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Episode 415 - Mega Men and Cyborg Ladies

This week a longstanding record in GoldenEye007 has been beaten and an eBay seller with no history wants you to watch out for fake E.T. carts. We're getting hyped for a movie adaptation of a classic Japanese comic/cartoon, and there might be some new Mega Man games to get excited about in the near future. There's a great-looking new Genesis/Megadrive game that you could help fund and a bootleg Disney game that's not too bad in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming...

Duration: 01:28:51

Episode 414 - GameStop? More Like GameScalp! Am I Right?

This week the Retro League fails the Turing test, and if you want to spend half a million dollars on a SNES Classic Mini then eBay is ready to make you a deal. Without planning, we picked a couple of Atari 2600 games to talk about. We look back on a classic stealth game and the launch of the Sega Saturn, but we're not looking forward to visiting a GameStop for the upcoming Secret of Mana re-release. This Week in Gaming History November 30, 1998 - Thief: The Dark Project is released for...

Duration: 01:33:22

Episode 413 - Despite All My Rage

This week we tackle rumors of an upcoming Mario Bros motion picture and we discuss some misguided ideas on how to deal with the menace of loot boxes in video games. Coleco may have new tabletop games for sale soon, or they may just be trying to program a blog. Our listeners recall angrily giving up and our games of the week feature a portable entry from one of our favorite NES action series and an indie game based on glitches and weird dreams in this episode of the Retro League. This Week...

Duration: 01:25:01

Episode 412 - Imagic: the Gathering

This week week we remember the resonance cascade scenario that happened at the Black Mesa Research Facility despite efforts to cover it up. We are mildly confused about Karnov's Revenge and Salamander but we do know that there is lots of fun to be had for charity over at We're trying not to judge the upcoming Rampage film before we've seen it, but we haven't seen much that we like yet. This Week in Gaming History November 19, 1998 - Half-Life first released for...

Duration: 01:23:32

Episode 411 - Laser Lords of Metal

This week Ferg of the Atari 2600 Game By Game Podcast joins us to discuss the various Atari Flashback systems you might pick up next week if you wade into the mosh pits and play a game of Sir, You Are Being Trampled. We decide that Kaboom! is a game for the young, and rate how much Lords of Thunder is worth if you don't like shooter games that much. The mystery of Phalanx's box art is solved, and the answer was obvious all along. This Week in Gaming History Nov 14 - The Atari...

Duration: 01:57:30

Episode 410 - PS1 Greatest Hits

This week starts off with an impromptu guessing game of the PS1's best-selling games. We find more reasons to mention Final Fantasy 7, and scour eBay for some of the lamest Crash Bandicoot merchandise. We talk about a couple of neo-retro games for smartphones & tablets and a comic book featuring Mario fighting his famous arch-nemesis, who no one could forget: Tatanga. We've got hatcaps and posterboxes in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History November 5, 1997 -...

Duration: 01:24:22

Episode 409 - The Only Winning Move is Not to Spam

This week we celebrate a classic N64 wrestling game and despair at how cheap the new Street Fighter AI is. Speedrunners are blasting through classic RPG's on twitch and we've got more tips for an obscure Neo Geo Pocket Color game from last week. There was a good joke about a Sega Saturn equivalent to the SNES Classic Mini, but we quickly realize we would buy it. We've got bootleg Sonic on the SNES and fake Sega CD covers in addition to pool and 90's shopping malls in this episode of the...

Duration: 01:32:14

Episode 408 - Combo Talk

Everybody's a console maker these days. This week we're continuing to weigh the good and bad of the Sega Genesis Flashback HD and we count the number of Frogger games. We picked one game of the week that's very hard and one game of the week that's pretty easy. We're saying goodbye to youtubers and eating social justice burgers in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History October 23, 1981 - Frogger first hits arcades Virtually Retro The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall in...

Duration: 01:32:24

Episode 407 - New Retro Consoles of Questionable Quality

If Super Mario World is round, where is the curve? What collections have the arcade version of Karate Champ? Is it okay to print out your own Magic: the Gathering cards? What spooky games are so silly that you can't keep a straight face? These are questions raised in this week's episode of the Retro League, but we can't guarantee answers to all of them. This Week in Gaming History October 15, 2000 - Pokémon Gold Version and Silver Version were released in the US to critical acclaim and...

Duration: 01:16:32

Episode 406 - Confused About Wario's Woodlands

This week our listeners have picked a champion out of the games that were released a quarter-century ago, and we're buying PC games from a creepy estate sale. If you're interested in making RPG's on a PC you're in luck, but more lucky if you use Windows. We wonder which sports qualify as extreme sports and if a sweetened beverage tax will benefit anyone other than Faygo in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History October 8, 1970 - Birthday of Tetsuya Nomura, Japanese...

