Matt for fatherhood, talk shit (literally), and more! Diapers/shit - Tales from the Uber - Shit I Hate - 9/11 conspiracies are dumb - Matt says "Old people is fuckin!" - Dear Abby - and a bunch of other nonsense! Check out Matt and Grant on the Let Me Tell Ya Podcast, which you can find for FREE on the always awesome Couch Party app for Android, iTunes, and...

Duration: 01:39:00

WTR Episode 12 - At Least He Didn't Die

Wow. What a week. Heather D tried to "drunk camp", TRB endures his worst Uber ride ever, and we tried our hardest to wreck this recording session. But, we're back with another episode of Welcome to Rantyville for you, and there's plenty to discuss! Heather's weekend - Tales from the Uber - Shit I Hate - Boobies - and more! Where we are on the intertubes - Heather D - @IB4ECeptAfterC TRB - @TheRantyBastard

Duration: 01:24:20

WTR Episode 11 - The Reunion!!!

TRB and Heather D are reunited after a couple weeks apart, but the shenanigans haven't stopped. An awkward moment shared, a pregnancy scare, we've got it all and more this week. We also discuss - Shit I Hate - Cranberry Obsessions - Non-driving Fucktards - Best/Worst - and more! We'll make it easy for the stalkers - Heather D - @IB4ECeptAfterC TRB - @TheRantyBastard Send us your 2 words (Twitter) and 5 stars (iTunes) and come on down to Rantyville, population 2 + you!

Duration: 01:29:03

WTR Episode 10: Captain Heather D

TRB had to step away this week due to work, so Heather D is running the show with our good friend & superfan Tyler Daniels! After lamenting the absence of TRB, these two cover a ton of topics - Tyler's pussy talk - Dear Abby - I want a tiki torch but I'm not a racist - Those kids - and more! Check out the whole Couch Party crew on the FREE app we've told you about 100 times. Download it already would ya?!?!?! Internet places to find us - Heather D - @IB4ECeptAfterC Tyler Daniels -...

Duration: 00:45:19

WTR Episode 9: It's a Surprise!

No show notes. It's a surprise. Enjoy.

Duration: 00:48:06

WTR Episode 8: Boss Light Sucks

So what do you do when your cohost sends you money to buy beer? You buy that beer and drink it on air damn it! So as TRB subjects his palette to yet another skanky brew, Heather D sits back and downs a little sparkling white wine (replay that scene with Nicolas Cage in "The Rock" for a full description). As always, we laugh, we curse, and we have a lot of fun bringing you this week's episode of Welcome to Rantyville! We also discuss - Dear Abby - Tales From the Uber - HD's birfday -...

Duration: 01:48:04

WTR Episode 7: Special Guest Tyler Daniels

Welcome back to Rantyville! On this episode, TRB and Heather D are joined by comedian (and superfan) Tyler Daniels as we discuss the events of the past week, and get a taste of Tyler and TRB's comedic stylings in a new "Stand Up Battle" (except we were both sitting down, but who's keeping score?). More fun topics include - Fish assholes - Cheap beer - Heather's birthday - Tales From the Uber - Dear Abby - and more! Check out our artist of the week, Circuit Static, on Twitter...

Duration: 02:13:38

WTR Episode 6: We're All Over The Place

Welcome back to Rantyville! It's time for another glimpse into the lives of TRB and Heather D, as we discuss everything from drinking to heinous things done with a super soaker (stick around for THAT story). We laugh, Heather drinks, and then we discuss - Dear Abby - The swinger in the dress - TRB's 4th of July past - Heather rants - TRB was such a douchebag as a teen - Best/Worst - and more! Check out that Couch Party app for all of your favorite podcasts in one place. It's also a great...

Duration: 01:47:31

WTR Episode 5: Bloodka & Svedka

We talk, we drink, we laugh, we forget what we discussed. It seems to be a winning formula here in Rantyville, so that's exactly what we're going to do. TRB and Heather D are back to bring you another episode, and hope you enjoy it as we crash off the rails repeatedly. This week's fun topics include - That Carmax Guy - Tales from the Uber - The Kitty Kidnapper - A whole lot of shit we did not plan - Best/Worst - and more! This week's artist of the week is no longer a band (Whoops)! But...

Duration: 01:34:52

WTR Episode 4: Glenlivet For The Win

It's time for another fun filled episode with your two favorite residents of Rantyville! TRB and Heather D cover a lot this week, so here's just a quick list- The 4th of July - Dear Abby - Ranting about the gym - Tales from the Uber - Best/Worst - and more! Check out our artist of the week on Soundcloud - The Girl In The Yellow Dress. (She sings lullabies to Heather D when the room starts spinning, and she has a great voice) Hit us up on the Twitter with your 2 words, and leave us a 5...

Duration: 01:07:17

WTR Episode 3: When Heather D Met TRB

The Fourth of July is a time for fun with family and friends, which is exactly what we did! So instead of recording, we watched explosions in the air and drank beer until we were on the floor. So in an effort to get you to know Heather D better, Welcome to Rantyville brings you HD's first appearance on the former Retail Rant. She is joined by Mrs. TRB as they discuss motherhood, crazy kids, and the even crazier people that always want to cop a feel on a pregger's belly. Back at it with a...

Duration: 01:03:40

WTR Episode 2 - Little Party Boy

Hey there boys and girls! You didn't hate the pilot episode, so TRB and Heather D are back for another edition of Welcome to Rantyville! This week we talk more Ubering w/ TRB, "authentic" restaurants, Heather's bad decision of the week, Best/Worst and more! And remember, if you enjoy the show, rate and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever source you infect your earholes with! Need an easy, affordable way to listen to this show and the rest of the Couch Party Crew? Check out that...

Duration: 01:14:05

WTR Episode 1: Pilot

Welcome to the pilot episode of Welcome to Rantyville with TRB and Heather D. Taking the place of The Retail Rant on the Couch Party network, it's a weekly look into the daily lives of our hosts. We're just riffing along on this one with minimal show prep, but if you enjoyed The Retail Rant, this one will pick you right back up where it left off. Less retail, more life. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:21:28

The Ear Infection Conundrum

S2E5: It's finally warming up in most of the country, which means one thing. Customers handing us things from their sweaty nether regions is about to become a thing again. And just when you thought perspiration soaked money from socks and boobs was the worst we would face, TRB bore witness to something far more disgusting. So pop in those earbuds and grab a barf bag, because this one will trigger your upchuck reflex. And if you've ever wondered if the employees at a pizza place get pizza...

Duration: 00:35:19

Fan Takeover! (ft. Sean William Brown, Mike Bookseller, and Retail Side Eye)

TRB gets to relax a bit as three good friends of the show grab the reins this week in Season 2's first fan takeover. Sean William Brown and Mike Bookseller start us off with their top five things they actually like about retail, and TRB jumps in with Retail Side Eye to double the fun towards the end. Here's just a sample of what you'll hear about in Season 2, Episode 3 - Seafood hide and seek/creepy basements/dumb shit that corporate sends/things thrown at TRB/Rostered On/discount...

Duration: 01:40:14

Crossed Signals

Season 2 continues with the return of an awesome guest, Retail Hades! Check it out as Ranty and Hades team up to talk about more fuckery in cellular sales, and a #dearcustomer moment that will have you tearing up (from laughter, we're not real sensitive around here). Tales of retail past, idiots of retail present, and what you can expect in the future, all rolled into one episode! So pull out those earphones and fill out some more job applications as TRB and Hades help you through yet...

Duration: 01:05:55

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