Duration: 01:40:21

Episode 405 - Atari Box Hype

This week we find out that the original Virtual Console's days are numbered. We recall some of the worst movies from MST3k and some of the best music on the SNES. The Atari name-holder has released some info about its new console and we discuss if it will be worth the price. This will be the last week our listeners get to decide which 1992 video game is the greatest, and you can fund a Resident Evil board game in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History October...

Duration: 01:28:29

Episode 404 - Trader Joe Montana's Super-Cute SeediVania 64 Online

Would you rather buy Final Fantasy Nine or Final Fantasy wine? Well, this week you can have both! We can't draw, but we know the difference between decent art and bad art. There's a crowdfunding project for a CD-based emulator box and the Super Mario 64 Online project has been stomped like a Goomba under Nintendo's boot. Why would we want video footage of Square's games for our ultimate game room? Tune in to find out! This Week in Gaming History September 26, 1986 - First release of...

Duration: 01:21:05

Episode 403 - Parents Retro Video Game Resource

This week we recall a time when a group of concerned citizens tried to stop kids from listening to heavy metal and other "filthy" music. Our quarter-century tournament has had an epic battle and now one of the most successful and memorable games of 1992 has been knocked out of the running for good. We look back on the creator of Ultima and look forward to a game that vaguely resembles Ultima which might get made by a guy in the next 5 years or so, but probably won't. We've also got a...

Duration: 01:29:07

Episode 402 - One-Winged Cardassian

This week we look back on one of the most iconic game consoles of the 70's and 80's and we've run into our closest tie yet in deciding the greatest arcade game from 25 years ago. We compare FF7 and DS9 to ancient universal stories but we are saddened by the destruction of some classic arcade games. 1992 saw the release of a decent portable Sonic game and a classic run-and-gun SNES game and we'll be talking about both in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming...

Duration: 01:22:02

Episode 401 - Thunderpower: 1992

This week we're being punk'ed by a dungeon fairy, but we know this one weird trick that cure potion makers don't want you to know. We don't understand the newer Metal Gear games, but we've heard they are pretty weird. We're excited to play beach frisbee on Neo Geo, but are not interested in an actual beach vacation. Was 1992 the year of the Ninja Turtle? Only you can decide! This Week in Gaming History September 3, 1998 - Metal Gear Solid released for PS1 in Japan Hot Topics Atari...

Duration: 01:46:10

Episode 400-2 - Ask us anything (within reason)

This week we're thrilled to be joined by two of the original podcast hosts for another round of "ask us anything (within reason)". We discuss the early days of the show, our game collection, how the retrogaming scene has changed over the years and much more.

Duration: 01:26:44

Episode 400 - Control Configuration

This week our Mega Man books are watered-down with bad action movie one-liners. After we critique a low-budget Doctor Who TV special we find out the the Atari name-holders have given in to copyright trolling, completing their journey to the dark side. We separately picked out two JRPG sequels that combine fantasy with sci-fi and span multiple worlds. This Week in Gaming History Aug 23, 1993 - Nintendo and Silicon Graphics announce: "Project Reality" Hot Topics Master System...

Duration: 01:50:46

Episode 399 - 10 PRINT "BOOGER"

This week on the Retro League celebrates a classic NES action adventure title as well as some completely new NES games. Night Trap has been re-released, but not on a Nintendo console. Nintendo is making up for this by giving a Mario Kart tournament the same name as a classic game tournament from the NES days. There's a new N64 controller in the works and we're speaking out against bootleg arcade games in this episode of the podcast! This Week in Gaming History August 15, 1987 - Metroid...

Duration: 01:17:42

Episode 398 - Phoned In

This week we pretend to be Agent 007 and get spooked by supernatural books. Our retro junk box has almost finished it's tour but another long-term project is about to start and you can participate on our forums. Unlike some companies, Hyperkin is actually preparing to release a new product that will let you play SNES games conveniently. We're celebrating the birthday of the Neo Geo Pocket Color and uncovering mines in this episode of the Retro League. This Week in Gaming History August...

Duration: 01:26:52

Episode 397 - A Charming, Colorful World of Nightmares

This week we remember some of the ubiquitous order-by-phone commercials from the 80's & 90's. We've seen the highest price ever asked for a Super Mario Bros. cart, and found out that Tecmo has the same birthday as the Game Boy. People are intentionally making their websites look like they came from the dawn of the Internet and we aren't hopeful about a TV show based on Galaga. We've got a great portable Zelda game and a neo-retro RPG infused with profound sadness and despair in this...

Duration: 01:35:31

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